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Chapter 13: Boner Alert

Night has already fallen and Aiden and I were still not on speaking term. I wasn’t going to apologize to him because I did nothing wrong. Everyone was getting ready to go to the club. Hannah told me that Aiden wasn’t coming with us. I was angrier than earlier but I decided not to say a word. If he didn’t want to come with us, no worry. But I was going to enjoy tonight.

“You’re ready?” Rebecca asked as she walked into my room. I twirled in front of her before stopping in front of the mirror so that I could see myself. I was wearing a long skirt which reached my ankles and a crop top which showed my stomach. My red skirt matched my hair. A head band surrounded my head and I smiled at myself in the mirror. “You look bangable” she sang and kissed my cheek.

“That’s not even a word” I laughed and looked at her outfit. She was wearing a mid thigh back dress with black heels. She turned around to show me the back and it had laces. I whistled as she winked at me. “You look bangable too” I told her as I picked my handbag and put on a high heel shoes.

“I know, thank you” She said cockily. I rolled my eyes but still a chuckle escaped my mouth. She hooked her arm with mine, then we made our way downstairs where everyone was already waiting for us.

“She looks bangable” John said and I huffed while looking at him.

“That word doesn’t exist!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, it does” Sebastian said. “Rebecca invented it when she saw me” he said while chuckling.

“I thought you invented me when you saw me” I faked hurt and she shrugged.

“We all look bangable!” Hannah exclaimed as she pulled Adam to the door. “Can we leave already? I want to party!” She shouted.

“Calm down, kitten” Adam chuckled.

“Calm down, pussy” David mocked while snickering. We all burst out laughing at Adam’s and Hannah’s red faces.

“Shut up, idiot” Hannah mumbled.

“Shut up, pussy!” John snickered. David and John high five making me chuckle.

“Where’s Aiden?” Sebastian suddenly asked.

“Here” I heard his deep sexy voice replied from behind me. Yes. I was still angry at him but I won’t deny the fact that he and his voice was damn sexy. I didn’t turn to look at him.

“You aren’t coming?” I heard Sebastian asked. I turned to take my phone on the table and my eyes meet those of Aiden briefly. He was staring at me. I took my phone and just as I was stepping out, I heard his words which made my heart feel heavy.

“I’ve got a date tonight” he said. I closed the door and leant against the car, waiting for my friends to finish their chit chat with Aiden. He had a date? Where the hell did he find a girl? Maybe a Mauritian girl. They were quite sexy here. I got to admit that Mauritius has beautiful beaches as well as beautiful bitches. I was finding myself getting more irritated when I was thinking of Aiden and his date. What the hell is wrong with me? A few minutes later, my friends walked out and I saw Aiden with them too. I decided to let Rebecca drive and I sat in the passenger while staring at the window absentmindedly. As soon as the door opened, I saw Aiden stepping in the car. I turned to see Rebecca sliding in the back seat with Sebastian by her side. John, David and Hannah were driving with Adam. Wasn’t Aiden going on a date? I ignored him and I noticed that he was ignoring me as well. I decided to put on the radio and Radioactive by Madilyn Bailey came on. I love that cover of the song. I can’t stop listening to that girl’s covers on YouTube. She’s simply amazing. I started whispering the sing and let my head leant against the window.

“So, What do you think of Mike?” Rebecca asked, trying to get rid of that thick tension that was present in the car.

“The monitor?” Sebastian asked and she nodded.

“He’s cool. That’s kind of him to invite us” I told them and soon a scoff was heard next to me. I ignored it but Becca didn’t.

“What was that Aiden?” Becca asked in a motherly tone.

“Nothing” he said.

“So your date will be there too?” Sebastian asked. I didn’t want to hear their conversation so I opened my purse and took out my phone and my earphone. That’s why he was coming along. His date was going to be there too. I was humming Maroon 5 which was playing on my phone and ignored the people who were in the car with me. Suddenly my earphones were pulled out of my ears.

“Don’t you know that it’s impolite to ignore people?” Sebastian questioned and I pulled my earphones back. I glared at him then at Becca.

“Becca, tell your boyfriend what happened to John when he pulled my earphone once” I told her and she laughed at the memory but I could see the tint of blush on her cheeks.

“If you want to have kids in the future, don’t mess with her and her music” Becca warned him. I watched at Sebastian scrunched his face in pain as he probably imagine the pain as he quickly handed me my earphones.

“Good choice” I mumbled and just as I was about to put it in my ears again, I realized that we were already in the parking of the club. I stepped out of the car as I felt as if I was suffocating in the presence of Aiden. Soon, Adam’s car came in view. I waited for the guys to get out of the car before making our way to the door. I saw Mike waiting for us by the door and immediately, I smiled at him.

“I thought you weren’t going to come” he sighed in relief. I shook my head and grinned at him.

“And miss an opportunity to get drunk? No way in hell” I said and he quickly smirked at me before nudging my arm.

“We’re going to be great friends then” he said making me chuckle. My friends were watching our exchange intently. Adam cleared his throat and greeted Mike. “Come on, let’s party” he said with a smile and gave the bouncers a nod. They let us walk in without any requests. Aiden glared at Mike but still ignored me. I couldn’t ignore him even if I wanted to. But I could act like I was ignoring him. I sighed silently as I ate him with my eyes. He was wearing a tight gray shirt and a black jean with his sneakers on. I took a deep breath, trying to control my overbearing hormones. We made our way to a table and we all sat down. Aiden made a different way and I noticed him stepping to a cute girl. She was beautiful but I could practically see her butt sticking out of the dress.

“So what are you going to drink?” David asked as he stood up to make his way to the bar.

“Shots of tequilas” Becca beamed. We all nodded and watched as Mike stood up and motioned to David to stop.

“I’m going to get the drinks” he said with a smile. We all smiled back as he stood and walked away. David sat next to me and soon everyone’s smiles disappear.

“Is he going to stick to us all night?” Adam asked grimly. My eyes widened as I watched all my friends looking at me in annoyance.

“He invited us!” I pointed out and they all shrugged at the same time.

“So what? We came on our own, The tickets are free tonight and we’re paying our drinks” Hannah said. “I still can’t understand what he’s doing here” she continued. Then I realized that they were right but how was I suppose to tell him to go? He’s really sweet and I didn’t want to tell him to go.

“I can’t just tell him to leave” I sighed.

“I can!” David beamed with a huge smile on his face. I blinked several times and those blinks turned into glares. Soon, glasses were put on our tables and Mike gave a smile.

“Guys, I’ll have to go to my friends” he said.

“Finally!” David exclaimed as he threw his hands in the air as if thanking god. Mike was staring at him as if he lost his mind. I shook my head at him while rolling my eyes at my friend’s over reaction.

“Save me a dance later” Mike said while sending me a wink. I nodded and watched as he disappeared in the crowd.

“At three, we all take down the shots” Sebastian said while pushing the glasses in our direction. Everyone took their glasses. “One, two, three!” At three, I chunked down the shot and whooped in pride, trying to forget the burning of the alcohol down my throat.

“That will be all for me” Adam said and I stared at him in confusion. “I have to drive back home” he explained and I nodded.

“I won’t be drinking more” Becca said. “I’ll be driving too. I have a wild guess that you really want to get drunk tonight” she said with a shrug. Oh, so she noticed the tension between Aiden and I. I nodded and made my way to the bar alone. I ordered beers after beers until I was the effect of the alcohol. A smile crept on my face at mg tipsiness.

Aiden’s Point of view

I made my way to my friends’ table, leaving slutty Maya behind me. She was damn annoying and I could practically see all the things that shouldn’t be seen. I sighed and ran a hand on my face as I reached their table. They all had a grin on their faces. I realized that one person was not here. Wait. I mean two persons. Mike and Karma.

“Where’s Karma?” I asked with clenched jaw.

“By the bar, getting drunk” Becca answered quickly and took Sebastian’s hand in hers before walking to the dance floor. Soon, John, David, Hannah and Adam joined. Was I the only one who was worried about Karma? I stood up and walked to the bar. No sight of Karma. Where the hell was she? Then I saw Mike standing with some other guys. With clenched jaw, I walked to him.

“Where’s Karma?” I asked when he turned to look at me.

“Who?” he asked as if I was insane.

“Victoria” I inhaled, trying to calm down.

“On the dance floor” he said and turned back to his friends. I walked to the dance floor to see Karma dancing with Hannah and Rebecca. I watched as she danced and I bite my lips. She knew how to move that body of hers. I watched how she moved her ass and she’d move her body so sensually and sexually. She had her sexy looking eyes and I instantly knew that she was drunk when she turned to look at me straight in the eyes and bite her lips while dancing and moving her hips to the beat of the sound.

Holy Fuck! Boner Alert!

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