The Ex Wife

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Chapter 3

Today I had to go into Xavier's office, I made sure he was not in because I really don't know how to interact with him.

I was going to be meeting with Mia, I'm not avoiding Xavier for only my sake but for everyone if we're being honest. I know that when two exes interact, it will always cause some sort of friction in a relationship and if there is one thing I like to avoid, it's drama.

It's really weird when I think of how much I loathe drama yet caused it when I entered the stripper world, my mother nearly had a heart attack when she found out, heck I had a family intervention.
My family thought I was losing my braincells, I probably was seeming that the chances of me meeting with my high profile clients at the gentleman's club I work at are high.
So far I've been lucky to not meet with anyone I know but then again I requested to always keep my mystery with having a facial mask that hides my face well, sometimes I think I should have just called myself "enigma" but then again I'm in love with exotic, I guess exotic rhymes well with erotic because that is how I guess is a trait of my alter ego when I'm on stage.

Coming into BLACK TECH COP, the company owned by Xavier I immediately feel a sense of nostalgia, my life is pretty interesting imagine working on an account involving your ex, I know talk about 'awkward'.....

Any way I greet the security at the door, Mr Greyhound, can sense the pity he feels for me and I hate it immediately.

'how are you Isabelle?'

'oh I've been great Mr Greyhound, please greet the family for me, I'll have to keep this short today I'm really on a tight schedule' I say with a fake smile hoping he buys it because I don't want to sound like a bitch but I can't wait to just get the hell away from this building as fast as possible, I don't want to even have a chance of bumping into Xavier.

The secretary immediately sends me to the top floor where Mia and Xavier work.
I can feel the states as I wait for the lift but I try my hardest to rid myself of negative thoughts but I guess it's still shocking to see me, the ex wife of the boss using a regular staff lift since I used to use the private one when I'd have lunch with Xav

As soon as the lift open on the ground level, I quickly get in and close the door because I'm really not in the mood for pity pleasantries.

ding! The lift doors open at the right floor, I guess I was to lost in my thoughts because I felt the lift got me on the top floor too quickly.

As I walk out the lift I can see that a lot has changed the tables I helped Xavier with are all gone and his office that obviously has his name on the door now has blinds.

They really don't need blinds because getting to this floor there are special features you need to pass through, and only two people work on this floor, I only had a swift entrance because my visit was expected.

They must get it on a lot if blinds were also installed I muse with an uncomfortable thud in my heart. Mia is quick to approach me with a very beautiful smile and I smile back for real because for the life of me I can't hold any grudge against her.
'I'm glad you made it Isabelle, I never thought you would come in with the media going so crazy about the engagement' Mia says with an awkward smile now

'oh I'm not afraid of the media, I'm one stubborn cookie you know' I lift my arm to show my invisible muscles just to ease the tension I feel mia is under and we share a laugh.

I take a sit at the visitor sit at her desk and we immediately get down to business.

'OK Mia Mr Black needs to sign this form here, here and here.'i point out.

'Mr Blinds and our company deals a lot with huge accounts so we really need this company to ensure that no type of security breach.
Im here because Mr Blinds truly trusts me and I just need everything to go swiftly, please make sure he also signs the liability form should any breaching occur but then our company lawyer will come back to fill you guys in to get more details on this firm. '
Mia nods to everything I tell her.' Isabelle when should he hand in the form? '

' OK I need this form by the coming week, I know Mr Black is probably busy but please ensure he goes through this document thoroughly and as soon as he's done he must send it right back' I can see a look of adoration in mia's eyes as she keeps looking back at Xav's picture on her desk every time I say "Mr Black"

We discuss everything else related to the document I handed her
'I've got everything down Isabelle, I will email you once everything is done. Thank you for coming in'

I nod my head and we shake hands
'please do email me if there are any issues' I say as I make my exit

Phew that went well thank goodness I muse as I'm in the lift heading back to my branch
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