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chapter 19: STD and Herpes

Adam is going to kill me!
Rebecca is going to kill me!
Hannah is going to kill me!
John is goi-

Well you get it, they are going to kill me! I fucking fell asleep on the grass by the riverside. My phone was turned off and I slept four two hours straight. I’m surprise that nobody saw me till now. I stood up and pulled my booty short a bit down so that it covered my legs more. I clutched on the sweater and put on my hoodie as i walked back home. I hid my face as I walked on the street as there was more people than earlier. They would send me weird looks as I was apparently lacking of clothes. It was a bit windy outside and I was wearing only a booty short and a tank top with my sweater on. Goosebumps would rose on my skin each time the wind would blow.

I sighed in relief when I saw the bungalow. But soon, the feeling of relief disappeared as I saw Hannah and Becca standing on the porch with wide eyes and nervous looks. Holy hell. They are going to kill me. Slowly, I walked to them and as they were looking to the right, they didn’t see him coming.

“Hey girls” I called out and in a fraction of second, their heads turned to me and their worried expression soon turned into angry ones.

“Where the fuck were you?!” Hannah sneered. I walked to the door so that we could get inside. I walked in to see John and David sitting on the couch.

“Where the fuck were you?” John asked and I rolled my eyes when I realized that he said the same thing as Hannah. I noticed that Adam and Aiden were not here.

“Where’s Adam?” I asked ignoring their questioned and this seemed to infuriate Becca.

“We asked you a question!” Becca yelled as she held on her hair in frustration.

“And I asked you one too!” I retorted playfully, trying to ease the atmosphere but they simply glared at me.

“Adam and Aiden went to look for you” David replied with a sigh of defeat. “I just sent them a text and told then that you’re back” he said and I nodded.

“Now, where the hell were you?” Hannah questioned in a motherly tone. They are going to kill me for sure if I told them that I felt asleep by a river side!

“I was at Mike’s” I lied. Their eyes widened and Rebecca took a deep breath.

“And what were you doing at Mike’s?” She asked.

“When I was walking down the street, I saw him and he asked if I wanted to go at his place for coffee. I accepted and I fell asleep on his couch” I lied. John and David looked at each other before looking at me.

“That’s dangerous! You shouldn’t just go to a stranger’s place like that!” Hannah scolded. Just then, the door opened and I didn’t even bother turning to look at my brother and Adam coming. I know that my brother was pissed.

“Victoria! Where the fuck were you?” His voice boomed as his heavy and quick steps moved towards me. Soon, he was standing in front of me with a nearly red face.

“I’m sorry! I fell asleep at my friend’s place” I quickly apologized. This seemed to calm him.

“What friend?” He asked sternly.

“Mike” I replied and I heard a sharp inhale behind me which I assumed to be Aiden. I ignored him and gave my brother a little smile. “I wanted to go for a walk this morning and I saw him on the street. he invited in for coffee, I accepted and I fell asleep on his couch” I explained again.

“What happened to your phone? We tried calling you so many times!” Rebecca exclaimed. She was really worried for me. I could see.

“I’m sorry my battery died out” I lied again. Just then, I saw John picking up his phone and I stared at him in confusion. My phone started ringing in my hand and I mentally groaned.

“Your battery died out, right?” My brother asked with a glare.

“Huh, yes, i-it did!” I exclaimed. “But I think Mike charged it while I was asleep” I tried. They all seemed to buy the lie. “Listen, stop worrying and I’m going to take a bath” I muttered before walking back to my room, leaving everyone in the living room. Hell, I feel like I was in some police station.

“Holy fuck” I whispered to myself as I closed the door of my room and leant against it for a minute. I needed to take a deep breath. Once i did, I walked to my wardrobe and pulled out a short Jean and a top. I took a towel and made my way to my bathroom. I really need to relax and stop worrying myself about Aiden. I mean, if he doesn’t want a relationship, that’s fine. I won’t force him. Everything’s going back to normal. Like I never talked to him. I could feel a pang in my heart but I ignored it and took my speakers to the bathroom. I put it on the floor and let the music burst out. I hummed the song as I took my bath and I sighed as the warm water cascaded all over my body, soothing my muscles.

Minutes later, I reluctantly closed the tap and walked out of the shower. I dried my body with my back towel, then proceeded on with putting on my clothes. My hair was wet as I washed them. I was too lazy to dry them with a hairdryer right now so i dried them with the towel and walked out of the bathroom. My heart dropped when, as soon as I stepped in my room, I saw Aiden sitting on my bed. He quickly stood up when he saw me and gave me a nervous smile. I really thought that he was not going to talk to me after this morning.

“Tori, Lis-” he started but I stopped him by shaking my head. I was just complicating everything up.

“Listen, I’m sorry for what happened this morning. I knew you don’t do relationship and I’m not going to force you in anything” I told him sincerely. “I don’t even know what I want” I admitted. “Don’t worry yourself about all this shit, okay?” I asked with a little reassuring smile. He walked to me and soon, I was pressed against the wall.

“I’m so glad that you talked to me. I thought you were mad at me” he whispered as he put his hand on my face. Slowly, I pulled his hand away and walked away from him.

“I was” I admitted. “But then i realized that I was asking for something that I myself wasn’t sure about” I explained. “Listen, let’s forget everything that happened” I suggested.

“What if I don’t want to forget?” He questioned. I shrugged and sat on my bed as I stared at him.

“You do whatever you want. I’m offering you only my friendship and nothing else” I said, trying to avoid his eyes.

“Nothing else?” He questioned and I could hear the pain on his voice.

“Whatever you’re feeling for me, will disappear when we’ll be back to school, Aiden” I explained. “Everything will go back to normal! and people like you, don’t mix with people like me” I said.

“Stop with all that, Tori!” Aiden hissed as he approached me. I rose my head to look at him, trying to look confident, which I wasn’t.

“To stop what?” I asked. “You’re complicating everything’s up. Why don’t we go back to how we were at the beach? We were friends, right?” I asked and he took a deep breath.

“But then things changed” he said.

“Into all this complicated mess” I continued.

“It wasn’t that complicated” he said with a grin. I chuckled as he sat next to me. “I mean, I remember you moaning, not complaining” he said after a few seconds. I face palmed myself and let my body fall in the bed. He chuckled as I smacked his arm playfully.

“Are you always going to bring this up?′ I asked in disbelief as my face turned red.

“Yeah! Because finger fucking you was one of the best experience of my life!” He cheered and I laughed. We stayed silent for a few minutes. I turned my face to look at him. He did the same and we smiled at each other.
“I like it when we’re like this” I whispered.

“Comfortable around each other” he said.

“I don’t want to lose you, Aiden. That’s why I asked you to be friends” I told him and he gave me a little smile.

“I don’t want to lose you too, Red” he said with a grin.

“Good to know that everything is clear now” I whispered and closed my eyes in tiredness. How can I be tired? I mean, I slept for two hours!

“Let’s go downstairs for breakfast” he said and helped me up the bed. As he pulled me up, I crashed against his chest and I moaned internally as I felt him stiffen under my touch. I love that effect I have on him.

Back to Earth, Karma!! Only friends! Remember?

“let’s go” I said as i pulled away. My mind was laughing at my heart right now. I heard him groan faintly as I pulled away from him and started walking to the door.

“All this friendship thing is going to be hard” he mumbled. I chuckled and we made our way downstairs.

“It’s going to get easier when we get back to school next week” I told him.

“No, I don’t think so” he muttered.

“Yes, it will. You’ll have Stacy who will help you relieve your frustration” I joked and he chuckled.

“And help me get STD” he added. We laughed as we walked to the kitchen. They were already eating when we sat down.

“What took you so long?” John asked before he plunged a spoon of cereal in his mouth.

“We were talking about Stacy and her STD” I told them, making a grin break on Becca’s face.

“She looks more like herpes type” Becca said.

“She looks like she might have both” David snickered.

“Guys!′ My brother whines as he let his spoon fall in his bowl. “We’re eating!” He exclaimed.

“And we’re talking about STD and Herpes. So what?” Becca asked with rose eyebrows.

“That’s disgusting” Adam said and shook his head. “How could you sleep with Stacy?” My brother asked Aiden and I choked slightly. I didn’t really want to know all that. I mean, he’s the guy I like and apparently, he likes me back. So it’s going to be awkward when he’ll talk about Stacy.

“I needed to relieve some stress” Aiden said playfully with a shrug. John and David laughed at his answer while Hannah and Becca faked gag.

“Dude! You have a hand! You could use it to relieve yourself!” Becca exclaimed. Aiden rose his eyebrows in amusement and I groaned at how weird this breakfast turned.

“Are you telling me to masturbate, Rebecca?” Aiden asked as he tilted his head a bit to the left to look at Rebecca. I face palmed myself and looked at Aiden.

“At least it’s STD free” Hannah chirped in.

“And Herpes free” I added. We, all three girls nodded in agreement.

“Are you guys all nuts?! I mean, we’re eating for God’s sake!” Adam exclaimed childishly making me laugh.

“How did you manage not to fuck anyone, man? I mean, you always have chicks around you who want to sleep with you!” Aiden said, staring at my brother in disbelief. I rolled my eyes at his words.

“They may want me but I don’t want them” my brother said with a shrug. I stared at him proudly and leant over the table to peck his cheek.

“And also, he’s not an asshole” I said as I stared at him, right in the eyes.

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