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Chapter 25: Really Long Heated night

Warning: Mature Content.

“Here” I said as I threw a shirt in his direction. I scrunched my face when I saw a packet of condom under my brother’s clothes. I turned to look at Aiden who was frowning at the piece of cloth. “What’s wrong?” I asked with crossed arms.

“The truth?” He asked and I rose my eyebrows.

“No, lie to me” I said, sarcasm dripping in my words. He grinned and shook his head.

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” he said.

“Sue me!” I exclaimed in amusement. He gave me a smirk while lifting the shirt.

“I usually sleep without clothes on” he told me. I bit my lips while shrugging. I walked to the door with a grin.

“Guess you’ll have to make an exception today” I muttered as I made my way to my room. By the foot steps behind me, I knew that Aiden was following behind.

“But you can sleep naked if you want to. I won’t mind... at all” he said as he walked into my room.

“I don’t want to put my virginity at risk” I teased.

“Oh cupcake, you know you’d love to give it to me” he whispered as he wrapped his hand around my waist and pulling me to his chest. He nuzzle my neck, causing goosebumps to rise on my skin.

“Yeah true” I replied sincerely. “But not now” I said with a grin as I felt his hard boner pressed against the lower part of my back.

“I swear! You’re going to be the death of me... or my dick” he groaned making me gasp.

“Language, Aiden!” I exclaimed as I walked to my closet and pulled out a boxer short and a crop tank top. I always sleep like this, so I’m not going to change my way just because of him. In fact, I think that he’ll really like it.

“Really, Red! My dick is suffocating in there and is just wanting a release” he said while staring at the budge in his pants. My eyes slowly traveled down his pants and I nearly gasped at how big it looked. “Stop staring you creep!” He cried in a fake girly voice as he picked up a pillow to hide his parts. I ignored the rush of blood to my cheeks and rolled my eyes.

“I put my head on that, dickhead!” I shouted as i pulled my pillow away from it.

“You just want an excuse to see me dick!” He shouted back in amusement. Even though I didn’t want to laugh, I did.

“You’re stupid” I chuckled as I threw the pillow on his face. He grinned while winking.

“Isn’t that why you like me?” He asked, making me nod. I walked to my bathroom to change my clothes.

“Change in here and I’ll change in there” I said while pointing at the bathroom door. He nodded. I walked in the bathroom and made sure to close the door behind me. I sighed, leaning my back against the door to take a deep breath.

I’ll have to control myself around Aiden.
I took off my dress and untied my hair. I stood in front of the mirror, staring at my naked body while tilting my face slightly. I walked to the sink and washed my face, taking off all the make up. That night was going to be really long and I definitely knew that it was going to be heated. I wiped my face with my towel and put on my clothes, letting my hair loose over my shoulder. I stretched myself before walking out of my bathroom. I grinned when i saw Aiden already on my bed with the blanket on him.

“I see that you’ve already made yourself comfortable” I mumbled teasingly.

“Yeah, I just need you by my side now” he said with his famous smirk as he lifted the blanket, motioning me to come next to him. I jumped on the bed with a squeal and watched as he chuckled. He pulled me closer to him and lifted the blanket to cover us. It was only when I buried my face in the crook of his neck that I’ve realized that he was not wearing a shirt.

“Aiden, What did I say about not wearing a shirt?” I asked with a sigh, liking how my hand felt on his perfectly sculptured chest.

“Did you seriously think I’ll listen to you?” He chuckled as he pulled me on his. I rested my face on his chest. “And hell, I fucking love your clothes” he breathed in a groan. I rose my head to stare at him with a grin.

“Of course you would. I’m practically naked” I laughed. He nodded while taking a deep breath and staring down at me.

“I love feeling the maximum of your skin against mine” he said. I pulled myself up and pecked his lips. Suddenly he rolled over, flipping me along so that he was now hovering over me. He gave me one breathtaking smile and pecked my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling closer to me but he groaned. “I’m going to crush your small body” he groaned and I laughed at his face.

“That’s because you’re fat” I retorted, causing him to gasp and sit up on his knees which were on the either sides of my hips.

“I’m not fat! I have muscles” he said as he posed, making sure to make all his muscles bulged. I sighed at the beautiful sight and bite my lips. He laid his body next to mine, again pulling me on him. I rose my head to look at him, resulting in him taking a deep controlling breath. “Don’t look at me like that” he begged. I sat on his lap, with my hand resting on his chest and my hair falling all over my face.

“Like what?” I whispered asked, feeling so many emotions invading me. The heat traveling from my stomach to my core was the most present.

“The Fuck me look” he breathed while pushing my hair away from my eye and caressing my face. He sat up too and leant against the bed post, with me sitting on his lap. He rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. I didn’t even deny his words because I knew that I had those eyes right now. I couldn’t deny the fact that I wanted him right now. I wanted him. I wanted all of him. I leant forward and kissed his closed eyes. I heard him take a sharp breath as he tightened his grip on my hips. Then I kissed his cute little nose. He sighed in relief, making me grin. After his nose, came his cheeks which I pecked softly. I was pretty sure that by now, he was waiting for the kiss on his lips but I pulled away to stare at him.

“You’re cute” I commented. He opened his eyes to stare at me, trying to look offended.

“I’m not cute! I’m sexy, BadAss and hot. But not cute” he explained making me chuckle. I didn’t wait another second to kiss me. He froze when my lips met his. After a few seconds, he smiled against my lips but still didn’t kiss me back, which was quite irritating.

“Kiss me back” I demanded against his lips and I felt him shook his head.

“Say that I’m hot first” he demanded, making me shake my head. “Then I’ll have to torture you” he said with an evil smirk of his. My eyes widened when he pushed me lightly on my back, then moved so that he was again on top of me. He crashed his lips against mine and I wrapped my arms around him, feeling his sculptured body with the tips of my fingers, leaving trails of goosebumps everywhere i touched. He pulled away to attack my neck with his lips, making me moan when he started sucking on my skin.

“Is this your idea of torture?” I asked as he came back to my lips. He nodded mischievously before kissing me again. He plunged his tongue in my mouth. I moaned at the different feelings which was invading me at this moment. I wrapped my legs around me, pressing my lower part against his already hardened member. His kisses turned rough and passionate, making me melt in his arms. He pulled away and stared at me.

“You’re perfect” he whispered huskily as he played with the hem of my top as if asking me if he could take it off. I nodded and he grinned like a child who was given a candy. I rose my body a bit so that he could take it off and he happily did. Then he got off me, and motioned me to lift my waist, I did because I trusted him. He took off my short as well, leaving me in only my underwears. We were both practically naked as he only had his boxers on him. “If it’s too much, tell me to stop” he said as he stared at me right in my eyes and hovering over me again. I nodded as he caressed my cheek. I leant in his touch.

“You’re sexy, hot and BadAss” I finally said and he grinned before shrugging.

“I know” he said, making me roll my eyes.

“And you have an ego bigger than this” I said as I touched his dick, making him hiss as the feeling of my hand on him.

“I swear to god Red, if you touch my dick again, I’ll fuck you” he threatened, lust evident in his eyes. I chuckled at how hard he was and he groaned.

“Would you like me to take care of it?” I asked. His jaw dropped open at my words. In fact, I shocked myself. Where did this confidence came from? I wanted to please him like he once did to me. I wanted to show him what I could do. I gave him a smile and waited for his answer but he stayed there with his mouth open. I pushed him back on the bed so that he was laying on his back and I was sitting on his lap with only my panty and his boxer protecting my virginity. “I would like an answer, sweetheart” I whispered seductively in his ears and watched as he shuddered in pleasure.

“Are you sure?” He asked, after recovering from the shock I just sent him through. I nodded and gently bite in his earlobe. I kissed my way to his jaw, then his neck. I kissed, sucked and bit on his skin, making sure to leave my mark.

Aiden Jacob Black is mine.

Once i was done with the love bite, I continued to trail kisses down his chest, kissing, licking, biting and sucking on his delicious skin, obtaining groans and moans. I smiled proudly when he would curse or moan my name. I continued till I reached the hem of his boxer. He was breathing heavily, waiting in anticipation. Was I ready to do this? Hell yes. With red cheeks, I pushed down his boxer and let his penis free. My eyes widened at how big it was. He chuckled at the surprise in my eyes. He took my hands in his and placed them on his hardened member. I gripped it and he hissed at the touch. He guided the movement of my hand with his. His hands were around mine as I pumped up and down his dick. He groaned and moaned making my lower part clenched. He finally let go of my hands and let me take control. I increased the speed and watched as he moaned my name in pure bliss.

“Holy fuck!” He cursed at the pleasure that I was causing him. I bit my lips deciding on whether I should do whatever I was thinking or not.

Over thinking is not good.

So instead of deciding, I just did it. I leant my head and took him in my mouth. “Red! Wha-” he started but soon moaned when i went up and down his length, rolling my tongue on him. He moaned and buckled his hips. He started fucking my mouth. I couldn’t help but feel proud that the pleasure that I was making him feel. “Tori, i’m... I’m about to come” he hissed as I pumped. I pulled away, not wanting his semen in my mouth. I replaced my mouth with my hand and continued till he came. His semen was all over my breast and my bra. He gave me a grin and pulled the tissue from the table. He wiped my breast and took off my bra before pulling me to him. “You are full of surprises, Red” he whispered as he crashed his lips against mine. I smiled against his lips and sat on top of him. He suddenly pulled away to look at me. “Have you ever done that before?” He asked.

“Never” I replied while shaking my head with a little smile. He bite his lips and rolled us down.

“Now I’m going to reward you” he said huskily. It was when he took one of my nipples in his mouth that I have realized that we were both naked and i had only my panty one me. I moaned as he rolled his tongue on my nipple while he played with the other one with his finger. I arched my back at the sensation that was overtaking my body. “You’re so sensitive” he whispered as he rose to my lips and gave me a soft peck before resuming his attack on my body.

“Aiden!” I moaned as his lips touched my stomach. His tongue darted out and he licked my stomach. His warm tongue against my cold skin, caused goosebumps to rise on my skin.

“I’m hungry” he said suddenly. I rose my head to stare at him. He was now between my legs and he was staring at me as if I was his prey. I bit my lips when his eyes went to my panty. He traced the hem and slowly pulled it off. I felt the blood rushed to my cheeks when I realized that he was staring at my private part. “Hey look! I found food!” He exclaimed with a wicked grin. I was breathing heavily when I felt him dip his head closer to my pussy. “I’m going to eat the hell out of you, Tori. I’m going to make you scream without being inside of you” he said in determination. I thought that I was going to combust with his words.

“Oh god!” I shouted when I felt his tongue on me. He knew what he was doing. He held on my waist so that I wouldn’t squirm under him. My fingers ran in his hair and I pushed him even more to me. He pulled my hands away and held them on the either side of me. I wanted to scream at the pleasure. His tongue worked magically on me and I could feel myself quivering inside. He licked and sucked the most sensitive part. I grasped on the blanket, to prevent myself from tugging on his hair. I arched my back from the overwhelming pleasure that my body was being provided. I started shaking and I knew that I was close to an orgasm.

An amazing orgasm.

He knew it too as he slide one finger inside of me and started pumping. I moaned out loud at that new feeling. He groaned as well. When my breath started to increase and I was shaking even more, he gently bite on the sensitive skin, making me go in an amazing orgasm. Holy fuck. That was pure bliss. I moved my head to look at him and he was already staring at me. He kept eye contact with me as he licked his lips.

“You taste amazing, Victoria” he said as I was recovering from that orgasm. He moved next to me, pulling me to him as he covered our naked body with the blanket.

“Same goes to you, Aiden” I whispered as he rested his head on my chest. With that, we felt in a peaceful sleep.

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