Substitute Groom

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Chapter 5

“Hey, Siena.” Marie came into my cabin, sitting casually on the desk.

“Hi,” I replied, quite endorsed in gathering the files of today’s presentation.

“You look hot in glasses.” She sounded amused.

“Thanks.” I did not pay attention to her.

“Sorry for yesterday, girl. I am sorry for trying to intrude on your privacy.” Marie pouted sadly, grabbing my attention.

“Why are you sorry,” I asked her, not being able to understand anything.

“I mean I shouldn’t have asked you the reason for being forced into marriage. It’s your private matter.” She twirled her fingers in guilt.

I sighed. “There was no reason. Why are you feeling sorry? Best friends can do anything.”

“Then are you saying that you weren’t forced in that marriage?” She raised her eyebrows in curiosity.

“Maybe…” I told her, not being able to explain the actual reason for Ashton and mine’s marriage.

“Then did you do something exciting things last night. You are so quiet. Tell me something interesting.” She simpered showing her teeth brightly.

My cheeks became red after remembering last night’s incident.


“Aren’t you too excited for tonight, Wifey?”

This was the first time I was noticing a man this close.

I didn’t even get close to Ryan.

“I like you,” Ashton whispered in my ears touching it with his lips, sensually.

I don’t know why, but I was not able to find the resistance power.

Maybe this was because I did not experience a loving person’s warmth after my mother’s death.

I kept quiet, observing Ashton’s sharp features.

He tossed me on the bed and now was on top of me.

I stared at his gold-colored eyes which were sparkling brightly.

He slowly started moving his lips towards mine and I came into reality.

Wait, he was seducing me? Damn, pervert.

I pushed him and kicked him hard in his balls.

“Ouch…” He whined.

“What were you trying to do?” I yelped.

“Weren’t you aware of what I was doing? You kicked me so hard. What if I became disable down there. Who would give you a child?”

He fought back, keeping a hand on his private thing. I threw a cushion on him in frustration.

“Was your mind always in the gutter?” I squawked...

“Did I say anything wrong? Wouldn’t you be in love with me in the future?”

He had the nerves to say that.

He had the nerves to say that I will be in love with him.

“What makes you so sure?” I smiled evilly cupping my face with my hands.

“I’m hundred percent sure.” He smiled back, making me feel defeated.

“Idiot. Let me sleep now.” I said making a line in between the bed with a duvet.

“Don’t cross that line.” Eyeing him in warning I lied down.

“Well, Well. Let’s see who falls in love with whom.” He made weird faces teasingly making me feel irritated like hell.

I moved myself to the other side and closed my eyes.

Will I have to live with this childish boy?

**End of Flashback**

“Shut up. Do your work.” I pushed my glasses, trying to forget yesterday’s night.

That jerk.

He thinks that a billionaire will easily fall for his cheap tricks.

“So something did happen?” Marie’s voice had a hint of perverseness in it.

I frowned at her amusingly. She was a shy person…

“Okay sorry. I will go.” She turned her back and went away from my cabin, giggling silently.

Huh… Now I can focus on my work.

All these distractions were too much for me.


Finally, the time has come when our cosmetics branch will have a good booster.

The only problem of our makeup products was that it was produced in a very less quantity, because of money investment problem in this branch.

Our cosmetics branch was new in the market and I wanted to see whether it could get success or not, not knowing that the people will call it a rare pearl.

Just after Belford launched its first eye shadow, it became popular among the citizen and they wanted more.

The customer always wanted to buy more but our stocks get finished in just two hours of its launch even if we kept it’s price expensive.

If we convince the investors to invest in our company showing them that our cosmetic is the choice of the new generation, not only will our company will have a good amount of stock, our employees will also get benefitted by it.

Siena has to convince the investors. I fisted my hand in inspiration.

All the board members sat in the conference room with some new people who apparently were investors.

“Hello, Miss Belford.” One of them came to me.

“Hello, Mr. Lawrence.” I greeted politely and went to my seat which was in the middle of the long table.

“Good morning. As everyone knows the purpose of our meeting today, let me start it without any further disturbance.” Saying this I took the stylus and went to the whiteboard to present the Ppt I prepared for at least a month.

“As you all know, Belford Enterprise started making cosmetics last year on 1 March 2020.” I started the display and explained the first slide of my ppt.

“When the Belford Enterprise first launched its cosmetics, it made a goal. That was, Be efficient and be effective.” I pointed towards the word I wrote with my stylus.

“If someone doesn’t know the meaning of that I will explain. It means that we must create our products utilizing minimum resources in targeted time seeing all the requirements of our customers and fulfilling them. Of course, the product’s quality matters.” I took a breath.

“With this title, the Belford Enterprise launched its first eye shadow. And to its surprise, we hit the sales in the whole makeup industry.” Every investor was listening to me carefully.

This gave me more courage and I explained all the charts explaining how our sales were high but not enough.

I pointed out the core problem and after saying everything I drank my water. “So please tell me your views.”

All of the investors were looking highly impressed with my presentation and started clapping.

“Miss Belford. We are ready to invest in your cosmetics branch.”

“What a good presentation.”

I smiled proudly but then my face turned red in anger.

“Miss Ceo. Where is your husband? I heard that he helped you in making your presentation?”

Dylan questioned with a smirk on his face.

Did he have to do this? All of the investors’ happy expressions turned into a grave ones.

They were waiting for my answers.

How was I going to explain to them that I was the one and only who did hard work for this presentation?

And by the way, how did Dylan know about Ashton?

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