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Your cold arranged fiancé waled in while trying the wedding dress

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While trying on your wedding dress, your cold-arranged fiancé saw you and decided to confess his love.

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Chapter 1

When your cold arranged fiancé walks in on you trying on your wedding dress

"I'm tired "throwing yourself on the bed, a soft yawn left your lips as you stretched your arms out, pulling up your sleeve looking at your wristwatch. "It's already ten p.m".
It had been a long day at work, all you wanted to do at that moment was change into comfy clothes and go to sleep until your eyes landed on your closet, your lips curving into a smile unknowingly.
"Should I try it once?" remembering that you bought your wedding dress just the previous day, you felt your heart flutter just by the thought of the special day, the day you and Kris were gonna get married.
Aint of rose appeared on your cheeks as you thought of him, even though your wedding was arranged by his and your parents to bring both families together for business purposes, you would lie if you said you didn't fall for him since the day you got engaged.
Stepping towards your closet, you opened it. Your eyes landed on the wedding dress as you looked at it in awe." It's so pretty".
Opening the door to your apartment with the spare key you gave him, Kris glanced around the room as a smile crept across his face looking at your coat on the couch . "she must be upstairs".
Being busy at work and not being able to talk to you for almost three days, Kris thought of surprising you with a visit even though it was late at night. No matter how cold he acted towards you, it was no lie that he had a soft spot for you in his heart.
"OH MY GOD," the familiar voice echoed through his ears as he tilted his head in confusion. Walking upstairs, he saw the door of your room open as he looked inside, his heart skipping a beat as his eyes landed on you.
"This looks so pretty "looking at yourself in the mirror, a soft smile appeared on your lips as you felt the soft silk hugging your curves.
"wow..." flinching upon hearing the sudden voice, you turned behind as his eyes met yours just after.
"Kris?" flashing a soft smile, he stepped towards you, his eyes glued at you as he couldn't stop admiring the way you looked in that dress.
"you weren't supposed to see me in the dress before the ceremony..." putting a finger on your lips stopping you from saying any more words, he stood there looking at you admiringly.
"No one has to know that I saw you "coming closer, he combed hair behind your ear, his gaze made shivers go down your spine.
"you look ...so beautiful" your heart fluttered hearing these words.
Hesitating to express his feelings through words, he used to compliment you often through his eyes but every time he said such things, it never failed to make you feel butterflies in your stomach.
"You'll really be looking like an angel that day," he said cupping your cheeks gently as he caressed them with his thumb.
"Thank you" trying to suppress the shy smile appearing on your lips, you blinked a few times before stepping away.
"I'm gonna get changed now. I don't want the dress to get dirty " walking towards the bathroom until the soft grip of his hands on your wrist stopped you, you looked back at him, his soft gaze making your heart pound.
"Even though this is gonna be an arranged marriage.I hope you happy I am knowing that you are the person I'm gonna be spending my whole life with"
Wrapping his arms around your wrist, he pulls you closer once before looking deeply into your eyes.
"Every second spent with you make me realize how hard I felt for you...your just so easy to love " a giggle escaped his lips, his cheeks turning rosy as he finally confessed his feelings for you.
Every word of his made you feel as if you fell for him all over again; wrapping your arms around his neck, you stood on your tiptoe before trapping his collar and pulling him in for a hug.
He flashed a soft smile before nuzzling your hair gently." I can't wait to kiss you in front of everyone and make you mine forever".

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