Fell in love with the best mafia bosses

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1: Happy birthday

First person point of view*
Beep Beep Beep*
My alarm clock when off I didn't wanna wake up
REASONS: 1: I'm sleepy and 2: Its my birthday

I know that alot of people would be happy if it was their birthday but not me

Life wasn't that good to me at first, I went though alot of abuse at a young age and some things trigger me
But I've grown past some of them the only thing that triggers me is when someone looks like my Mother

And she is extremally ugly and so I have just seen 2 people that 'look' like her
But it still made a big impact on you

3rd person pov
You groaned as you opened your eyes an at your surprise Zack was in your apartment with balloons and a cake

You started laughing

'Why are you here'' You said while laughing

''Isn't it obvious..Its your birthday baby! He exclaims jumping a little

''hahaha, you are so cute!'' You exclaim giving him a smile

''I know'' He says giving a sassy smirk

''I take it back'' You say

''What noooo you can't'' He whines

''Mmm, let me think about it....no.'' You say

''Well it looks like the cake is all mine'' He says going to take a bite

''STOP YOU ARE THE CUTES. Now gimme cake'' You yell

''Ok ok'' He says handing you the cake

''Thanks'' You said while you start eating the cake

''you want...some?'' You said stuffing your face in the cake

''No thanks I'm good'' He says giggling a little

''fine by me'' You say eating the cake

You decided to not eat the entire cake and saved some for the early future

First person pov

After Zack left I took a bath, changed clothes and brushed my hair I didn't wash my teeth because I already had when Zack was over

I was bored out of my mind so I decided to take my self shopping since I'm not going to see Zack until late in the afternoon

So I put on a skirt and stayed with the hoodie that I already had

When I left my apartment I felt uneasy I felt that someone was following me but I brushed it off thinking I was just being a little dramatic

I wenr to one of my favorite stores Hot topic I bought new earrings, rings, shirts, skirts, pants, hoodies, makeup, and some figurines of my favorite shows

I then went to Pacsun I bought crops and some cute socks that had mini animals and some pink and black flames

I went to other stores but didn't buy much I had bought already many things with the gift card that Zack gave me I was more than grateful for the money he gave me

I decided to eat in the Food court and went to (fav fast food) and ate ( what ever you want from there)

And then I left I still felt Like someone was following me but again I brushed it off

once I got to my apartment I heard foot steps and then I felt something cover my face I started screaming but then something covered my mouth muffling my screams

I started fainting but I kept my self stable for sometime

I felt like everything stopped for a second but then started moving I acted as if I was unconscious so I calmed my body and stopped screaming after some time a guy with light brown hair took the sack off my head

3rd person pov*

''Why does Lui get to hold her?!?!'' ''I WANT TO HOLD HER DAMN IT'' A guy with messy blond hair said

“Kayden calm down when we get home we all will get our time with her” A guy with short black hair said

You decided that you’d attack them

When the car stopped moving you jumped up hitting the brunette that was holding you you knocked him out

You were ready for them to attack but they didn’t

They went over to the brunette snd helped him


“Hey calm down we don’t want to fight ok?” The guy with black mediom leight said


“W-we are sorry for that we w-wanted to meet you thats why we took you” The brunette said

“W-why did you want to meet me?” You asked

“Cause we fell for you damn it!” Said the blonde

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