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Fake Husband

Siena’s Point of view

Life is hard, for those who trust very much…

I also trusted and loved a person once, so much that I was ready to make even the biggest sacrifice for him.

I went against my father to marry him, believing that we could lead a happy life without any rich amenities.

But he betrayed me…

Betrayed me at the very moment I expected that love between two people could have a happy ending like those in beautiful romance stories.

From that day I realized that there was no such thing as a happy ending or a lovely couple.

That was all bullshit to waste your time…

If you want to have something in your life, you have to climb on the top to get it.

No one is going to do that for you and that does not include someone’s heart…

I also did the same by becoming the Ceo of my father’s company which was Belford Enterprise.

Defying hundreds of negative thoughts around me and forgetting all the happy memories I spent with that specific person.

I only remembered pain…

The pain made me cruel and emotionless.

Now that two years have passed and I have made my family’s business successful, the board members of my company are troubling me to experience all the same things which gave me agony for the last one month.

They are all constantly asking me to marry. That is the only thing I will deny for, even if I die.

“Why?” I asked them in annoyance.

Currently, I was sitting in the conference room to discuss the problem of the Cosmetics Branch of our company with everyone present here, but the conversion with them is taking another direction.

“Why is it necessary for me to get married?” I asked again but with my neutral voice.

All of these people with a special person called Dylan are trying to test my patience.

“Because you have to give birth to an heir who can manage Belford Enterprise.” Dylan, the cunning financial manager of my company said.

“You don’t expect to rule the Belford Enterprise alone. Do you?” He continued, showing me a silent smirk.

I eyed him icily, trying to control my anger.

I forgot everything at that time but these oldies and freaking Dylan just won’t let me live peacefully.

They all wanted me to experience the emotions that I desired to leave so badly.

Dylan has always wanted to take over my father’s company because he thinks that he is the deserving one.

He thinks that girls could not manage a Business and he has the right to inherit my father’s property because he is my cousin.

He has always created trouble for me in the past but now he is even trying to throw me on the road by convincing the board directors that I am not suitable for the position of Ceo…

Very cunning.

“Yes Siena, at the time Alexander appointed you as the head of Belford Enterprise, he told us that you would do anything.”

“Marriage at 23 and child at 25 has always been our family’s tradition. Don’t break it.”

Uncle Castillo, my father’s acquaintance, said.

Uncle Castillo was a man who has always been by my father’s side since the Belford Enterprise’s foundation.

He treated me as his daughter guiding me in the right direction.

He has always supported me in every matter, giving no attention to Dylan’s thoughts.

But now??

Agh, I can’t even explain.

He was taking the side of that cunning fox. How can I have the nerve to reject him? Rejecting him would be disrespectful.

I sighed, tired of everyone’s suggestions.

“Fine, I will marry someone. Meeting adjourned…” I kept my hand on my forehead, trying to figure out what to do.

All the members got up from their seats, leaving the room after placing their chairs properly.

Only Dylan walked like he owned this place. He was seriously getting on my nerves.

I would have fired him long ago. Just my brother-sister relation with him was stopping me from doing so.

I landed my fist on the table in frustration.

“Worried?” Marie kept her files on the table and sat beside me.

She was the only friend I made in these years, who understood me and wouldn’t betray me…

The first time I saw her was when she came to my office to give an interview to become my secretary. I gave her this position immediately knowing her top grades.

Since then not only have we become dependent on each other like trees and soil, we have also become one of the world’s best friends.

I looked at her, pouting sadly. “Marie, they all are forcing me to marry when that is the last thing I want to do. Even Uncle Castillo wants me to give birth... Am I some birth machine?”

“Look Siena, there are some things that you can’t run from. Why don’t you give a chance to a guy? Not every banana is a ruined one.”

She kept her hand on mine, assuring me while trying to stop her silent giggles.

“All you know is how to tease me,” I said, giving her a friendly punch to the arm.

“Ouch! That hurts” She exaggerated.

I stared in the other direction trying to think badly about how to avoid this situation.

Is there no solution?

“Siena, why don’t you at least have a date with someone?” Marie exclaimed, giving me a sudden hope.

Yes, I could date some guys and say that none of the boys is a match for me.

The members would at least understand this situation, right?

“Thank you for giving me such a brilliant solution, Marie.” I hugged her tightly and gave a peck on her left cheek.

“Okay, okay fine. No need to kiss me. Save it for your boyfriend.” Marie struggled to get out of my grip making me smile.

She did not know my real idea.

“By the way, I have to go earlier today. I will do the stuff tomorrow.” She said while packing her bag.

“No problem…” I answered, getting busy on my tablet and looking for some extra cheap males to have a date with.

“Bye!!” She waved her hands and left the conference room.

I was the only person sitting here now.

After staring at a few profiles on Linder, I extracted some men’s information and noted down their numbers on my notepad.

This was the right chance to get everyone’s favor on my side and give Dylan a good lesson.

While I was immersed in noting the details, my phone started buzzing.

I took it out from my coat’s pocket.

Someone unknown was calling me.

I picked the call.

“Hello?” How the hell did a stranger get my number?

“Ms. Belford… Your husband has gotten sick. Please come to visit him.”


My husband?

From where did my husband appear?


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