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Meet Karma Amington, the perfect daughter to her parents and the sister, best friend anyone would want. Meet Aiden Black, the typical bad boy who do whatever he wants. What will happen if they meet? “Hail to true me!” Nerd said and rose her glass in the air before drinking all of it. True me? What’s that suppose to mean? I saw Adam walking in our direction and waved at him to motion him to come. Once he did, he smiled when he saw his drunk sister. “Your sister’s drunk” I told him and he shrugged. “I’m finally getting my sister back after two years, let her have fun!” he told me as if I was supposed to understand. He was one of my Buddy and I realized that I didn’t know nerd’s name. Shit. We were even in the same class and before Monday, I never really paid attention to her. “What’s that suppose to mean?” I asked curiously and he stared at Nerd in an affectionate way. “Karma isn’t really a nerd. That’s just an act” He said and I turned my head to look at that intriguing and interesting little girl. She doesn’t look like a nerd. Why did Stacy even call her a nerd? “She is not really the shy, quiet and reserve girl. Once you get to know her and when she let you in, she’s the most amazing girl you’d ever find” Adam said to me but stared at his sister in admiration.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

“Karma Victoria Amington! It’s your last week to school so wake up!” My mom’s voice hollered from downstairs. I groaned and reluctantly sat up while yawning. Why do we have to get up so early? I walked to my bathroom and rubbed my eyes lazily. The knocks on my door made me glare at it and I opened the tap.

“What do you want?” I asked grimly. I’m not a morning person.

“Mom’s telling you to wake up! Come on sis! Last week of school! Aren’t you excited for the holidays?” My brother asked happily from behind the door. I smiled at my brother’s cheerful voice. He’s my twin and we were really close.

“I’m already up” I told him. “And of course I’m excited to get away from the hell” I joked. I heard him chuckle and he walked away. The hell? Well, that’s what you call high school. At school, they call me a nerd. No. I don’t wear glasses. No. I don’t wear baggy clothes. I simply get good grades and try to avoid trouble. The queen bitches found it amusing to call me a nerd as they didn’t find a cast to put me in. I was not ugly. On the contrary, I got the beauty genes from my beautiful mother. I have long wavy dark red hair which I always tie in a messy bun. My gray eyes sparkled in the mirror facing me. I smiled at myself, showing off my dimples. I brushed my teeth and washed my face before making my way to the bathroom. I let the warm water cascade on my body making me sigh in relaxation.

At school, I try to be invisible. I don’t like or want unnecessary attention to me. Everyone thinks that I’m quiet and shy but my best friends know that I’m not. I’m sarcastic as hell and a little bit sassy. That’s why people call me a nerd. They only see my shy, quiet and nerdy side. On the other side, we have my twin brother, Adam. He is the total opposite of me. He is the most popular guy in school and is a jock. People think he is outgoing and also a player but he is not. He’d prefer stay at home and watch his favorite shows than to go out with his friends. We were both really close and I really love him.

I put on my clothes which are a slim jean and a tank top with a leather jacket on. What? Just because they call me a nerd doesn’t mean that I dress like on. I put on my sneakers and took my bag. I do not wear make up to go to school. Not to boast or something but I don’t think I need to wear make up. I ran downstairs and kissed my brother on his cheek as I sat next to him in the kitchen. My mother was making our breakfast like she always does in the morning.

“Morning!” I greeted them.

“Morning sweetheart” my mom greeted and walked to me to kiss my cheek. We started talking while waiting for my father to come. He was in his office, talking to someone probably. He is always working but still, he’d try to spend some time with us.

“Morning kids” We turned to see my dad walking in the kitchen with a newspaper in his hand. He made his way to my mom and gave her a little peck.

“Eww!” My brother and I said in fake disgust just to annoy them. I was really happy to see that, even though all these years passed by, they were still in love. My father rolled his eyes and sat next to me. My mom gave us our breakfast and sat in front of us.

“So, your eighteenth birthday is in two weeks” my mother said happily. “It will be during the summer holidays” she continued while Adam and I nodded. “What are you planning to do?” she asked and we both shrugged.

“I thought we were going to Mauritius” I said and my mother stared at me for a few minutes before talking.

“You want to go to Mauritius?” she asked.

“Yes!” Adam exclaimed. I nodded with a big smile and my parents stared at each other before turning to us.

“Well, your mother and I won’t be able to fly there as we have a business trip to attend to” my father said sadly.

“But dad, we’re turning eighteen!” Adam said and pushed around his cereal in his bowl.

“Well, I never said we wouldn’t be coming for your birthday!” my father said with a smirk and I smiled. “I mean, we never missed your birthdays” he said and I nodded.

“You guys can go to Mauritius” My mother continued. “I guess you’re old enough and you’d be happy to have some teen moments with your friends” she said. “Consider it as a gift. You go there and each of you can bring three of your friends” she told us. “Three weeks without parent’s supervision” she said with a smirk. My brother and I looked at each other before shouting in happiness. it’s official, my parents were simply amazing.

“We’ll be coming for your birthday though” my father said and we nodded. “Now Shoo! You’re going to be late to school” he said and kissed us on our foreheads before making our way out if the house.

“We’ve got awesome parents” Adam commented as we got in our car. I nodded and pulled my phone out of my pocket. “I still can’t understand how you deal with these two type of personalities” he said when he started driving.

“What?” I questioned in confusion.

“I mean, at school you’re all quiet. You seem like a weak child who needs support” he said and I chuckled. “At home, you’re twerking with friends in your room!” he exclaimed.

“You were suppose to knock before entering” I laughed. One day, I invited my best friends at home and we ended up putting the music loud and twerking on my bed. Adam walked in my room and started twerking along with us.

“Hannah looked hot when she twerked” Adam said dreamily and I gagged.

“Still not over that stupid crush over my best friend?” I asked and he shook his head making me chuckle. Adam had a crush on my best friend.

“Did you see her? She’s beautiful!” he exclaimed childishly and i laughed.

“You’ll be happy to know that I’m planning to tell her to come to Hawaii” I sang and he smirked.

“I’ve got an amazing sister too!” he exclaimed. I smiled as we parked in the school. He kissed me on my forehead and I got out of the car. Soon, the car was surrounded by my brother’s groupies. I swear these girls are simply annoying and there voices were chipmunks like. I shook my head and made my way to my locker. A smile crept on my face when I saw my best friends already waiting for me.

Hannah Santiano is the Mexican girl who my brother has a crush on. She has long black hair and a tan skin. She got the curves where she needed them. She had a temper that quite short and get angry really quickly. She is single and got awesome back eyes.

Johnathan Jackson stood next to her and gave me a toothy smile. He was the definition of hot and was muscular as fuck but unfortunately, he was gay. He wasn’t out of the closet yet. Only us, his best friends knew that he was gay. His blond messy hair fell on his green eyes and he had a dimple on his right cheek which made him seem so adorable.

Finally, my eyes fell on Rebecca Delamache. She came from France a few years ago and we instantly became friends. She had blond hair and blue eyes. Typical barbie like. She had a cute accent whenever she would talk. She was beautiful and sexy and a cheerleader material but she hates the cheerleader’s squad.

Those three guys standing in front of me were my best friends. Only those guys knew my real personality. They knew the real me and the accepted me as I was. I smiled at them and flicked Johnathan on his forehead.

“Pack your bags bitches, we’re going to Mauritius on Saturday night” I said and watched as their jaws dropped open.

“You’re kidding?” Rebecca demanded while Hannah squealed in happiness and hugged Johnathan who was still in shock.

“No, I’m not! Going to celebrate our eighteenth birthday party there and no parents supervision!” I exclaimed and all three of them hugged.

“I love your parents!” John shouted and I smiled. I opened my locker and took my books that I needed. When the corridor started fill in with students, I started to walk to class with my friends next to me.

Here, I start my nerd act again.

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