More Than Love

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Chapter One

| Chapter One |

Alexis ran towards table two to help the poor woman that was struggling to understand the old waitress as the old waitress asked, “What do you want and don’t want?” That being said Alexis understood what the old waitress meant but that would be quite hard for the others to understand. No one knows the old waitress like Alexis does. “Renda you can go, I can handle this,” Alexis says to the old waitress. Renda just repeats her question to the customer while completely ignoring her colleague, Alexis.

“Renda?” Alexis calls out her name again to catch her attention. “Yes?” Renda asks Alexis. “I can handle this,” Alexis states. Renda leaves her to it while muttering nonsense. “What can I get you?” Alexis turns around and faces the customer. The customer’s frown doesn’t leave when she looks up. “What did she mean by that?”

Alexis sighs. “She meant what dish you want and what you don’t want in the dish, for example, if you don’t want green beans or mashed potato.” Alexis finishes off the customer’s question. The customer bursts into laughter making Alexis’s cheeks flush red.

“Times up,” Carl the manager of the diner says as he switches the sign to closed. Finally the diner is closed while everyone cheers on another ending of the day, after working like jumping monkeys here and there and taking orders on two feet almost like one since early in the morning. Carl turns around on his heels, throwing the keys at Alexis.

“It’s your turn today.” Alexis groans. She hates turns of cleaning the diner, while the others go home early. If they clean the diner together it gets cleaned much faster than one doing all of it alone. “Now,” Demands the manager. “I’m up,” Alexis says, exaggerating by putting her hands up in a surrendering gesture.

“Everyone good work today.” They all leave while Alexis starts working cleaning the tables using her foot to push forward the trash can as the food crumbles go falling in the trash can. Alexis hums as she twirls around the diner while sweeping the floor, just as she is about to pick up the dirt by a dustpan her phone rings. She leaves the dustpan on the floor quickly rushing towards the phone, seeing the unknown number displaying on her screen she frowns, clumsily accepting the call. “Hello?”

“Hi, is this Alexis Thomasin speaking?”

“Yes, it is.”

“This is Officer Gerin speaking from the Cornet Police Station. I just wanted to speak regarding your brother, Jack Thomasin.

“Go on.” Alexis sounds out of breath since she hasn’t heard from Jack for quite a while. And now that she is hearing about him, especially from a police officer is making her hands clammy, and throat parched dry as she gets more and more nervous..

“Your brother was found fighting on private property. He is under custody if you wish so then you can come to bail him with a lawyer and the papers.”

She gasps thinking that his brother couldn’t get her in any more trouble. It’s almost like she is the older sibling rather than him, even if he was born a minute earlier.

And that being said she couldn’t leave instantly. And if she did leave without cleaning then she would have to come early and clean this whole mess. Thinking for a minute she responds, “ I will be there as soon as possible. Thank you for informing.”

Alexis quickly hangs up the call, dialing her manager’s number. “Alexis?” Carl’s sleepy voice on the line tells for sure that he dozed off directly after going home.

Hey, Carl, can I leave early without cleaning? I have some urgent matters to take care of,” She hopes that he will take this excuse.

“Sure . . . but then you will have to come early to clean. And be on time.”

“Okay, thanks. And bye.”

“Bye.” He yawns on the other end of the line. At least she got the chance to take an early leave. Picking up her purse she starts to run, slamming the restaurant door on the way as she fumbles to lock the door. Before she goes she contacts her lawyer, maybe she can help. “Good evening, Alexis.”

“Matilda, I need a favor.”

“Okay . . .” She waits for Alexis to respond to her, despite Alexis’s lawyer, Matilda being a bit unsure of the situation, but still giving Alexis a chance to explain.

“I need your help with bailing someone.”

“Okay, may I know who it is.” A bit convinced Matilda asks.

“My brother, Jack Thomasin.”

“Alright, I can get the papers ready in one or two days.” One or two days, he couldn’t stay in jail for that long. “I kind of need you to get them right now.” Alexis had to do something, she couldn’t just wait and do nothing while her brother was starving and sleeping on those uncomfortable beds.

“This hour, Alexis? It’s impossible.”

.“Please, pull some strings or do some magic. Anything . . .”

“I am sorry, Alexis, but I can’t do anything.”

“Please.” Alexis pleads with her lawyer. It is no use Alexis knows that but she still wants to give it a chance.

“I can’t . . . sorry.” And there goes the last chance. Matilda hangs up on Alexis without letting Alexis say anything else. Alexis, being the one that for sure can’t give up, still decides to go there, and try to convince the police. Four miles away she sees on her phone for the destination of the Cornet Police Station. She sighs, knowing she does end up on the same path, however, she is the one that gets her there every single time. She starts running, her rapid breath on her way coming out as she inhales and exhales. A throbbing pain stinging her leg. Feeling like her whole muscles had stretched on her fall as she realized she just fell. “Great, the last thing that was supposed to happen.” She holds her ankle, and leaves it. Not even looking at the ankle as she stands up, try to remove her focus on the throbbing pain that is coursing through her ankle. She picks up her purse from the ground, and starts limping almost trying to run at the same pace but couldn’t. Finally, arriving at the police station, she goes inside only to find screams surrounding the area inside. She goes to the nearest desk with an officer sitting there. “Hi, I’m here regarding my brother—”

“Straight ahead.” The officer on the other hand wasn’t in the mood to talk. She didn’t even know that she wanted to know where she could find Officer Gerin. Alexis was kind of disappointed at the officer, he did look like a good guy, let’s just say don’t judge a person by their appearance. “Right, thank you.”

Not even furthering looking at her, the officer starts humming while he listens to his music with the earphones on. Not caring that the music is booming, letting everyone hear his music. She leaves him to it as she roams around thinking in her mind which of them can be Officer Gerin.

“Alexis, right?”

She turns around to find an officer pointing at her. “Yes. Officer Gerin?”

“That’s right, come on.”

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