More Than Love

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Chapter Two

| Chapter Two |

Walking straight to his desk, he sits down on his seat, and gestures to her to sit at the other side of the desk where two chairs are. She sits down.

“Your brother has been quite a handful, he was demanding that we call you. Never-mind, where is the lawyer?” She keeps on thinking for an excuse. Thinking and thinking, the officer arches his eyebrow at her, questioningly. She holds her breath and then finally lets out.

“The lawyer can’t get the papers ready in such a short period of time.”

He waits for her to continue since he has no words for this type of situation.

“I can get you the papers in two days, but at least until then, please, let him out.”

The officer, however, frowns at her.

“I am so sorry, but I don’t have a say in it at all. I would need the papers and if I let him out without the papers then . . . my job is at stake.”

“I get that but at least try to give it a try with someone’s help, please.” Alexis just couldn’t give up yet, she couldn’t when her brother is starving, and she is having a home cooked hot meal while she sleeps on a comfortable bed and he doesn’t. It was impossible for her to do.

“I can’t do anything, I need you to come with the papers or else please don’t.” The officer’s voice gets a bit high almost like he is annoyed. Everyone is looking at them, but she is trying to ignore the others and keep her main focus on what she came here for. When she is about to argue again someone interrupted in between.

“Officer Gerin, may I have the file that has the information?” A man towering over Officer Gerin since the man is so well built up. And his eyes were so bright that Alexis couldn’t stop looking at them.

“Yes, sir.”

“If you don’t mind me asking? Is there any problem? Quite a heated discussion going on.”

The officer looks up again with the file in his hand, he hands the file over.

“This lady over here wants me to bail her brother without a lawyer and the papers.”

Alexis doesn’t quite like the attitude, but still politely adds.

“I did say that I would get the papers later onwards for now let him out though.”

She doesn’t like the officer at all, nor does she like his bitter words.

“Gerin, it’s okay, let him out, but please make sure you get the papers afterwards.”

“But sir, chief—”

“I will talk to him, just let him out.”

“Yes, sir.”

Alexis smiled happily at him for helping her out. She was thankful for his generosity. There are still good people in this world that why the world is still going on, Alexis believes that and that unknown man is one of the good. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome. And Gerin no need to be rude.” The man patted the officer’s shoulder. The man was quite weird for Alexis because he had helped her so kind heartedly. The man was about to leave for the other room when Alexis ran to him.

“May I know your name, please.”

“Arthur . . . Arthur Albert.” He smiled at her timidness. She slowly holds her hand out to shake his. “Alexis Thomasin . . . and once again thank you.”

Arthur’s warm hands give tingles to Alexis, nearly sparks if you say that in the way of cliches. He shakes it still holding onto it not letting go. Her gaze follows to their hands, and then he lets go of it. “No problem . . . I have to go now.”

Arthur points at the door. “Yes, please do, don’t let me keep you waiting.” Alexis raises her hand towards the door. He looks straight at her with eye contact and says, “Goodbye.”

“Bye,” Alexis whispers back. This is the last time she is going to help Jack. If he didn’t care about not making the same mistake repeatedly then who was Alexis to give a say in it or help him out. Alexis did pay for her brother’s bail. And Jack is standing right in front of Alexis while she taps her feet on the ground with crossed arms as she waits for Jack to give her a fine explanation about this event that had just occurred. Alexis kept running her hands through her now open hair, flipping them to different sides as she tried to keep the intensity of a boom ticking in her head, and the fact that

Jack didn’t tell his wife, Amanda, to come and bail him made it even worse. It wasn’t that Amanda wasn’t rich, she was a rather spoiled brat of daddy. And Jack being the selfish man he was, had married a woman just for her wealth leaving Alexis behind after their parents death. And here he is wanting his sister’s help, not even being ashamed that he left her alone when she begged him not to, when she went to him and told him that she couldn’t handle everything on her own. And that she couldn’t manage to be independent. “Amanda doesn’t want to see me anymore.” This was not what Alexis wanted to hear. She wanted him to tell her why he did that stunt, when it was not reasonable at all. “Doesn’t mean you go fighting around on private property. Why is it that I even came to get you, when you left me.” He hated talking about that topic because he knew that his guilt would persuade him to ask forgiveness from her sister. He didn’t want his guilt to come before his selfishness. Alexis being the person she has always been kept in check not to talk about this topic, but this time she had enough of it. Jack, ignoring Alexis, started walking to the path of her apartment. She didn’t like his behavior and it did start getting all messed up. She was waiting for him to give an explanation, but Jack demanded no room for discussion. So there was going to be no room for discussion as he demanded by his act of ignoring Alexis and walking away.

“Your house is shit.” Alexis and Jack had just arrived at Alexis’s house. He was still trying to ignore the situation. “It is alive other than yours.”

His house or rather his rich wife’s house is always dead. Starting dead and ending dead just perfectly dead and black. Jack just grunts and plops himself on the couch.

“Feel free to get anything,” Alexis says.

“I will since I own this house.” Alexis shut her eyes with her hands balled into a fist, trying to remain calm. She already had such a terrible migraine going on and Jack taunting her isn’t helping. She opens her eyes looking straight into Jack’s eyes. Alexis couldn’t let Jack treat her this way.

“You left this house.” She says, sounding out of breath. Jack clicked his tongue. “Doesn’t mean that I gave you this house.”

He is out of his mind, he can’t just ask for help from her and then give her these taunts. It is absolutely absurd. “Do you even know what you’re talking about? First you ask for help to get you out of jail then you don’t even explain why you were in jail and then you fucking give me your fucking taunts.” Alexis raises her voice trying to explain to him that it’s wrong. She didn’t mean by wrong that it’s wrong to taunt but she rather meant that it’s wrong to leave someone that needs your support desperately. But he is not able to understand what is wrong. He might not even know what wrong means. Jack looks around and stands up, crossing his arms. “Are you done?”

Is he joking or is this some chemistry that Alexis has to solve.

“No, I am not done. And you are not leaving without giving me some explanation.” Alexis stands in front of Jack trying to stop him from leaving.

“I don’t owe an explanation to anyone.” He can’t get there, this was across the limits.

Jack just crossed his limits.

Alexis holds her forehead. The pain was increasing. It’s like someone has kept a brick on top of her head making her whole head numb, and as if someone is squeezing her head.. She can’t stop the pain. “Leave, leave me alone Jack. Just go. . .”

Someone is shouting in Alexis’s head but she is also shouting at Jack. “Go away. . .”

She whispers deadly. Hunching down on the floor with her knees touching her chest. And wrapping her arms around her legs. She can’t believe that Jack crossed his limits when he said that he didn’t owe an explanation to anyone. Of course, he did. Jack left Alexis when she needed him. He left her right after their parents death without saying where, why, and when. Alexis deserved an explanation. Everyone does, when your loved ones leave you without telling. They deserved the chance to know where their loved ones are. And Alexis also did deserve a chance. But next time she won’t ask because if they don’t need you, then you don’t need them. This wasn’t the Jack, Alexis had grown up with. This wasn’t her brother that used to cry when she got hurt. This was someone else. Who she doesn’t even know. How could he change so quickly. This wasn’t her brother at all. There is someone shouting in her head. Alexis wants everything to stop. Just stop. But someone kept on shouting.

Jack doesn’t need you.

He never did.

He never will.

This wasn’t her. This is the broken Alexis. She had to control herself. There is never going to be a broken Alexis.



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