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The Adventures Of Thisbe

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Thisbe Green, a teenage girl from New Zealand looking for an adventure. As she partakes in a student exchange program - not only does she find life long friends and a whole lot of fun, but just maybe a little bit of... love?

Romance / Adventure
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Fizzy Makes A Friend | 1

Thisbe Green, a teenage girl from New Zealand looking for an adventure. As she partakes in a student exchange program - not only does she find life long friends and a whole lot of fun, but just maybe a little bit of... love?

“Yes mum, for the last time, I have everything I need!”

“Are you sure? What about that adapter thing, you need to be able to charge your phone and computer so we can Skype!”

This is what it’s been like for the majority of the time we’ve spent waiting for my flight. Two hours. I love my mum, I really do but listening to her go on and on about comfortable shoes and what not to eat on the plane can be a bit frustrating.

“Yes mum, I have the adapter” I sigh loudly.

“Thisbe! You need to be serious about this, you're going to a complete foreign country!”

“It’s America. They speak English...” I roll my eyes.

“Be nice to your mother, you're going away for a whole 10 months, she’s a bit emotional” my dad laughs.

I look over to where my mum was currently going through my toiletry bag to make sure everything was in its place. She may go overboard but I'll miss her crazy ways.

Some may think that traveling to a different country mid way the school year was a bit extreme, and honestly I'd agree with you. But I can't explain the feeling, I just knew that I had to get out of my small town and that something big was out there for me to find. I've always been a little adventurous, and this one will definitely be the adventure of a lifetime.

The announcement of my flight vibrated through the small waiting area, and before I knew it I was squished to death in a family hug.

“I’ll miss you guys.” As much as I couldn’t wait to leave, knowing that I won’t see my parents for a long time made me a little upset.

“We’ll miss you too honey, make sure you have fun.” Mum says, holding onto my dads arm, trying to control her sobs. After finishing our goodbyes, I stand in line, ready to hand my ticket over.

The trip itself was less than perfect. Being seated between a young mother with her crying baby, and a middle aged man who clearly forgot his deodorant wasn’t exactly ideal.

“So where’re ye headed” Bobby asks, with a slight twang in his voice.

Are there rules about talking to strangers on the plane? I give him a once over, looking at the smeared food on his shirt, I think it’s chocolate but it’s hard to tell.

“I’m doing a high school exchange trip” I smile, trying to be friendly but also subtly ending the conversation.

It’s not that I didn’t like the guy, it’s just his loud crunching has been driving me crazy, I’ve often been known to kind of loose my sh*t over that particular pet peeve of mine. But making a scene on the plane probably isn’t the best idea. I try distracting myself with videos on my phone and soon enough fall asleep until the little seatbelt light comes on and we're getting ready to land.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months, but all of a sudden a wave of anxiety hits me like a tsunami. What if the family I’m staying with genuinely don't like me, what if the school is horrible and I can’t make any friends. I’d literally be stuck here for nearly a year!

I grab my things and make it out of the plane in one piece before collecting my bags, my suitcase wasn’t hard to miss, being bright yellow and all. Once I have everything I head over to a waiting area, trying to track down the family I’m meant to be staying with. It’s a family of four consisting of a women named Suzie and her husband Brent. Alongside their two kids Bradley and Masie.

I've previously video chatted with Suzie a while ago to confirm all my flight details and from what I could remember she seemed really lovely. Masie and I hit it off from the start, adding each other on facebook and of course following each other on instagram. We're always chatting online so I can't wait to finally meet her in person.

In the corner of my eye I see this blue and red sign waving around. It’s covered in glitter and spells Thisbe in bold letters. Well that’s cute.

I make my way over and all of a sudden get pulled into a big hug
“Thisbe! We’ve been looking for you all over, did you like the sign?! We made it last night isn't it just fabulous. Oh I can’t wait to take you back home and give you a tour of the town, you’re going it love it!” Suzie rambles, with her arms still wrapped around me.

“Oh dear, Suze, sweetie, why don’t you let the poor girl go and we can head out of here” Her husband smiles, putting a hand softly on her shoulder. He then turns and introduces himself “Hi Thisbe, I’m Brent. It’s so good to finally meet you!”

“And I’m Bradley!” A voice calls out. I look down to find a little boy waving his hand wildly. He looks around 5 or 6 years old, with messy brown hair and his front teeth missing. Absolutely adorable!

I bend down to his level, which he seemed to love “Hey little dude!”

“Why do you talk funny? Are you from England?” He seems so confused by my accent.

“No I’m not, sorry to disappoint. I’m from New Zealand, have you heard of that place before?” I ask.

He brings his little hand up to his chin, thinking long and hard before shaking his head “Do they have Pokémon in Zu Neland?”

Okay he’s officially the cutest kid I’ve met.

“Oh of course! We love Pokémon, my favourite is Eevee, what about you?”

He jumps up and down and starts clapping excitedly “That’s mine too! I have a big poster in my room. You’re so cool Fizzy, we can be best friends!”

I nod my head laughing, as he reaches for my hand to pull me the rest of the way to the car.

A new nickname and a best friend. I’d say so far so good.

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