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Chapter 1

You are,Lily, a doctor living in Chicago. Your life is filled with endless working hours and doing surgeries day after day. You have no time for love. but all that changes when a handsome new doctor is transferred to you hospital. He seems like the perfect guy, he has an air of confidence about him and his smile always makes your heart flutter.

He arrives at work one morning and sees you sitting around talking. “Hello Dr. Lily, I’m John.” The Doctor says as if it’s obvious who he is right away.“Hi John, how do you do?” You reply.

“I’m glad to meet you.” The Doctor replies with a smile.

“So what can I help you with today?”

“Well,I wanted to check in on a few patients and discuss something about their condition with you.”

“Of course.“John walks you down the hall to his office and lets you inside. You sit down in front of his desk and he sits across from you. He discuss the condition of each patient with you and you talk about some personal things related to your family.

Several days pass and you become better friends with John. You frequently go to the cafeteria with him. The hospital has been very busy since the new transfer patients arrived so you have been swamped with work. Still the thought of all this stops you from sleeping.

.Finally one day, you snap. You go to the doctors’ lounge and puke until all that’s left is your dry heaving body. You return to your desk and begin working. After a few hours you get a message from John to meet him in the cafeteria.

When you arrive, you find him waiting with a latte. “I’ve been looking for you.” He says. “My shift is over and I wanted to know if you had been feeling alright.”

You frown and walk to a secluded table. “I’ve been better.” You reply. “I think I might be getting a cold, which is probably why I’ve been feeling so drained lately.”

“Oh yeah,you’re working on a transplant patient aren’t you?“You nod.“You should get some rest,we’re going to be running a few tests on them and you’re going to have to stick around.”

You say “I know but there isn’t enough time during the shifts and by the time i get home I am exhausted ”

John thinks for a moment and then replies. “Well,if you’re feeling drained,you could always have a nap at the hospital.”

You chuckle sardonically. “A nap? Are you serious?”

“Oh come on,you know how it is,we’re all desperate for some shut-eye every once in awhile.”

You rub your tired eyes and order another coffee. You’re not sure what to do. You could go back to work,but you feel like your life is just a torrent of tasks with no freedom at being in a cage. A prison even. You were lost in your thought when you hear john ask you something.“tomorrow is a day off, for both of us, right?“You look at him and smile.

“Yeah...why?” You reply. “What did you have in mind?”

He gives you a big grin. “I was thinking we could go to the movies.”

“The movies?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard they’re playing that new James Bond film.

“You are a little surprised to hear him say he likes James Bond films. In fact you are surprised by a lot of things about John. He is unlike anyone you have ever met before.

“Yeah, I guess that would be nice...” You reply “...but why so suddenly?“Your reply makes him laugh out loud.

“Because I want to go, thats why.”

“Is it just two coworkers hanging out’re asking me out on a date?” you ask jokingly.

Instead of getting angry,he just laughs again. “Well,I am sort of asking you to-”

" Hi Lily, long time no see!” you hear a familiar male voice say.You turn around and see Brandon walking towards you.

Brandon and you have been best friends from childhood and you went to med school together.Brandon is about your age, late 20s early 30s. He is of average height and build, with light brown hair, green eyes. He works in the neurosurgery department.

“Brandon! Long time indeed! 3 years I guess?” you say

“Well to be precise, 3 years 2 months and 5 days...” he said under his breath

You laugh. “Same difference. So what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be operating on someone in London?”

" I have returned to the home country for good. Now I am going to work side by side with you.”

" That’s amazing!” you say, “And here, I want you to meet doctor John. He is a new transfer doctor in my cardio thoracic department.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” he extends his hand for a shake, “I’m Brandon, but you can call me Brad”

“John,” he replies, shaking his hand.

You get a phone call for an emergency patient and you hurry inside the hospital.“Well, I have to go now,” you say, “bye guys! and John, about the movie tomorrow , I am down.” you flash a smile at john and leave.

Once in the hospital, you hurry up to the intensive care unit where you meet with the patient’s family. You sit in the waiting room with them. You talk to the man’s wife about her husband’s condition.

He has been in a coma ever since he was involved in an accident.Soon, it is time for you to see the patient. You enter the room and see a man in a coma, with serious thoracic injuries.

He was shot near the heart.You frowned at the machines beeping constantly.

“Whats wrong with patient?.” You ask the intern.”

" His blood pressure is increasing and there may hemorrhaging in the thoracic region.”

" Give him a CT scan and get ready for a surgery.” You rush out of the room.

The patient’s condition is deteriorating rapidly. On your way out, you bump into his wife on the way. Her face looks hollower than usual, with dark circles under her eyes.“How is he?” she asks you, with a quiver in her voice.

“The patient is in a coma and his condition is getting worse.”

" Is he going to live?”

“You pause for a minute. ” We are getting ready for a surgery but, you should be prepared.”

You hurry to the scrub room and give a call to John.” John! where are you?”

“Still in the cafeteria with your-“” Hurry back! I need to discuss a very complicated case with you.”

" Who is it? What happened?”

“It’s bed no. 15, the guy who was shot, he is hemorrhaging just come back quickly, okay?”

You hang up the phone and get into your scrubs. You walk out quickly.

Once in the intensive care unit, you see the team prepped and ready. You are helped into a surgical mask and a gown and then put into a back room. Shortly after, you see John enter the OT in his scrubs.

" How’s the condition?“”The patient’s condition is critical and his blood pressure is through the roof.

I think he is suffering from a heart attack.”

“What are we going to do?”

“I am going to operate and open up his chest to decrease the blood pressure and to relieve the blood pooling in his lungs.” John says, ” Doctor Lily, you assist me.”

" Got it.”

You switch your position with John and stand across him as his assistant.

" Scalpel” John extends his hand to the nurse.The nurse hands him a scalpel and he slices open the chest.”

Put the gauge on his heart and I’ll start cutting.”

" Got it.”

John begins to cut the man’s chest. The man’s heart is beating at a rapid rate. Blood pours out of the incision and you feel as if you are standing in a stream.

Soon, things get into control under Doctor John’s leadership, the patient is saved from the hands oh death.You close up the chest and leave the operation theater to tell the condition to the family. The patient’s blood pressure has come down.You explain things to the patient’s wife and you tell her that the surgery was a success.

She hugs you and whispers ” Thank you ” into your ear.You know there isn’t anything much more you can say without making things worse. You return the favor and leave.

When you leave the hospital, a rush of euphoria washes over you. You feel like dancing a jive, but there’s no music and no one to dance with.

“Why, Lily, you look so happy!” you hear doctor John say behind you.You excitedly turn around and give him a hug, “That’s because I am! you were amazing in the OT”

“You are too kind, but I am just doing my job.”

You suddenly realize that you stood so close to Doctor John and you feel him leaning in.You close your eyes, your heart beating so loud you can hear it. Just when you were about to touch his lips, you hear Brandon say ” Lily!”

You turn around to see him standing up and blocking the exit of the elevator.“Can you come with me for a second?” he asks.

Who do you choose?
Do you choose to continue your near kiss experience with John
do you choose your best friend Brandon who is asking you to urgently go with him

If John read the ch2(John)
If Brandon read the ch2(Brandon)


Hi guys! This is my first ever book so please support me! I am open to criticism so do let me know where ever you find a problem.
I know that the chapter seem to move quickly but I will surely slow it down in the coming future.

Thanks for reading!

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