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Fell in love with the best mafia bosses

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Helloo so in this story has alot if this including the following 1: Mature topics such as: death, blood, killing dead bodies ect 2: Smut, limes if yk yk 3: PTSD bc of your family 4:Polyamorous relationship The reader is a girl btw Here is a little background info You were abused by your mom for 9 year’s till you escaped the abuse started at when you were 4 years old currently you are 17 abt to b 18 something’s trigger you and you get flash backs but you haven had one in a while things are good in your life rn. Your mom and dad separated and she had full custody, you still had memories of your dad but not that much and most of then you can see his face due to how tiny you are your mom didn’t want you to ‘end up like him’ tajt was her ‘excuse’ for hitting you you live 3 minutes away from your best friend he is a boy and he is gay He has the fuck boy style on check He usually helps you make your crushes jealous and you do the same for him Here r some things yall do to make yall’s crushes jealous 1: Hickeys on the neck like yall dead ass make dark hickeys to each other 2: take pics like if yall were dating 3: you dress up as a boy to make the pics more believable 4: act like a couple like obvious You and jack have NEVER kissed that is one thing yall don’t do Thats it

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:


Hello Thanks for clicking my story here in gonna give yall some info abt the characters meaning your love interest

Main Characters/Love Interests, bestfriend and you

Y/n Hollow

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5′5

Soon to be partners: Kayden, Erick, Ian and Slade

Personality: You are open minded and a little hot headed at times, your not scared to say what is on your mind, You have a nice soul and are nice at times its just that if something or someone bugs you, you are mean. You try being understanding with people and see their side of the story before judging.

Kayden King

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Height: 6′1

Partners: Erick, Ian, Slade and eventually you

Personality: Is mean to mostly everyone except his loved ones he doesn’t like to show his true felling’s and is mean to hide them, his soft side is something almost no one has seen he hides it the best he can but ones you come along all of that might change.

Psychical appearance: Has messy blond hair and red-ish-deep brown eyes, he is built sooo haha-

Erick Katz

Sex: Male


Height: 5′10

Partners: Kayden, Ian, Slade and eventually youu

Personality: He is an outgoing guy with a good sense of humor, he likes making people smile and is really nice tho he has a attitude. He hates when people mess with his loved ones and if someone does well you’ll see what happens...but he is an overall good person.

physical appearance: Has Black a little above shoulder length hair with green eyes and is built too

Ian Taylor

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Height: 5′8

Partners: Kayden, Erick, Slade and Eventually youuuu

Personality: He is one of the nicest persons in the world which is not common for Mafia bosses, he has one of the purest hearts making people happy is one of the things he loves to do..Tho He has another side to him 😏 (if yk yk).

Physical appearance: Has medium light brown hair with the cutest smile ever, hazel eyes and is a little less built than the others but still is built

Slade Hill

Sex: Male


Height: 5'10

Partners: Kayden, Erick, Ian and eventually youuuuu

Personality: He is a pretty cold person but is loving to his loved ones meaning you and the guys, he doesn’t show his felling’s to just anyone so when he does he is is really going out of his comfort zone and showing you that he does love or like you, He shows love mostly by actions of affirmation but sometimes words of too.

Physical appearance: Has Black short hair with grey and blue eyes and is built to.

Zack Miller

Sex: Male

Age: 18 almost 19

Height: 5'9

About him and you: 4 years ago when I had my first birthday party that my best friend did

that day I felt unconditional love

I had a mini party and then we spent the day together and had a sleep over and I went to sleep with him whispering sweet things to my ear

He is always there for me and I’m there for him he makes me happy and its fun being with him he is the best friend I could ever ask for

(the reason I didn't put personality is cause its kinda obvious what his personality is)

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