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Chapter 2 John

So you chose John

You did not want to.

“Why what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just come with me!”

” If its nothing then just tell me whatever you need to say, here.” you said without breaking eye contact with John

” I...I just wanted to discuss a case with you! And its not exactly possible here”

“Alright lets go to my office then!” You said even after knowing Brandon was lying. You have know Brandon since young and can easily catch when he is lying but, you didn’t wanted to embarrass him in front of john so you agreed.

“Cool!” Brandon said happily.

As you started going with Brandon you looked behind to see John looking a bit disappointed.“John! I said lets go to my office? That INCLUDES you too!” you said with a smile ” what you doing standing there like a statue?”

“John’s coming too?” Brandon asked

“Yeah, he is a cardio thoracic surgeon like me and, I figured, he could help you on your case” you told Brandon with a smile.


As you were heading to the lift, Doctor John got a call, ” Yeah. Okay. I am coming as soon as possible. Just make sure she doesn’t get too agitated.” he said on phone.

You looked at him with questioning eyes. “Oh its nothing just the girl on bed no 19 causing trouble. She demands to see me.”

You felt something burnt inside you but only a “oh” left your mouth.

“I have to go now, and we are meeting at 8pm tomorrow.”

" Why?” Brandon suddenly asks.

“Lily and I had decided to go to the movies tomorrow as its our day off. Do you mind?” John asks.

" Yes I do!” Brandon replies, this time, visibly annoyed.He pulls you to the side, far from John.“What is it?” you ask

“What’s wrong with you?”

“What do you mean?”


" I...” You began, “Why do you care?”

“You seriously don’t know anything about my feelings, right?”

” What do you mean?”

“Listen Lily, I am going to be blunt with you. Lily Hollingson I am in Love with you. Its been a long time and the reason for my return from London this time, is you. So, take you distance from that John person.”

You feel your stomach drop and you stop breathing. He has caught you off guard. You didn’t expect this from him.He grabs your wrist,causing John to look in your direction. He frowns at Brandon’s hand wrapped tightly around your wrist. He runs towards you.

“Lily! Is everything fine here?”

“Everything is fine. You should mind your own business.”

“Yeah sure but...” he looks straight at Brandon ” I don’t remember ordering a cup of your advice...” he says with a smirk.

You were too shocked of Brandon’s sudden confession to understand what were the two of them saying.You came back when you heard John call you couple of times.


“Yeah!” you said.

” I asked if you are still up for movies tomorrow?”


John might have heard your conversation...but still asking you out for movies

What do you do?

Do you keep your distance from John as Brandon wants? (Read ch 3 brandon)


Do you ignore Brandon and go to movies with John anyway? (Read ch3 John)

Hi guys! I hope you liked this chapter. So you see, you can choose what you want to happen in the story reread the story with new choices. Whatever happens you are control!

I know this chapter is shorter than the first chapter but that’s only because I had to introduce you to the characters in the first chapter.The story will go slow from now on and the chapters will end every time you need to make a choice.

Thanks for reading!

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