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Chapter 21: I've missed this

One week past by really quickly and it was already Saturday. It was eleven in the morning and i had nothing better to do than laying in my bed and staring at the ceiling.

“Tori!” I heard my brother called from downstairs. I stood up and stretched a bit while yawning.

“What?” I asked as I got out of my room and ran down the stairs with only my short and a crop tank top on. My red hair was tied in a pony tail. I walked in the kitchen and my heartbeats raced in my ribcage when I saw Aiden sitting by the counter with my brother and Hannah next to him. “When did you all get here?” I asked casually, ignoring the fact that I was seeing Aiden alone, without Stacy and his friends around him, after a long week. I walked to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water as I turned to look at them.

“A few minutes ago” Hannah said. I could notice her tugging on my brother’s hand and I rolled my eyes.

“We’re going in my room” Adam said as he stood up and walked away with Hannah, leaving me and Aiden alone. He was staring at me with his pitch black eyes which I love so much but the frown on his face bring me back to reality.

“I hate to do that” he mumbled. “I hate to pretend that I don’t know you. I hate to pretend that we’re strangers or only friends. How can I do that when every time I see you, I want to have you in my arms and I want to kiss the hell out of you till you have swollen lips!” He exploded while my jaw dropped open.

“Aiden Wha-” he didn’t let me finish as he walked to me and pulled me in his chest as he stared down at me as if I was the most precious thing that he ever had.

“I’m an asshole! I shouldn’t have said that I didn’t know what I want. I want you. I don’t want to be in a relationship with you because I’m scared that I fuck everything up!” He continued. I stared at him in surprise. I knew that he was going to continue to ramble so I stood on my toes and pressed my lips against his. Damn. I miss that so much. He quickly responded and I felt him relaxed under my hands. He moved his lips against mine and quickly picked me up and lifted me on the counter. He cupped my cheeks with his hand and his other hand was behind my neck. He was holding on me as if I would disappear. I pulled away and rested my forehead against his.

“I shouldn’t have done that” I whispered with closed eyes. “But damn that felt good” I finished. He chuckled and buried his face in the crook of my neck and took a deep breath.

“I’ve missed this” he said and my heart melted. He pulled away to look at me and he stared at me, right in the eye. “I’ve missed you” he whispered and I gave him a small smile.

“I’ve missed you too” I whispered back and he pecked my lips. He then pulled away from me and jumped on the counter next to me so that we were sitting next to each other.

“What are we going to do?” He asked and I shrugged.

“The simply fact that you called me sweetheart made Stacy freaked out” I stated and he huffed.

“I seriously don’t give a fuck, Red” he said and turned to look at me. I refused to turn or I might just kiss the hell out of him. I kept looking at the wall in front of me and took a deep breath.

“The problem is that your groupie would attack me” I joked but I was being completely serious and he seemed to get it.

“I wouldn’t let them” he said sincerely.

“You”re scared of relationship, Aiden” I pointed out. “Take your time and when you’re sure about me, I’ll be here for you” I said as I turned to look at him. “I want you to be sure about us. Because I don’t want to ruin our friendship too” I said and let my hand cupped his cheek. He closed his eyes and leant his face more in my hand. Aiden changed during that holiday. I smiled and leant to kiss his cheek.

“I’m completely sure about you” he said once he opened his eyes.

“Still, I’m giving you more time to think over it well” I said with a grin. He sighed but still gave me a smile. “I can be a pain in the ass sometimes, maybe you’d get tired of me. I’m giving you the chance to run away” I said jokingly. He rolled his eyes and pulled me by his side.

“I can be your pain in the ass” he whispered huskily and I chuckled. I turned to smack him on his arm but he quickly grab my hand and pulled me to him.

“You’re such a pervert!” I exclaimed while chuckling. He winked and rested his forehead against mine.

“I’m your pervert, sweetheart” he said. I couldn’t help but smile at his words. That guy is simply amazing and I wanted all of him.

“Guys! Not in the kitchen!” I heard my brother screeched behind Aiden. I jumped away from Aiden and stood by the sink while glaring at my brother.

“You scared me!” I exclaimed while Hannah laughed by his side and made a heart form with her fingers.

“We were just talking” Aiden mumbled while rolling his eyes.

“If you say so” Adam muttered and I walked to him.

“What’s the plan today?” I asked and flicked his forehead playfully.

“What about we go to the malls with the guys?” Hannah asked while sighing.

“I’m going to call John and Becca” I told them and ran to my room, leaving Aiden, Adam and Hannah in the kitchen. I took a deep breath while looking for my mobile phone. My thoughts drifted to Aiden and his words.

If only he knew how much his words affected me!

I sighed and pushed my pillow a bit to see my phone under it. I dialed Becca’s number and waited for her to answer.

“Your bitch talking!” She chirped happily, making me chuckle.

“Sorry! I’m not Sebastian” I retorted playfully. I heard her huff and I rolled my eyes. “I guess you didn’t watch the ID caller before answering” I continued.

“He told me he’d call in ten minutes and those ten minutes turned in an hour” she sighed in sadness.

“What about we go to the mall so that you change your ideas?” I suggested and one thing you should know about Rebecca is that she loves shopping.

“Yeah, let’s go!” She said happily.

“And Becca” I said to stop her from hanging up.


“Maybe he fell asleep. It’s quite late in France” I tried to reassure.

“yeah, maybe” she sighed. “See you in a few” she said and I smiled. I ended the call, let my body fall on my bed and dialed John’s number then put it on loud speaker. Just then, my door opened and I saw Aiden walking in. His eyes roamed around my room and he blew a whistle.

“Nice room you got here” he complimented. He never been in my room before and having him in my room, near a bed made me nervous. Just as I was about to thank him, I heard John’s voice.

“Hey sweetheart” he greeted. At the word sweetheart, Aiden’s face snapped in my direction so quickly that he could have got a whiplash. He was soon glaring at me while I rolled my eyes.

“Hey John!" I greeted back, emphasizing on John’s name. This didn’t seem to relax Aiden so I decided to ignore him. “We’re going to the mall. You’re coming?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be bringing David” he said happily. I smiled and ended the call. Suddenly, I was pushed more in the bed as I felt someone hovering over me. All of this happened so quickly that I didn’t realize that it was Aiden. He was straddling me, with his knees on the either sides of my hips. I blinked when he took both of my wrists in one of his hand and pinned them above my head. I was already breathless at how close we were.

“Aiden” I breathed and watched as his eyes dropped to my lips. I rolled my lips back in my mouth so that he would finally focus on me. “What are you doing?” I whispered while staring at his beautiful black eyes.

“Pinning you down” he said while giving me one of his famous smirk. I chuckled at his cute stupidity and struggled so that he would let me go.

“And why would you do that?” I asked, giving up the struggle, knowing that he was too strong.

You also like how he’s so close, bitch.

My mind was retorting at me. I nearly scoffed at my own thought but then I realized that Aiden was looking at me intently.

“And why would John call you sweetheart?” He asked with one rose eyebrow. Wow. He looked so fuckable right now.

Wait! Is he jealous of John?

“Are you jealous?” I teased with disbelief. He still didn’t know that John was gay. My mouth dropped open when he nodded.

“I thought we already passed that weeks ago when we were on the beach in Mauritius with Mike" he said Mike’s name with disgust. “Even though, we’re not together...yet. You’re still mine, Red. Keep that in mind” he said huskily as he leant down and gently nibbled on my ear. I bite my lips to prevent myself from moaning. His hand finally let go of me but instinctively, I wrapped my arms around him. He sighed in relief and kissed my cheeks gently. “I seriously missed this. I missed having you in my arms” he said sincerely. I brushed his hair off his eyes and gave him a smile.

“I missed you too Aiden” I whispered as he let his body fall next to me. I turned to look at him and he did the same. My head was resting on his shoulder as we stared at each other. “I missed your voice, your smile, your face, your cockiness, your arrogance” I said with a grin and he rolled his eyes playfully.

“Didn’t you miss that night? Or my finger?” He joked, making me face palmed myself while groaning. Why? Why does he need to bring this up again?

“I swear to go if you bring that up again, I’ll slap you across your pretty face” I threatened, making him laugh. His deep sexy laughter traveled in my room and as if it was contagious, I started laughing too.

“Babe, My face is hot” he said. “Not pretty” he continued. I scoffed at his words but still didn’t say a word. “What d-” he didn’t get to finish his question when we heard someone pounding on the door.

“I just hope you’re not having sex in there. We need to go!” Hannah exclaimed.

“What? My baby sister can’t have sex!” Adam exclaimed and I burst out laughing. I noticed Aiden burying his head in my pillow to muffle his laughter. I jumped off the bed and opened the door.

“For your information, I’m five minutes older than you” I said casually as i motioned them to walk in my room. “And as you can see, we were only talking” I exhaled. Adam rose his eyebrows in surprise as Aiden finally stopped laughing and turned to face us.

“Aiden in a girl’s room without having sex? Unusual” my brother mumbled making Aiden smiled.

“Your sister is different” Aiden simply said as he jumped off my bed and made his way downstairs with Hannah and my brother following him. I was left behind, my stomach filled with those stupid butterflied after those four words he said.

Your sister is different.

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