Substitute Groom

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Live Together

I rushed to the hospital, to the place where I don’t know, my fake injured husband was.

What type of joke was this?

I drove my Audi to the Syria Hospital and got out from it, shoving the car keys in my purse and wearing my sunglasses.

Who wanted to be blind in such a scorching sun?

Absolutely not me.

I went to the receptionist to ask her about the fake husband’s room number.

“Hello, Mam. How can I help you?” She gave me a professional smile.

“I want to know about the room number of my husband.” Taking off my sunglasses, I asked her.

“Mam, what is your husband’s name?” She questioned me while looking at her computer for information.

Wait, I don’t know…

The freak who called me even didn’t tell me about it.

What the issue!!

Gritting my teeth in annoyance I told the receptionist to wait and dialed the same phone number from which I got the call.

“Will you tell me the sick person’s name.” I lashed out on the phone in a corner and a soft voice spoke from the other side.

The receptionist was already giving me weird looks.


“My name is Ashton…” He spoke, giving me Goosebumps.

Someone else was on the call than the one who told me before to come here.

How can a man’s voice be so deep and soft at the same time?

Ryan, the man whom I loved before had the voice of a crow, which always made me angry in the past.

But because of caring for him I never minded anything.

“Yes… Yes, I will come…” I stuttered and cut the call immediately.

I extracted the details about Ashton and went to the room he was residing in.

I saw a head-bandaged man sitting on the hospital bed with a table on his lap from the window.

There was porridge and water on it.

The moment I entered the room two men’s attention shifted to me.

What the hell!!

What was my house’s butler Ray doing here?

Though he lived in my house I seldom talked to him.

So practically I didn’t recognize his voice on the phone.

He was the one to tell me about Ashton’s condition.

When I placed my gaze on the sick man, my eyes widened in shock.

It was him.

The man who became a substitute for Ryan to marry me two years ago.

My father mainly appointed him because he didn’t want our family’s name to be disgraced.

So his name was Ashton? I didn’t even know his name because just after our marriage ceremony completed, I warned him to not come to my house again and forget about what happened back then.

He agreed to the same and disappeared from my sight.

Why did he call me here after two years?

To take revenge?

Or to take my assets?

Whatever his reason was I will have to get a divorce from him, quickly.

Otherwise, he could harm me in the future saying that I tortured him or tried to kill him.

So scary…

“Miss you are here.”Butler Ray bowed respectfully and I sat on a chair staring at Ashton doubtfully.

Though he was in a hospital dress, his muscular arms were visible.

His gold-colored eyes and tousled brown hair made him look otherworldly.

Ashton’s jaw was perfectly aligned and carved beautifully.

If there would have been a competition about who was the most handsome man in our country, the award must have certainly gone to him.

Though he was handsome his heart could be black.

He could be dark-minded. I sighed.

“Hello, Wifey,” Ashton said, making me come out of my thoughts.

I didn’t like the way he addressed me.

Not at all.

“Don’t call me wifey.” I frowned at him stubbornly.

“Yes, wifey.” He smiled teasingly, making me irritated like hell.

I turned to Ray. “Who has appointed you here, butler Ray, and why are you with this stranger?” Questioning him made me wonder if it was my father’s order.

“Miss, he is your husband. So naturally, I should take care of him and you should do the same.”

“Yes, Daughter.”

As soon as butler completed his sentence the door of this room opened with a creaking sound.

I peeked at my father who came here.

“So it was all your decision.” I stood up and questioned father.

My father was vicious. He exactly knew how to make me, a hard-witted girl, listen to him.

“Daughter, don’t be angry.” He smiled. “I’m just helping you.”

“Father, how are you helping me?” I whined, holding his arm, like a baby.

“You know right, that I want to have freedom.”

“Behave Siena.” As soon as papa’s expression became intense I stood straight like a log.

He was very scary when getting angry.

“But papa…” he stopped me midways.

“Siena, you have become 23. It’s legit for me to call your husband for you.” He said, adjusting his spectacles.

“I’m also helping you. I heard from Castillo about today’s board meeting. When were you going to tell me this?”

I pouted sadly and looked at papa with baby eyes. “Papa, please. Don’t bind me in this unwanted marriage.”

“You will have to be bonded.” He said, denying all of my requests of plead.

There was no use in making an emotional face. He could not be fooled.

Ruffling my hair in frustration I decided to answer.

“Fine papa, but…” I paused. “I will only act like a married couple with him in the office. Apart from that, I will have my own life.”

This line could save me from any type of unwanted interaction with Ashton.

I don’t want to fall in love again and then get betrayed.

It will kill me from inside.

“No… You two will have to live together after the announcement of your marriage.”

Papa’s word unleashed the angry wolf inside me which I was so hardly trying to control.

How could he say me to live with a stranger?

Just because we were married?

“No I won’t and besides he is not the man of my quality.” I hissed coldly.

“Now, please pardon me. I have matters of my company which needs to get solved.” I took my bag and walked to the door.

“Siena.” Papa’s emotionless voice made me bolt straight up.

Was he going to threaten me again with the thing he used 2 years ago to make me marry a stranger?

I gulped my saliva in fear.

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