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Chapter 16: amazing parents


It was finally our birthday and my parents landed yesterday. We were going to the restaurant just the four of us, because my parents wanted to spend some time with only my brother and I. They were going to take the plane for Australia this night because they had to continue their business trip.

My parents absolutely love Aiden. That son of a bitch acted like a nice and polite boy in front of my parents. I sighed as i stared my reflection in the mirror. I was currently standing in front of my mirror with only my towel wrapped around me. I was a bit lazy to look for a dress for the dinner. With a last deep sigh, I advanced to the wardrobe and slide my hand through the dresses, hoping that one beautiful dress would pop out. My door opened and Becca’s head peeked through to stare at me. Her gaze hardened as she saw that I was still naked.

“Do you realize that the dinner with your parents is in thirty minutes?” She snapped, making me groan slightly as I let my body fall on the bed.

“Can you look for a dress for me?” I asked while doing my Bambi eyes. She always fall for that. She sighed while rolling her eyes and stepped in my room.

“You act so much like a child” she huffed as she advanced to my closet. After shuffling a few minutes, she let a squeal of victory and did a little karate move in front of the closet. “Rebecca Vs Closet! Becca win!” She cheered. I laughed as I watched as she turned to me with a misnight blue cloth in her hand. She opened the cloth and I saw a white dress which was long. I smiled as how simple and beautiful it looked. I stood up and let the towel fall on the ground, making Becca whistled. I chuckled and I threw on the dress. The dress reached my ankle and I had to wear my black high heels so that the dress wouldn’t reach the floor.

“You’re the best!” I exclaimed as I turned to engulf her in a hug. She shrugged fixing her non existent collar in pride.

“I am” she agreed. I chuckled at her at her cockiness and let her do my make up. “Happy Birthday again” she wished as she pecked my forehead before applying power on it.

The dinner with my parents was over and we were in the car with them. My father was driving the car and my mother was wiping away a few tears. She got a little emotional, not believing that we were growing so fast. Adam chuckled next to me while patting my mother’s shoulder slightly. My father rolled his eyes and gave us a quick glance through the rear view mirror.

“Stop overreacting, Lily!” My father huffed as he drive to the bungalow. Their suitcases were already in the car as they had to catch their flight soon. Adam and i laughed in the backseat as my mother turned to glare at my dad.

“How can you be so heartless? Our children are turning old and I can already see wrinkles on their faces!” Adam and I gasped at my mother’s words and we instinctively reached for our faces.

“Mom! We are still young” Adam exclaimed, making my parents chuckled.

“Yeah, they’re still our little chipmunks” my father joked, making a smile brightened on our faces. We were always that close with our parents.

“Where are the gifts of your chipmunks?” Adam asked with a big exciting smile on his face. Gift?

“Wasn’t this trip your gift?” My father asked with rose eyebrows.

“It was?” I questioned, siding Adam in his argument.

“Yes, it was” my mother said, taking the side of my father.

“You didn’t buy us gifts?” My brother and i exclaimed in fake shock. We do not demand things to my parents but usually, we do that to annoy them.

“I mean, we’ve turned eighteen! We’re adults and legal” my brother boasted about our age. My father scoffed and he drove in the driveway of the bungalow.

“Then buy you own damn things” my father said with amusement.

“I mean, you’ve turned eighteen! You’re adults and legal!” My mother mocked Adam, making us all laugh out loud in the car. Adam playfully huffed as my dad parked the car and we all got out. We made our way to the door together. I really enjoyed the moment we spent together.

“Well, chipmunks, we should get going your mother and I” my father said as he wrapped an arm around my mother’s shoulder, pulling her by his side. “We don’t want drama queen here to start crying all over again, do we?” He joked, making my mother gasped with a smile on her face.

“At least let’s say good bye to the kids” my mother sighed as she opened the door and walked in. We all followed her and found everyone sitting in the living room, watching the television.

“You all come to Mauritius, to sit in front of a television and watch a show that you could watch anytime at home” my father pointed out sarcastically.

“What would you suggest us to do, Mr A?” Hannah asked while wiggling her eyebrows.

“I don’t know, getting drunk maybe?” My father said and my friends laughed. “That’s what we used to do when we were young” he said. My father was damn cool.

“Dave! Stop giving them ideas!” My mother exclaimed while rolling her eyes and playfully smacked my father on the back of his head, causing us to laugh.

“What? They are young and they should be enjoying till they have time” my father said with a wink, making all of us nod. “But don’t get pregnant or make anyone pregnant” he suddenly said seriously, and again, we laughed.

“So kids, we need to go” My mother said with a sigh. “Aiden, tell your mother again that it was nice to meet her” my mom said as she blew a kiss to Aiden. “Kelsey got such a nice and handsome boy” she complimented. Aiden gave us all a smirk but it soon disappear when we all scoffed in unison at my mother’s words.

“You seem to be the most responsible one here, look after them” my father said but I could detect amusement in his voice. Again, we all scoffed. If only my father knew that the responssible guy finger fucked me! Ha! His reaction would be priceless. “Well, we’ll get going! My chipmunks, I need my hugs” my father demanded. I smiled at his words and walked to him at the same time as Adam. I wrapped my arms around him and Adam wrapped his arms around us. Them my mother hugged us. It was like a family tradition. Our group hug.

“I love you” I whispered to my parents as they kissed our foreheads and waved at my friends before making their way to their car.

“We love you too” my mother said with his beautiful smile. “See you after two weeks my babies” she blew us a kiss as they sat back in the car.

“Enjoy yourself, Teletubbies!” My father shouted as he drove away, making Adam and I laughed on the porch of the house. My father always has the wierdest nickname to give us.

“We’ve got amazing parents” Adam said from behind me. I turned to look at him and saw that his eyes were teary. I nodded and wrapped my arms around him, resting my face on his chest.

“Happy birthday twin” I wished him again. At midnight, my friends woke us up to wish us a happy birthday. He tightened Hus hold on me before pulling away and kissed my forehead.

“Happy birthday to you too, twin” he said and we both walked back in the house side by side to see all our friends, standing by the living room, waiting for us.

“Are you ready?!” Rebecca exclaimed in happiness as she threw her hands in the air, pumping in the air along to the imaginary music. My eyes roamed on my friends and finally stopped on Aiden. He saw me staring at him and he winked at me before blowing a kiss. I smiled and stared away. I didn’t want to get distracted by his awesome looks.

“To party!” Becca yelled and ran to the kitchen.

“We’re going to follow your dad’s advice and get drunk!” John said and i rolled my eyes while crossing my arms over my chest.

“That was already planned, right?” I asked with a grin. David nodded as he gave me a sheepish smile.

“We’re going to put the music loud! Dance! Play dirty games! Swim! Dance! Get drunk! Dance!” Rebecca yelled as she did the moonwalk to the living room with bottles of vodkas in her hands.

“Assure me that you are not drunk already” I sighed as she turned her back to me and didn’t reply.

“She drank two can of beers and she’s already drunk” Sebastian exclaimed with amazement while staring at Becca who was pitting glasses on the table.

“She’s a light weight” Hannah commented before resuming her conversation with Adam.

“I’m going to change, just keep an eye on her” I told him as I ran up the stairs. It was a little bit difficult as the dress that I was wearibg was really long. I soon entered my room and I ran to my wardrobe with a sigh. I pulled a short and a crop top from the wardrobe and rushed to the bathroom. Soon, I stripped out of the blue dress and put on my shorts and top. I pulled my hair in a high ponytail and washed away the make up that I was wearing. I was already eighteen. Time flies so quickly. I was grown up into a woman. I smiled at my reflection and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath. “I am strong” I whispered to myself. Those words would always boost my confidence. When I was done, I walked out of the bathroom but suddenly arms yanked me to the side. I squealed and prepared myself to scream but my mouth was soon covered with a hand. I was then, pressed against the wall and I opened my eyes to see Aiden.

“Hello” he whispered as he pulled his hand away and gave me a wolfish smile. He was fucking sexy as hell when he did that. I wanted to run my hand on his jawline.

“You scared the hell out of me” I breathed, still looking at his pitch black eyes, ignoring the good feeling that was running through my body because of how his body was pressed against mine.

“I did, didn’t I?” He said, trying to act smart. I struggled against his arms which was pinning me on the wall. I glared at his muscular arms and when I realized that he was a bit too strong, I huffed and gave up.

“What do you want, Aiden?” I asked with rise eyebrows.

“You” he replied, making my heart skip a beat. He seems so sincere right now that I just want to jump on him and kissed the hell out of his pretty face.

“Seriously” I mumbled and tried to push him away before i rape him.

“You” he said again. I huffed and waited for him to something. He leant closer to me and slightly blow on my neck. I shivered and bite my lips. “Happy birthday, princess” he whispered in my ear and gently bite on my ear.

“A-aiden” I moaned and ran my fingers in his hair, gently tugging on it so that his face was in front of mine. He gave me a smile and pecked my lips, then quickly pulled away to look at my reaction. Yes. I was surprised. But I can’t deny that I like it.

“I wanted to give you something” he said and pecked my cheek. I smiled at his cute behavior.

“What is that?” I asked curiously.

“Another orgasm” he said seriously, making me gasp in surprise at his choice of words.

“Aiden” I warned while glaring at him and he sighed before pulling away. He put his hands up in surrender before giving me a grin.

“Fine. I got you a gift” he said with a little smile. “Buy know that I wasn’t kidding about that orgasm” he muttered making me laugh and smack his arm.

“Shut up!” I shouted and hide my red cheeks in his chest. “Now give me my gift” I demanded with pouty lips, making him groan slightly.

“Don’t pout. It makes me wanna do things to you” he said and pulled away. I chuckled and rolled my lips in my mouth as I watched him looking for the gift in his back pocket. “Close your eyes” he ordered and i groaned in annoyance. Seriously? I closed my eyes eventually and yelped when he pulled me to him, causing me to crash in his chest. He turned me around and pushed my pony tail to the left to get access to my neck. After a few seconds, I felt a cold line on my neck. I instantly knew that it was a necklace. My eyes opened and i ran to the bathroom without even looking at Aiden. I picked the necklace in my hands and stared at it in the mirror. It was the design of glasses and just below it, is written nerd. I smiled at the gift and walked back to the room to see Aiden with a forced smile on his face. He was really nervous.

“Nerd?” I questioned, tilting my head to the right slightly.

“Yeah, for me, you’re my nerd” he whispered and approached closer to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in a hug.

“I love it” I whispered in his ears, causing him to shiver. With that, I pulled, kissed him on his lips and walked out of the room before he stopped me. I knew that if he got his hands on me, we wouldn’t be leaving my room so soon. I smiled at the idea of what would have possibly happened if I stayed.

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