The Billionaires #1 Adriel Black

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Gwyneth Peterson is a woman who relies on luck on her everyday life. She'd do everything on her willpower just to make her life easier. But in pursuit of her want of easier life she encounter the cold, ruthless and self absorbed arrogant man Adriel Black. He was a Billionaire a selfmade one, he's the one that make you shiver just one stare, one word from him can make you tremble. And Gwyneth the girl who do everything, catch his attention. What will she do? Will she surrender to him or run from him.

Romance / Erotica
Janneth San Pedro
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Gwyneth was looking for a job. She needed it very bad, because if not she would be starved and her kitty.

She was fired in her previous work, because of her perverted, fat, ugly boss. He wanted her on his bed just because she needed that job badly. But she's not that desperate so she kicked him where she thought was best.

Not just kick but also she punched him in the mouth where his dentures just got fly out of his mouth. So the pig was a fake from head to toe. He deserved to nonetheless for her.

But in cause of it is her work, so as of now she was jobless, a career woman who was desperately looking for a decent job. The question now is where can she find it.

When she lost her job Gwyneth was depressed she didn't know where to start. And her pride was high so she's would not go to her friends just for a job. But what would she do if everywhere she go no one was hiring her as if tye world wants her to be jobless.

Find out what Gwyneth would do in her desperation for a job.
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