Aranoe Academy

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A new girl (Ophelia Cassidy) comes to Aranoe Academy, and although the academy seems pristine and well-to-do, the people in charge seem to be hiding something.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1- New

Ophelia Cassidy was a quiet girl. She never was one of much words, but was in no way a weak or dumb girl. A young one perhaps, a girl of only 16, but not an impressionable one. She was standing in her new uniform, the bleak colors of grey and black matching the atmosphere of the new school.

Aranoe Academy, the boarding school that her parents sent her to. Her mother and father believed it would be good for her. The academy was an all girl school, as her father trusted in the school’s well-to-do background and history of successful women. Aranoe was a gorgeous place, although didn’t seem that way due to the fog that had rolled in, causing the old castle to look haunting.

Ophelia gripped her suitcase handle tighter, and started towards the front doors, the adorned mahogany wood creaking on its old hinges as she opened the door. She cringed at the sound, but kept moving. She turned into the office by the doors, and sat her stuff near one of the chairs. She rang the bell on the desk, a soft, but sharp sounding ‘ding’ echoing throughout the small room.

She sighed and sat down, taking the given time to look around the office. It was a small room, decorated with a clock, and a few small paintings, the paintings ranging from fruit to birds. Eventually, a small woman walked out of the office, a small smile on her face as she laid her eyes upon the girl.

“Hello dear, how may I help you today?”, she asked, the question hanging in the air for a moment before Ophelia decided to answer. “I’ve been enrolled as a new student here”, she said, voice barely above a mutter, but the lady seemed to catch it, for she nodded and typed something into the computer that was sitting on the desk.

“Alright then, are you Ophelia Cassidy?”

She nodded.

“Alright then, let’s get you assigned a form, and I’ll get you your key, and while we’re walking, I’ll explain the rules.”, the woman rubbed her temple, then typed it into the computer some more, before turning and sifting through a few drawers in the cabinets behind her. She seemed to find what she was looking for, as she withdrew something from the drawer, and placed it on the desk. Ophelia grabbed it and looked at it, it was a golden looking key, although the actual metal was not known to her, it had a small tag labeled, 3A in a typewriter front.

The woman walked out from behind the desk, and her sudden prolixity made her name tag visible, Charlie. Charlie opened the office door and walked out, before sticking her head back in and motioning for Ophelia to follow her. Ophelia did hastily. Charlie walked with a brisk, determined pace, seemingly knowing these halls like back of her hand, taking twists and turns, but never seeming confused as to where they were. The same could not said for Ophelia, the poor girl thought she would never learn theses hallways.

“Here at Aranoe Academy we take our rules very seriously, and the punishments for breaking them are severe. Now, there are the main three rules 1. Never skip classes 2. No dating 3. Never, and let me repeat NEVER, go into the woods alone. The other rules are minuscule and I’m sure the other girls of your dorm will explain the to you. But, that is all, let’s continue.”, Charlie said, giving Ophelia no time to ask questions or even process what had just been spewed at her.

Eventually, they stopped before a door, the polished marble reflecting the letter above the door, as well as the orange, dim lamplight that was in the hallway. An ‘A’ was engraved in marble and hung above the door. The door itself was a tall mahogany door much like the front ones. Charlie slotted a key into the door, and opened it. Inside the room was three other girls, all looking around her age, but not very happy to see a new person.

Charlie turned to Ophelia and handed her the other key, “now, this key is for the dorm, the first one I gave you is for your room. I hope you enjoy your stay at Aranoe, for however long it may be.” It was clear there was no ill intent behind her words, but the last phrase sent a chill down her spine, and she had no idea why.

She nodded in understanding, and turned, walking into the room as the door shut behind her, leaving her in the room alone with the other girls.

“A good girl is supposed to be very quiet.”
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