Substitute Groom

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Chapter 4

I frowned at Ashton who was shamelessly grinning at me.

“Hello,” I replied arrogantly.

“Let’s go to our home.” He stuck his hand out for me to keep mine on his.

Were we some kind of lovely people? We even didn’t know each other.

He was acting like I was familiar with him since years ago.

Just what should I do to make him leave me?

“No thanks,” I said tauntingly and sat in the taxi.

A billionaire had to sit in a Taxi. What a thing…

He sighed and adjusted my tons of bags in the taxi’s deck.

“Siena bye, bye.” Joseph bade me farewell as I adjusted in the taxi.

Marie’s expressions were not good.

Was it because of that earlier matter?

“Bye, everyone.” I waved my hand and the taxi started moving with Ashton sitting beside me in the back seat.

I will miss everyone here and most especially my mom who died due to cancer.

From today on, the things which happen to me are my destiny.

The name Siena Belford is bounded by fate.

Not even I was able to change anything.

Maintaining my distance I took out my tablet and apple pencil, looking at tomorrow’s work schedule.

All the things were listed by me.

Now just the problem was how to implement it.

Tomorrow’s meeting was a very important one and I could not afford to get a single thing wrong.

But with my Cousin brother Dylan, things are meant to be wrong even if it was right before.

Just in which horoscope was he born?

I bet it might be the worst of all the horoscopes…

“Wifey, I’ve prepared a gift for you,” Ashton said, making me come out of thoughts.

“What gift?” I said while closing my tablet and keeping a palm on my face.

“Myself…” He said, bursting into laughter.

What the heck… Was this meant to be funny?

“Can’t you be any more irritating?” I blurted at his foolishness.

Talking to him was like wasting my own time.

My life…

Just what did papa see in you to force me into a marriage with you? You don’t have money, you don’t have status. What do you have? I Thought breathing intensely.

“Look Ashton, I have an important meeting tomorrow and I am going to take a quick sleep. Please keep quiet.” I said sarcastically and rested my head to the car’s window.

Though I knew that I said too much, a person like him deserved it.

Taking long breathes I closed my eyes.


“Mom, why do good people die?” I asked mama, sitting in her lap.

She combed my hair gently and cupped my face.

“Why are you asking baby?” Asking me she smiled.

Well, there was no specific reason for asking but I wanted to know.

“Mom, my friend’s dad died yesterday. She cried for hours in front of me saying that her father was good and he shouldn’t have died.”

”So I was just thinking that why do good people die.” I asked her innocently, not knowing anything.

“Baby, first tell me, if you would go to a garden which flower would you choose first?” She beamed brightly.

“Of course I would choose the beautiful flower first.”

A soft stroke on my face woke me up.

“What were you doing?” I yelled as soon as I woke up, crossing my arm around my chest from his possibly lascivious gaze.

“Just waking you up.” His eyes were laughing at me, dimples popping out. He knew exactly what I was talking about, but seemed to find joy in torturing me.


“We have reached our apartment.” He provided.

“I am not a fool. I can also see.”

“And you don’t want to go there?”

I shook my head no.

“Nice, let me call father-in-law.” His eyebrows shot up, sounding impressed by my resistance, threatening me.

“Fine, I’ll go.” I clenched my teeth.

We both got out of the car and climbed the elevator.

“So which apartment number will we be going to?” I asked in a daze.

“RR-117,” Ashton replied in a simple word.

My jaw dropped. “That might be the top floor?” I asked, ghostly.

“You are smart; I’ve always wanted to leave on the top floor enjoying a beautiful scene with my wifey.” He smirked, trying to hold my hand.

I gave a tight slap on it and he pouted, crying fakely.

After 20 minutes we finally reached our apartment.

He unlocked it with his face ID and showed me around.

It was not as luxurious as the Belford mansion but had a very elegant look.

The hall had a color code of white and grey. We roamed around.

“This is the kitchen.” He said showing me. The sofa, kitchen everything was neat as hell.

There were two gates which were supposed to be of rooms.

At least he prepared two rooms for us. For the first time, I liked him.

“This is the room where I lived.” It was black and grey.

Ashton’s photos were hanging on the wall.

A queen-sized bed occupied the middle of the room with a study table on the left.

“Nice,” I muttered which made him smile.

“Where is my room?” I asked excitingly, to which he looked at me in confusion.

“This is your room. We are couples remember?”

“Don’t tell me I have to sleep with you,” I yelled at him in utter disbelieve.

“Yes, wifey.” He smiled proudly as if I was his real wife.

I threw a pillow on him in anger to show that I did not like his tricks.

“Hey, what are you doing?” He gasped, running around the room. “It hurts.”

I laughed sinisterly and threw eternal pillows at him. “This is the punishment you get for not listening to me.”

“Hey wait, Siena…” He caught the pillows coming closer to me.

This was the first time he called me by my name.

It sounded heavenly. Damn, what was I thinking?

I stood up on the bed teasing him, showing him my tongue, and making weird faces...

“No, I will not stop.”

This was the first time in 2 years that I was feeling lively.

“Okay then.” He increased his pace towards the bed and I stopped for a bit.

“Don’t come closer,” I warned him showing the pillow.

“It’s okay, you can continue. I will stop you by my own hands.” He smirked.

Wait, Damn. I brought trouble to myself.

“Sorry, I won’t throw the pillows again. I will sleep on the sofa and you sleep on your bed.” I chuckled nervously, stepping backward when he climbed on the bed.

I tried to throw another pillow towards him because of getting scared by his perverted moments.

But he held my hand on my head.

“Not now wifey.” He sandwiched me between him and the bed’s headboard.

For some reason, I felt highly flustered.

“Let me go.” I tried to move by kicking him in his balls to make him fall.

But the devil he was.

He made me fall on top of him.

“Aren’t you too excited for tonight, Wifey?” He said stroking my hair seductively.

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