More Than Love

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Two countries. Two hearts. What will happen when those two hearts break apart by one mysterious past. ****** Alexis fighting for her life more than any other, after her brother leaves her for riches in life while she was grieving her parents' death. After years of fighting and being toyed over and over again by her brother. What will happen when a mysterious man comes into her life, bringing both lives of her and his into a war?

Romance / Fantasy
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Years ago . . .

The cave that allows them to go to another country gets difficult as the pointy, sharp rocks scratch on her arms while she tries to drag her body towards the opening of the cave. The cave is hollowed out by a mountain range. Short breath echoes in the huge, gloomy cave, trying to follow the way the cave goes. The dripping water from the ceiling of the cave makes a soothing sound as one drop touches the ground after the other. It may be luck that they have come so far. It was destined to happen, they had to leave if not for the sake of them then the sake of someone else they loved very much. “Can you breathe properly?” he asks. She nods.

Wondering if only she could tell him how hard it is to breathe. That isn’t the main problem, if she wanted she would rather stop her breathing than let them kill it. The guilt and pain wouldn’t let her sleep at night.

Would it?

“Do you want to take a break?”

“No, let’s keep on moving, we can’t afford to be caught.” A break did sound good but it wasn’t worth it when they had almost reached the point.


They are almost there, just a few more minutes. Just a bit more. The sweat trailing down her forehead as she tries to move once more with all the strength she has.

“Finally.” A whisper is heard from behind her. Raising her head to look behind and smiling when she sees those ocean blue eyes. That depth is more than she ever thought she would be destined with.

But she did. And for that she couldn’t find herself any luckier.

The smile with more love is returned back to her. She would die again and again for this one smile. Trying to stand up but hold back as she feels a pain in the arm gets her to wince. “What’s wrong?”

The blood streams down her arm while those ocean blue eyes look at her with worry in them. “It’s fine.” She rushes. She holds her arm and stands up while the other pair of hands try to help. “Thank you.”

He chuckles as she tries to put a lock of hair behind my ear. “What do you find so amusing?” She says while pulling her tongue out in a silly way. He takes her hand and pulls her to him.

His lips brushing her softly as she draws in his breath while he delicately brushes his fingers past her hair. “You.”

He takes in her lips as butterflies flutter in her stomach. Without a need to breathe she kisses him back. What did she ever do to deserve him? They pull back and breathe heavily as she puts her forehead on his. “We have to leave.”

He pulls back and looks at her. “Yes, of course, we should. Come on,”

They walk farther in the forest while the birds chirp. They can’t go back. That was decided the moment they stepped out of the line. But the worry if something is going to happen is eating her, seeping in deep like she’s disgusted by herself.

“Has anyone else ever done this?” She asks just for her content.

“Yes, a lot of people have . . . but most of them were caught.”

She looks down while they come to a stop. She can’t seem to look into his eyes. He puts his finger under my chin and pulls it up. He rubs his thumb on her cheek and she leans against it. Closing her eyes and breathing the fresh air of the forest. She takes in one last breath and says, “Let’s go. We don’t want to be caught.”

He grins at her as if she said the silliest thing, shaking her head at the funny face he made. He holds her hand with a tight grip and trails her behind him. The greenery gets blurry as they move along the forest. Past the darkness and more to their brightness. The fresh air hit her face with her hair flowing along. If he ever loved someone else would he make the same sacrifice as he did for them? “Still thinking?”

She likes the way he is always curious about what she is thinking, it makes her feel like he has her in his heart at all times. She smiles at him with a nod. But that smile drops as they come to a halt.

She looks up to him to see him telling her to lay low with his hand gesture. She lays down on the ground. The leaves make crunching sounds as she lays on them.

“Don’t move.” Voices move in the air. And then . . . quiet.

No voices are heard anymore. I look up to him and I leave a hold of my breath.

“I have to check. Stay here.”

She holds his arm and shakes her head. “Don’t go, they will catch you.” He crouches down and caresses her cheek while she leans into his touch. “Please.”

“I promise, I will come back just let me check and you won’t even know I will be back.”

He did, however, skill these types of things. The thought of coming this far and losing him was undeniable. “Be quick.”

He smiles at her and trails down his hand. “I will be back. Promise.” And there he went, vanished into the forest.


She looks around.






A tear from her eyes falls on the ground.

And there he is giving her a hearty smile. “I told you, I will be back.”

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