My CEO Neighbor

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Coincidence or Fate? Destiny? Soulmate? Does someone still believe in any of this? Yes. Bettany Wright 26 years old from Cleaveland Ohio, an employee of a small publishing company. She still believed in the fairytale of everyone and hoping to find her one. Can she meet someone who can bring her own fairytale? Let's find out. Isaac Jones 29 years old, a CEO of a multi-company in New York City. He just flew to Cleaveland Ohio to oversee the turnover of his newly acquired publishing company. Can someone took his interest and make his heart skip a beat? Let's all find out.

Romance / Humor
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Meet New Neighbor


My eyes are slowly open to the sounds of my doorbell. I didn’t expect any visitors today so who is it? I ignore it and tried to go back to my dreamland but that annoying sound didn’t stop. Maybe it’s important so having no choice, I get up on the bed half-sleep with my eyes still closed, I don’t have enough sleep yesterday so I’m a little grumpy. Today is a weekend so I’m hoping I could sleep more but unfortunately this damn doorbell ring. I opened the door and am ready to scold the person who disturbed my sleep.

Once I fully open my eyes my mouth drops open, what a beautiful creature in the morning. I forgot that this person is the culprit why I’m wide awake now and disturbs my sleep. He has this dazzling aura that draws me in, he looks so fresh in the morning. He is tall that I almost looked up. His dark brown hair is short and neat. He speaks and my eyes trail to his red and soft lips. He makes me feel weak just only for his stares. I didn’t notice my grip on my door tightening.

“Hi sorry did I wake you? I just want to ask for some help”

I just stare at him and looked at his amazingly beautiful eyes that looks like a deep ocean, staring back at me and drowning me. It feels like I am still in my dream, I didn’t understand any single words he just said.

“Excuse me are you okay?“. Isaac said waving his hand in front of me.

Only at that moment did I realize he is talking to me. “Ahem” I cleared my throat. “Sorry, I thought I’m still dreaming, yes do you need anything? I timidly smiled at him.

“I’m Isaac your new neighbor. I just transferred to my new place here last night and am still unfamiliar with this town and I thought you could lend me a hand?.he asked.

“Oh, Okay what is it then? I shyly answered realizing I’m still on my sleepwear dress and my hair messed.

“I just want to ask if there’s any nearby supermarket here in the area? while he is speaking I simply straighten my messed hair.

“Oh yes, when you come down you just straight ahead and turn right on the 32nd street. You can see one Hypermarket there it’s small but if you need a bigger one you can go to 38th street it’s 15 minutes drive from here.”

“Okay, Thank you for your help Ms.?” Isaac said.

“Bettany Wright”.

“Isaac Jones.” It is my pleasure to meet you, Ms. Wright while offering his hand to me.

“You can call me Bettany, Ms. Wright is too formal for me and you are my neighbor now, and it is my pleasure to meet you too.” I shake his hand too.

“Okay I’m sorry again to disturb you this morning Bettany and thank you for your help I will go ahead first I just need to fix something, so see you around”.

“No worry, I don’t mind, and welcome to this town hope you enjoy your stay here, see you around”.

Then he left and I just remain standing at my door staring at his broad back wanting to touch and hug him. If I wake up in these beautiful species every day, I will be gladly wake up even if I don’t have enough sleep. hahaha.


Hi everyone please support my first book. I hope you will enjoy the story. It is my first time writing a book, please have mercy on my grammar. I just encourage myself to try and explore writing. I just want to try different things.

You are free to leave a comment below but don’t be harsh I have a feeling also. No stealing, it’s my baby. Please support me by voting and reading it.

Thank You


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