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In almost all love novels, the story starts with an outstanding Billionaire Groom whose bride got substituted. You might be bored of it right? Let’s reverse the situation above. In this story let the groom be a substitute for the rich bride whose fiancée just ran away from his wedding with her. What will happen when an arrogant rich girl meets a simple good dude? Will they be able to create an excellent romance story or will the romance between them go bitter? ………………. Siena Belford, a girl who is arrogant as hell due to her sad past meets Ashton Castillo, a man who has known her since her childhood. What will be the love chemistry between these two?

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Siena’s Point of View

It is said that the wedding is the most important phase for every woman in her life. All the happiness you will get will begin from this very moment.

However right at this time when I was waiting for my groom in a church full of white and red roses with renowned people sitting there, looking forward to the bright future ahead of me.

My groom went missing!!

My beautiful memories were so easily destroyed at that instant and I was left alone. All alone!!

Now there were only two choices in front of me kept by my dad as a threat.

First, I should marry the man he suggested, or second, I should let my orphan brother know that he was adopted.

Of course, I chose my brother’s secret to be kept hidden and did as my father said but with one principle.

I was never going to let someone control my destiny from now on. Neither the stranger I will marry nor the people who want me destroyed just like a beautiful flower withers.

I had once fallen into the trap of fake love; I will not fall again.

I, Siena Belford, decide to rule on her Empire with a firm grip, and will not leave anyone who betrays me, be it a family member or be it, my Substitute Groom.


Hello Guys. I’m Vanshika and this is the first paid novel I’m writing.

I am a new person in a writing career so though I write accurately, don’t accept my grammar to be best.

I am also a human who makes mistakes and my specialization is in novel writing, not editing.

This novel is based on a very strong female lead who is not at all weak in any aspect. Do give it a chance. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Have a nice day!!


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