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Chapter 23: Jealousy consumed me

“Why are you smiling like that?” Adam asked as he threw a paper ball on my face. “It’s creepy!” He exclaimed and let his body fall on the couch. I was smiling? Maybe.

“It’s not creepy!” I exclaimed back and turned my attention to him.

“Yes. It was. You were smiling at the wall” he retorted, making me roll eyes at his words. The truth? I was thinking of Aiden. I didn’t tell my brother about me finally dating his best friend. I bit my lips and walked to the couch where he was laying. I sat on his legs and turned to give him a cheeky smile. “What did you do?” He asked while eyeing me suspiciously.

“Aiden asked me to be his girlfriend” I blurted out and watched as his eyes widened. He pushed me off his legs and turned to stare at me.

“Tell me that you refused” he begged making my heart dropped. I thought he was going to be happy for me.

“I accepted” I snapped. He sighed when he heard the anger in my tone.

“Karma, he’s going on a date with Stacy right now” Adam said cautiously, trying to announce me this slowly. He didn’t know that I already know. Aiden wanted to cancel the date with Stacy but I told him not to.

“I know” I said. “He wanted to cancel it but I told him not to” I told my brother who scoffed at my words.

“You’re stupid” he stated. “How can you let your guy go out with another girl?” He questioned and I shrugged.

“If Stacy get to know about my relationship with Aiden now, She is going to ruin my life” I told him. “She would say that I started dating Aiden while he asked her on a date” I continued. “Let her have a date. But he’s mine as from tomorrow” I said as jealousy got to me.

“I understand that you don’t want her to spread rumors” Adam sighed. “Damn, that girl spread both rumors and her legs so easily!” He said making burst out laughing. I rested my head on his shoulder while staring at my nails.

“What do you think they’re doing right now?” I asked my brother as I took a deep breath.

“Knowing Stacy, she’s probably trying to seduce Aiden” my brother said as he rolled his eyes. “Do you think he’ll feel tempted?” My brother asked and I exhaled while shaking my head. My phone buzzed on my laps and I saw a message from my boyfriend. Yes! My boyfriend!

From: Hot Ass BF
Help Me!

I chuckled as I pushed my phone in my brother’s hand. “No, he won’t!” I laughed as he read the message. I saw a little smirk on his face. “What?” I asked curiously.

“I’ve got an idea” he said and by that evil smirk, I knew that a devilish plan was being formed in his head. “What about we crash their little date?” He asked and soon, I was grinning at my awesome brother’s idea.

“I love you brother” I said as he kissed his cheek. He pulled his phone from his pocket and winked.

“Now, let’s call back up!” He exclaimed like a child making me laugh.

Minutes later, I had James and Becca in my car while John, David and Hannah rode with Adam. We were all dressed classy as Aiden decided to bring Stacy to some classy bitch restaurant.

Yes. I want to kill him.

“We’re going to ruin their date!” James cheered happily. I missed his stupidity! He was wearing a white shirt and a black neat jean while Becca and i, both chose to wear the same dresses. We were both wearing red dresses which reached mid thigh. My hair was tied in a high ponytail and I had a thick line of eyeliner.

I parked my car in the restaurant’s parking and waiting for my brother’s car to park next to mine. Once he arrived, everyone closed their windows and got out of the car.

“Let’s have some fun” Adam said evilly while rubbing his hands against his other as if he was planning something evil in his head. I chuckled at his determination while locking the car. James walked by my side and we all walked in the fancy restaurant. I groaned as it was so beautiful and classy. Once we were in, we saw the reception guy who gave us all a warm smile.

“Welcome to our restaurant! Table for seven?” He asked politely with the menu cards already in his hand. We nodded as he guided us to our table. My eyes skimmed the room in search of my handsome boyfriend and his slutty date.

Never thought I’d even think of that one.
I felt someone poke my stomach and I turned, ready to slap the hell out of Becca, knowing that she was probably the one who poked me. She knows that I hate when people poke me. When I saw her face, I put my hand back down and noticed her tilting her face to the right. I turned my head to the direction she was pointing and saw my boyfriend. Their table was just next to ours. Stacy was dressed like the queen of prostitutes.

Why the hell did they let her in such a classy restaurant?

We all sat down and I made sure to make noise as I pulled my chair back so that Aiden could notice us. He slowly rose his head and a smile brightened on his face when his eyes settled on me. His eyes slowly raked on my body making me blush. I sat down, my eyes still on him. He then focused on me and winked.

“Stop drooling over him” James said tauntingly from beside me. I broke the eye contact with Aiden to look at James who had a grin on his face.

“That’s my boyfriend. I have the right to drool!” I exclaimed while turning to stare at Aiden again but I realized that he was glaring at James making me roll my eyes. He then turned his attention to his arm. It was when that I realized that Stacy was running her fingers on his arm. I clenched my jaw and glared that Aiden who was doing nothing to push the bitch away.

“You look weird when you glare” I heard David said. I groaned and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I saw Aiden pushing Stacy’s hand away.

“She’s touching him!” I whined and my friends laughed. I wasn’t use to bring all jealous and all.

“You know that she touched more before, right?” David asked stupidly, making me glare more at him. A smirk soon took place on my face when John smacked him on the back of his head.

“Thank you” I said happily to John who shrugged when David turned to glare at him.

“Don’t you think it’s time to ruin their date?” James asked while rubbing his hands together.

“I’m coming with you” Becca said while standing up.

“Seems like we’re on a double date!” Hannah chimed happily. James, Becca and I made our way Aiden’s table and as soon as Stacy’s eyes fell on us, she scowled.

“Glad to see you too” I said sarcastically with a fake smile. When Aiden heard my voice, he rose his head and smiled when he saw me. James appeared from behind me, making Aiden’s facial expression match that of Stacy. We pulled three chairs and sat at their table. I stole a piece of chicken from Aiden’s plate and watched as Stacy’s face scrunched in hatred.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She seethed. I smiled and shrugged, wanting to infuriate her more.

“What the hell are you doing here?” James asked back while Becca stole their food.

“Are you blind?” She scoffed and ran her hand on Aiden’s biceps. I watched as my boyfriend’s face scrunched in disgust and pushed her hand away. “I’m here on a date with Aiden” she boasted and this is when jealousy consumed me.

“And why are you on a date with my boyfriend?” I asked with rose eyebrows and clenched jaws. Aiden’s face turned to mine and he looked so proud that I called him my boyfriend. It was when I saw Stacy’s face that I realized what I did.

“Excuse me?” She screeched as she stood up in the restaurant, pushing her chair backwards. We can say that she knew how to attract attention to her.

“Are you deaf?” James asked mockingly. “She is dating Aiden” he said and I could see Aiden grinning at her James. Oh. Seems like he, no longer hated James.

“Why the hell are you dating this bitch? Are you fucking crazy? She is no one! She just wants you for reputation” She asked Aiden and anger built inside of me. Just as i was about to talk, Aiden’s voice stopped me.

“Who are you calling a bitch?” Aiden asked Stacy menacingly. “My girl? The one who is still virgin? The one who can entertain me without wanting my dick stick inside of her?” I gasped at his crude words while all my friends burst out laughing. “Don’t call her a bitch” he warned. Suddenly, he turned and pulled me up on my feet, making me crash against his chest. “If she is a bitch, then she is my bitch” he said before crashing his lips against mine. I ran my hand in his hair and gently tugged on his hair.

“And I thought that sluts were not allowed in classy restaurants like this one” James said. “Then why is she here?” He asked. Even though, I knew that he was doing that for my defense, I felt sorry for Stacy. I pecked Aiden’s lips before pulling away.

“James, stop” I mumbled. Even if I hated Stacy, I didn’t want to play the same shit as her. “Listen, I’m sorry for ruining your date. Aiden and I are together but still I told him to come to this date because I knew that it was really important to you” I sighed. “Now if you want to continue with your bitchy remarks at school, I wouldn’t mind” I ended. She crossed her arms over her chest and huffed in annoyance before taking her hand bag and walked away. I sighed and turned to stare at my handsome boyfriend and took his hand in mine.

“Let’s go for a walk” he whispered huskily. I nodded and turned to stare at my friends who were busy eating the untouched food of Stacy and Aiden.

“See you later!” James said with food in his mouth and waving me away. I rolled my eyes at him but still chuckled.

“It really touched my heart to see how much you missed me” I said, sarcasm dropping in my words and he only grinned innocently at my words.

“Sorry but food is life” he said.

“Agreed” Becca chimed from next to him.

“Let’s go, Aiden” I said after playfully slap James arm. Aiden wrapped his hand around my waist and we walked out of the restaurant. Just as we reached his car, he pushed me against it and claimed my lips with his.

“I love it when you say that I’m your boyfriend” he mumbled when he pulled away and traced my lips with his thump. “And you look so beautiful and fuckable in this dress” he said as he rested his forehead against mine. I gasped as I felt the heat traveling through my body only my his words.

“Thank you” I whispered while closing my eyes. “I guess that everyone will know about us tomorrow” I sighed.

“Tori, I’m always going to be by your side” he said. “I’m not like Ryan. I wouldn’t let anyone spread rumors about you” he assured and I already knew that.

“I already know that” I said and pulled his face to mine.

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