The Ex Wife

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Chapter 9

Oh lord its too much, my heart is hurting so bad, I don't know whether I should yell or just sob so loud I can't do this, I really can't. I feel like I'm getting a panic attack I touch the left side of my chest to see if my heart is still in its place and not forcing its way out with how painful my chest area is. I feel like I can't breathe.

Oh God please help me please. Belle it's time to really put on your big girl pants. This is life you will move on from this.

I quickly inhale and exhale to compose myself. I hope they came in after my performance, oh God. This is super messy, I feel like my heart is cracking again and I feel embarrassed because I might have been caught singing about my ex who I should be over by now but is there really an expiration date for a heartbreak?
It's almost a year now, he's moved on from me, he doesn't love me anymore .

"honey are well?"

I guess I've been standing on the same place because a lady came over to me to see if nothing was wrong with me, I nodded my head to assure her.
"child I know that look, you look like you are burning, I'm guessing that song was for someone whose broken your heart already?"
"don't worry though, it will get well, I mean look at me I'm a living proof"
I hug the lady to show my gratitude "thank you so much, I needed that"

The lady squeezes my hands and gives me me a kind smile before making her departure and after the encounter with that friendly lady, I swiftly made my way to the bar where I saw Mandy and she had those heartbreaking smiles, I'm going to pretend as if I didn't see Xavier at all.

As I arrive at the bar area I see Mandy bought some more shots, I don't know what's in them and I really dont care right now, the aim of coming here was to forget but no the universe just decided to play a cruel joke on me once more.

"kinder guessed you'll need them" Mandy said pointing at the shots.
I smiled greatfully at her and started downing them as if I had been deprived of water, like there was a sudden elnino event that took place and dried up, all the wells and dams that stored water.
I looked at Mandy after consuming the shots but her face looked so grim, she was looking behind me.
I stared back and guess who was headed my way, father freaking Christmas.

Oh how I wish it was him but no, no the people who were headed my way were you guessed it Mia and that Heartbreaker Xavier.

My eyes widened and I quickly faced Mandy again, so I could fix my face to seem more friendly, Mandy was unusually silent I wish she could say something right now but she looked pissed on my behalf since I have to transform my mood and pretend as if I had my shit together.

"mhnmh" I hear someone clear their throat and obviously I knew who it was so I turned back again in their direction and pasted on a fake smile.
"fancy meeting you here Isabelle, small world isn't it"
arg Mia I'm not in the mood for you today!
I force the smile more trying to make sure it reaches my eyes and make it seem less fake

" hey guys crazy bumping into you too ha-ha"

Oh my gosh I just did my awkward laugh. I can't let Xavier see I'm hurting now. Pull yourself together Isa

During my mini mental breakdown I didn't even notice the sudden awkward moment that just took place, I can tell Xavier didn't wanna come to me but surely Mia forced him and I cannot fathom for what reason

He clears his throat again "well uh where have you been, I have been to the club you work at and I haven't seen you there"
He sounds so uncomfortable talking to me and it hurts, it's hurts that he seems like he'd rather be any where but here. I thought he said he didn't want us to end on bad terms, that we could continue a friendship of sorts. Sure I don't want any friendship with him because my heart is still raw but it just hurts because it seems he wants to get away from me as if I'm the one who caused this, why come to me in the first place
"oh yes I heard your knew about ventures Isabelle" was she really trying to be condescending right now, why is Mia now all of a sudden sounding like I did something to her

Before I could even reply to Xavier's and Mia's nonsense the British guy from earlier comes over to us.
He looks at me pointedly " uhm hey guys can I steal her for a few minutes".

It's crazy how this guy didn't notice the awkwardness we were emotions are still all over the place and I need to think and this guy was my ticket for a take five moment so I quickly nodded and follow behind him. I left Mandy with 'them', I'll deal with that situation when I come back to them again with a sober mind

We stand and now I'm just staring at him since his not saying anything, I even raise my eyebrow waiting
"oh right, apologizes well let me introduce myself im Hunter Cambridge and I wanted to talk to you earlier but I was scared but now I have to go and I really wanted your numbers before I left. And uhm..... I'm sorry for staring you are just so beautiful I kind of lost myself a bit there " he rubs his head in embarrassment.

I immediately blush and a genuine smile graces my face I'm stumped for a few seconds but recover quickly
" oh for my night in shining armor, who saved me from getting the worst interaction with the ground you certainly deserve both my number and name. I'm Isabelle by they way"
He put out his phone so I could take it and save my numbers
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