The Ex Wife

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Chapter 7

Its been a few days since that crazy day at the club. I've taken a few days off to regain my equilibrium because Xavier's presence sure caused a huge disturbance.
Mandy told me that the men made a three day appearance and most of the girls were getting paid real good money, I'm gratified on their behalf because I know some of them really need that money.

When you as a stripper start telling people what you do all these negative stereotypes always come into play. People see us as less than and I say us because as much as I'm an accountant, I consider myself very much a stripper too. I like doing it and I've some how become also passionate about it. Of course at first I did it merely to forget about Xav, then I turned that hurt into focusing on helping children who needed surgeries.

The story of how I became so invested in helping out is a very interesting one. I was sitting at the Cafe minding my own business with my laptop out finalizing some accounts for my job when across the Cafe I saw a little girl getting bullied by some kids.basically opposite the Cafe known as Lola's paradise is a park. I think the Cafe became my favorite because of the park's beautiful landscape and greenery.
I mean even in winter the park is a spectacle, the lake freezes up because we normally have snow in winter times and it becomes a winter wonderland and you'd see the joy it gives people as they skate on the frozen lake.

The girl was sitting there at park playing her music, she looked to be about nine or ten years old, she was a cute little thing with her cheeks flushing from the heat, I truly hoped she had sunscreen on her.
But what I didn't understand was why she wasn't playing like the other kids or heck spend her day in the pool.
I had noticed her immediately upon my arrival to the Cafe because she was in direct eye sight of where I set. Yes I'm a cliche too, I have a favorite spot at the Cafe.
I kept glancing on her multiple times because I guess my non existant maternal instincts kicked in and I wanted to make sure she was safe.

As I was working movements caught my attention and distracted me, and that was when I noticed that the girl was struggling against a group of girls and boys. They took the money she had in her hat and pushed her down roughly. I couldn't stand that so I quickly stood up and made my way over to them.
"hey what do you kids think your doing to that girl?"I yelled making my announcement felt and heard.
I looked at the poor girl and you can see how petrified she was.
" she stole our money, so we had to teach her a lesson" one girl responded pointing at the little girl
"but i-i- I didn't do it" she said through whimpers
"liar! she wasn't making any money from her stupid music so she stole the money from my friend here who was holding it for us so we didn't lose it whilst playing" it was amazing how this girl who looked to be also about the same age as the little girl I was watching over lie. If I hadn't been focused on her I could have dismissed her and believed the lie. Also because she was also in a group of other people backing up her statement but I was watching that girl so I wasn't going to be fooled by anyone's kid.
"so if she stole your money do you think it's okay for you to just push her like that. Why didn't you look for an adult and inform them instead of doing what you were doing to her" I resorted to humoring her lies and as expected she clammed up because there was no way out of the lie she told, she's not as smart ot the tough cookie she thought she was
And now for the final blow to her lie
"and I don't know why you just decided to lie to me but I've been watching over her from the Cafe. You guys just decided to mess with her for your own amusement"

" give her, her money or I'll call the cops on you" and I know that was a dumb thing to say to ten year Olds but I never said I was good with children, I just had to bluff my way out of this mess.
"hah! Lady we are kids no police men would arrest us for taking her money"she tried to mock me.
" oh so now you just confessed your misdeeds, mh and well kids who bully other kids actually have a special jail called juvenile, have you ever had of it? "
Now she clammed up, I guess she was familiar with juvenile and I bacame worried as to how she would know juvi when she was that young.
And during this whole altercation I noticed that none of the other kids said anything which led me to conclude that little missq bully was the ring leader to everything they did.
" you don't want me calling the police on you now do you? give back the money and apologize"

Little miss bully held her hand out which had the money as a gesture to return what didn't belong to her and apologized with sass. she'll never learn I thought as I heaved a sigh

"thank you ma'am" the little girl said with her big adorable eyes staring at me
"dear what's your name and why are you out here in this weather playing music?"
I enquired, now I know it was none of my business but I was truly baffled and concerned.
"well I have a sick brother, my mama works three jobs to get us everything we need and pay for my little brother's surgery. My father left my mama for my teacher" tears were running down as she was narrating a little about herself.
"my little brother his there under the tree, I'm trying to help out at home because we're struggling" she pointed to her little brother and my heart gave out

That was the day I decided to do more with my life, as long as my necessities were met, I gave out the remainder of the money to hospitals, and I did follow ups to make sure my money was spent were it was intended.
When I was married to Xav he did charities and I was included in all of it but it wasn't personal but now I just felt better being physically involved and over seeing certain things. It just feels good to do good.

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