The Ex Wife

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'Isabella remember when you told me that I shouldn't cheat on you, that I should tell you when I no longer cannot be in this relationship together?, i think it's better we break up because I've found someone else' Isabelle and Xavier Black had been married for at least 3 years everything was going good atleast according to Isabella until that dreadful day that Xavier decided they should call it quits Follow these individuals in their quest to fulfilling what they need to, to finally attain real love either with each other or with other people

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

What a way to spend my Saturday, I woke up thinking that today was going to be like any other Saturday were me and Xavier would still cuddling up in bed, planning on how we will be spending our entire afternoon.
But guess what, I woke up with Xavier's traveling bags and most of his belongings by the door.

'did we plan to travel somewhere?'
that was the first thing on my mind but the response that came is not something I would have predicted, not by a long shot
'issabelle' he called my name as soon as he caught my questioning stare.

He flipping used my full name to start this conversation, I mean that right there had caused a painful clench on my stomach, as if I had eaten something that caused a bad reaction.
NO 'my bella' as he would often call me, no sweetheart, no endearment, no nothing, just Isabelle. I knew it, I knew something bad was coming

"Isabelle remember when I promised to never cheat on you? that I would tell you when I no longer feel the spark in our marriage? " holy smokes what on earth is happening my heart was now running a mile a minute

He was staring directly into my eyes and I saw it, I saw his pity mixed with a whole lot of guilt.
He took a deep breath and uttured the words that would crumble my entire world drop me straight to hell on earth

"I think we should get a divorce"

There that's it. Those words, those particular words were the words to grace me from a blissful sleep.
I don't know whether to cry, or to just laugh from incredulity.

I mean I know I told him never to cheat on me but I thought that everything was going great, we have had arguments like any normal couple so I'm lost for words.

I stared at him with tears in my eyes, I don't know what to say, I'm definitely speechless right now.

'say something please, I know things have been great between us but I feel we lack a certain spark, it's really not you I can promise you that this is entirely me. Maybe I rushed us with this whole marriage thing but you know Mia my assistant and I have been working so closely together for the past few months now I've established a bond with her. I think I've fallen for her and I've already told her about my feelings, she feels the same but we've never proceeded with anything because I still have you. She's a nice woman, she also didn't want to start anything until I had broken things up with you.
I think I want a divorce, you can keep everything, everything you want I won't fight.'

Im still staring at him right now the difference is I have tears in my eyes, I mean I'm glad his coming clean because I'm not going to lie I felt a shift in our marriage, he worked more, touched me less, didn't eat the breakfast I cooked for him but this! This is not what I would have ever expected

I'm mad I'm deliriously mad what the FUCK!

"what do you want me to say Xavier, whats the right thing to say to what you've just told me? HUH WHAT SHOULD I SAY!!?" I yelled at the last statement

"I thought we were fine, can we not work on this please, we can go to therapy please I-I..." I said with a whisper, calming down my voice clogged up and i had to take a deep breather and continued
'I can't lose you, I love you so much.
What am I going to do now' I whispered looking into space

As soon as those words came out Xavier came over to the bed and sat next to me, he took my hands in his grasp and started to rub my wrist.

'oh Belle please don't t cry because of me I know this hurts so bad but I promise you I won't start anything with her so quickly, I'll wait atleast a month for you because right now I feel like a total scum.' but you are a scum I wanted to yell

he stared at me for a long time and sighed
' I have to leave now belle I don't want to torture you any further but just know that I'll always and forever love you, I don't want us to end on a bad note, I want us to continue being friends, maybe we were always just meant to be friends love.'

He got up from the bed, kissed me on my forehead and proceeded to start moving his things outside our room and finally outside our house and my life.

What just happened right now?
I'm still so confused, I feel as if this is all just one bad bad bad nightmare I pinched myself just to make sure. I was numb, very numb.

I then decided to atleast take a nap and deal with this situation after I wake up because right now my head cannot function at all.

I was mad, confused, sad, frustrated. I was feeling everything negative, he didn't even want us to fix things.
What did I do? I asked laying on my pillow with none stop tears following down like a turbulent river

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