Inked Hearts - Inked Series #1

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~James Ross (Pops) POV~

7 Years Ago:

It’s a late summer afternoon as I sit on the back porch.

Looking out onto the beach I watch my grandchildren and the Westport kids. It’s truly crazy to think that the family has grown so much since Marge and me, but it has.

My oldest grandson, Gregory, is sitting with his wife and twin one-year-olds down by the shore. My second oldest grandson, Charles, is talking to Chandler Westport as they play football on the beach. My only granddaughter, Blakely (Blake) is out on the water surfing. Something I taught her to do when she was only 10, and finally my youngest grandchild, Jackson, he’s playing with the oldest Westport’s son, Riker.

I watch as Chandler leaves the game of football with Charles. He turns to face the ocean in order to watch blake ride the large wave coming in. At the last step, he trips due to him not paying attention.

I obviously laugh at him. He turns to me with a baffled look.

“Pops? Why are you laughing?” he tries to play it off but it’s obvious by the way his eyes still gleam from the joy of watching her surf. His eyes will give him away one day.

“Because you’re a dope.” he is once again baffled.

“How am I a dope?”

“Boy. It’s obvious you love her. Don’t even try to deny it. You look at her the way I look at my Margaret” His face flushes crimson.

“I don’t love her. She’s my best friend. There’s a difference.”

“That’s what I said once upon a time. Then I saw it.” I sigh out as I remember that day my best friend was revealed to be the love of my life.

“Saw what?” Chandler questions, intrigued.

“The Ink.”

“Like the Ink in a pen?” I laugh and shake my head no.

“No son, like the ink of a tattoo. A soulmate’s tattoo.” you see, the ink of a soulmate’s tattoo is different from that of the ink of a normal one, this type of ink can only be seen by your soulmate.

Chandler stays quiet, but I see the wheels turning in his head.

“How did you see it?” he asks quietly after a few moments.

“Well for one, I was 22, Two, I always felt like she was mine, I just didn’t ever realize it till I saw the Ink.”

“When do you see the Ink? How do you know she’s the right one?”

“Because Chandler, you’ll just know. Fate is a strange thing, you have to learn to accept what it has in store for you.” The boy nods. He goes to say something else but stops.

“What is it, boy?” I prod.

“I don’t know pops. I just feel like I’m supposed to love her. She feels like my person.” The truth in his eyes shows and I know, he does love her.

“You’ll know soon, but I assure you, it’ll be a few years. You’re still young.” he glances away.

“DINNER” My Margaret shouts out the back door to the Grandchildren and so on.

Chandler looks like he wants to say more but he doesn’t. Instead, he looks back at Blake, who is now walking over to us with her board in hand and her wetsuit down at her waist.

“You ready?” Blake asks as she stops in front of Chandler. He rolls his eyes and smiles.

“Always. Now come on, you look like a wet dog. Go dry off.” he smirks and she glares

“God you are so demanding!” they both smile and head inside.

Margaret comes outside and stands next to me as we watch their retreating figures.

“How much longer my love?” she asks looking up at me. I lean down and kiss her head.

“A few years maybe. They both have a lot to learn before then.” She nods and kisses my cheek. We walk into the house hand in hand.

A/N~ Hey all, hope you all liked the Prologue!

Sorry to those who read on Chapters, this version will be very different than what you all read but it will have the same idea. Also, sorry for taking all the Chapters down over there.

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