The Ex Wife

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Chapter 6

Sitting at center on a couch in the private room is Michael . This is super awkward sigh.
He is sat there already with a blind fold on and looks just as nervous as I feel.
From my peripheral vision I can also see 4 more couches which are unoccupied at the moment.
If this is a private session then why are there more couches behind Michael and as I think this I hear luciano's voice

'right this way gentlemen'

The door opens again behind me and I quickly maneuver myself away from the door before it slams into me.
They file in one at a time and could the universe really extremely love me this much que on the sarcasm because entering this very room is Xavier and London, the other two men I'm not particularly familiar with but London James is Xavier's business partner and best friend, well he has invested in Black tech Cop so I guess they are best business baddies too.

Xavier sees me again and almost stumbles, as soon as he saw I saw his almost accident, his cheeks turn a red hue showing his embarrassment.
I almost want to laugh at him but I'm too shocked by this entire situation to find any humour.

'gentlemen this is Exotic and she'll be your entertainment for tonight. Is there anything you would like before I let you enjoy the show?'
Luciano enquires with his brow lifted. The four men shake their heads no.

'okay well everything that you might need is on that table, I'll send in a waitress for you while you are enjoying this spectacle.
As he was about to head out I quickly move towards him.

' what the fuck! is all this Luciano, why are there five men in here?'i whispered and swore at the same time to show how pissed I am.

' love I'm so sorry I didn't mention this but this is the reason we're getting 60 grand from these delactable men '
Arg I could just strangle him right now, I'm so pissed.

Luciano quickly moves to the door to make a quick exit because he can see the inferno raging inside me.
I mentally prepare myself and snap my finger signaling for the music to start, the background where Xavier and his friends fade out with the light turning dark on their spot and a red flashes over me and Michael.
Birthday sex is the first song on the playlist it finally clicks why Michael had a private show of sorts.Seeing all the men in the club now totally makes sense, earlier I thought Michael dragged Xavier to the club but it seems like some of the other gentlemen dragged them both here, I move towards him murmur a sexy happy birthday and then remove his blind fold.

I look him straight in his eyes and man oh man are his eyes dilated, I swiftly move on his lap and start grinding on him.
Right in the middle of my performance he brings his face to my neck, his lips lightly touch my skin and then he finally murmurs a strained 'can I touch'.his voice is very husky and breathy.
I bite my lip in contemplation and reluctantly agree

The show went on with me dancing sexually on Michael with switches of songs and his hands all over me.

Throughout the entire performance, I felt eyes all over me but there was a stronger glare from a particular person. I didn't have to look to know it was Xavier's furious glare, I mean what's his problem?!
And what the heck was he doing at the gentleman's club, doesn't he have a fiance to entertain him?He can easily plan a simple birthday dinner with Michael rather than visiting a strip club! I'm not judging but it just feels weird because he came to the club I work at

'thank you for this awesome performance you're truly talented' Michael whispered with a husky voice.
The room was very tense it's up to an individual to decide which tense-ness was more prominent.

As I leave the room im highly frazzled and tense. Firstly I did not expect to see Xav here more so I did not expect to give a private lap dance to his friend while his watching me.

It's more so puzzling that Michael didn't notice that it was me, or if he did notice he did a good job hiding it. I mean I would feign ignorance too if I was him. Imagine getting a lapdance from a good friend's ex. Doesn't happen everyday I reckon.

A/N so I noticed I put Isabelle's stripper name as enigma instead of exotic and her name is exotic, I'm sorry fir that error and I'll try to post again 3 more times this week. I'm doing my final year in Uni and everything is kinder crazy rn I've even become disinterested in completing this book but seeing that there are people enjoying it so far I'll do my best to complete it. I'm sorry for this rushed chapter but I seen someone @cookie asking for an update so I had to do something because I feel bad because it's been a while since I updated this story. Oh and another thing that's been causing me to take time uploading, I've been researching more about the stripping world to give a more discriptive story rather than something generic. So I'll do better next tims

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