The Ex Wife

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Chapter 5

What in the what?!
What is Xavier doing at a gentleman's club?!
I'm sure Michael forced him because I know for sure this isn't his scene
Do I talk to him?, do I pretend as if I didn't see him. Arg fuck he already saw that Ive seen him

My mind kept rambling on and on that I'm sure my expressions would be a sight, phew I'm glad I have a mask on.

As I came back from my stupor, I heard the announcer call out another girl to take the stage and that was my cue.

I picked up all the money I made and man oh man did I make a huge sum, not sure how much I've procured but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to help atleast 2 kids to get their surgery.

I walk back to the backroom and find Mandy there.
As soon as she hears my footsteps she looks at me and her jaw literally drops.

'Issa! How much money is that, my goodness that even looks so uncomfortable with you carrying it like that.'

'don't know, I'm going to count it later'
I shrug my shoulders then a dreadful expression takes over my face.

'okay for a person who made such an amount I wouldn't expect that look, what's up?'
As I'm about to tell Mandy my misery Luciano our manager calls me out.

'enigma some one has requested for a private dance from you, please change into something else and follow'
I frown ' but Luciano you know I don't do private sessions'

'baby this people are going to be paying big bucks please do it, some of the girls are going to get a cut too and you'll be helping them' Luciano remarks while hitting his thigh flamboyantly. You see Luciano has a pretty complicated sexual orientation. I don't know which spectra he falls on but I think his a metrosexual pensexual man because he dates everyone and I truly mean everyone, I'm only adding metrosexual because some times his a straight man exhibiting these feminine traits. So to be fair I don't know what Luciano's sexual orientation is but then again I don't care,I just love his personality. It's pretty unique.

'okay fine' I heave a loud sigh giving in
'how much are they proposing?'
' proposing? Honey I'm sure you mean how much they proposed as in its a done deal now and they offered 60 grand just for an hour. You sure left an impression'
My jaw dropped, my eyes widened. I look at Mandy and she seemed as if she wanted to collapse heck the entire backroom got silent because of Luciano's loud self.

How the jingles is that possible, who would spend such an obscene amount?
My head couldn't wrap itself around that situation, i am very shocked.

'uhmm..... Uhhhhh--okay let me change I'll follow you in just a bit'
I told Luciano.
I quickly went to the dress room and this time I chose to wear a set which was made from leather belts show casing everything but covering the nips and coochie, it was a red material and man oh man did I feel fierce in this number. The stockings I chose were also red.

I put on my mask this time the mask only his my eyes but everything else was exposed on my face.

Once done I met with Luciano at the entry point of the backroom and we went straight to the special VVip area.
'right through that door' Luciano told me since I'd never been in that area before.

I went in and my goodness was that room someone's sexual fantasy room.
The room was had a red and black interior with subtle hints of Grey, black leather couches and fancy looking lamps. I couldn't decipher which material most of the furniture was made from cause it looked as though they chose every fancy material out there and combined it to make each individual product.
Right then I felt my nerves going haywire on me
I swallowed and when I looked to the left I swear I wished the ground would open up and swallow me whole. What was he doing here. Shit! Talk about a messy situation
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