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Chapter 26: Here we go again

Aiden’s Point Of View

I felt someone snuggling in my neck, making me wake up. I turned my head slightly and blinked several times to focus on the red hair girl who was sleeping next to me. I smiled when I thought about yesterday. She was naked. I admired the love bites that I have adorned her with. Victoria is mine. I shifted a little bit, causing her to snuggled even more in me. I couldn’t help but sighed in relief at how relaxed and peaceful she looked in my arms. My fingers reached instinctively to caress her cheek. She sighed when my fingers touched her soft skin. Slowly, she opened her eyes and let me have a look at her beautiful gray eyes.

“Good morning beautiful” I greeted. She gave me one of her beautiful smiles, making me swoon. That girl was simply perfect.

“Morning” she greeted with her voice a little hoarse which was a complete turn on. I watched as her cheeks turned red when she realized that we were both naked.

“You really surprised me yesterday” I told her and chuckled when she buried her face in the crook of my neck and groaned. “Ah, now you’re all shy huh?” I teased. I could feel her laughing against my skin, making goosebumps rise on my skin. I love the effect that she had on me.

“I’m going to slap you” she mumbled. I chuckled and rolled over so that she was laying beneath me and i was hovering over her. Seriously, yesterday she totally surprised me. Never thought that she could be that dirty.

“Never thought that spanking would be your thing” I whispered huskily in her ears, making her gasp lightly at my words. She lightly pushed me and chuckled at my words.

“You’re a pretty big fan of Christian Grey, aren’t you?” She questioned as she stood up in her naked glory. My eyes raked up and down her body, making my dick twitched.

“Can you put on some clothes? I can’t think straight with you like this” I said, then licked my lips from yesterday’s memory. She blushed furiously, turning the same color as her hair. She picked up a shirt and threw it on her.

“I know something else which is straight though” she mumbled as her eyes skimmed my erected member. I smirked and sent her a wink.

“You’re the reason of that, babe” I said and watched as She licked her lips unwillingly.

“Shut up and get up! We needs to go to school and not to mention that Adam will be home soon” she sighed as she walked to the bathroom.

Karma’s Point of View

Holy fuck.

I stared at my face in the mirror and saw the blood rushing to my cheeks. I gave Aiden Black a blowjob! I face palmed myself, suddenly feeling so embarrassed. Where the hell did that confident come from? I bit my lips when I thought about how I made him groan and moan in pleasure. I can’t deny that pride was overwhelming me.

“Karma?” I heard Aiden called from the door.

“Yes?” I replied while still staring at my reflection.

“I need to take a bath” he said. My lips twitched at how suggestive his voice was. I knew that there was something planned in his head.

“Go to Adam’s bathroom” I said as I took off the shirt to step in the shower. I froze when I heard the door opened. I stared at the wall in front of me, not daring to turn to look at Aiden. I could feel him walking in my direction in ninja steps.

“What about we take a bath together?” He asked huskily as he pulled me in his chest. He pushed my hair away to kiss my neck and gently bit where one of his love bites was.

“We’ll be late to school” I sighed, trying to restrain myself from moaning at the great work that his lips was doing on my neck. He chuckled in my neck, sending a tidal wave of goosebumps to rise over my entire body.

“I’m just talking about a bath” he laughed. “What was my naughty girl thinking about?” He questioned as I turned to glare at him. Really? As if I would believe that the bad boy wasn’t thinking about anything dirty. I rolled my eyes and trailed my fingers on his chest, a plan forming in my head.

“I was thinking... of so much more” I whispered huskily and watched as he shivered under my touch.

“Holy fuck” he cursed as he closed his eyes. Without warning, he pushed me against the wall and claimed my lips with his. He rested his hands on my hips while I wrapped my legs around him. His tongue slide in my mouth, trying to obtain dominance over mine. I moaned in his mouth, obtaining a groan from him. I ran my fingers in his hair and gently tugged on it, and this time, obtaining a sexy growl from him.

“Karma?” I stopped kissing Aiden when I heard my brother’s voice from my room. Aiden rested his face in the crook of my neck, trying to control his breathing.

“Yes?” I answered a little breathless and shivered when Aiden chuckled against my skin.

“Where is Aiden?” I could hear suspicion in his tone. I squealed lightly when Aiden suddenly pulled away from the wall, with me still clung to him. He made his way to the shower and opened the tap. “Are you alright in there?” Adam questioned.

“Yes. I nearly fell” I explained. “Aiden went home” I said while staring at my boyfriend who was busy grabbing my shower gel. He rubbed his hand together, creating a foam and gave me a wicked grin.

“Then why is his phone here?” Adam asked, making me groan in annoyance.

For fuck sake! I had a sex god standing in front of me with foam in his hand and we were both naked! Let us enjoy in peace!

“He’ll be coming back in a while to go to school!” I shouted.

“But his car is here!” Adam shouted back.

“David came to pick him up! I’ll be riding with Aiden to go to school. Now can I take a bath?” I asked, irritation thick in my words.

“Calm down, don’t get your panties in a twist” my brother shouted and i rolled my eyes. “And good morning, Aiden” my brother added while laughing. My eyes widened. Adam knew that Aiden was here.

“Morning man” Aiden said while laughing. I blushed deep red. I mean, my brother knew that Aiden was in here with me!

“How did he know?” I asked Aiden.

“Sent him a text this morning” Aiden said with a shrug.

“You suck at lying, sis” Adam commented and I yelled in frustration.

“Get out of my room, Adam!” I shouted and I could hear him laughing as he closed the door. “Why didn’t you tell me? I just made of fool of myself right now!” I whined as I rested my head on Aiden’s chest. He laughed and kissed my forehead.

“Let’s take that bath” he said with excitement reigning in his eyes.

Aiden stopped the car in the school parking and turned to give me a smile. He took a deep breath and opened the door to get out. I did the same while staring at all the kids staring at us.

“I wish every morning was like this” Aiden said as he took my hand in his. We walked down the hall, making our way to my locker.

“Every morning? Aren’t you a horny little guy?” I questioned with humor as I opened my locker.

“Oh honey, you already know by now, that I am not little” he said as he leant and pecked my lips. I pulled away when I saw a piece of paper falling from my locker. I bent and picked the paper, with a frown on my face, already having a feeling that it was not good. Aiden seemed to be as intrigued as i was. I unfolded the paper and my heart dropped.

Here we go again!

Die you slut!

I knew that my heart beats raced as I was already breathing heavily. Aiden’s jaws clenched as he pulled the piece of paper and tore it in pieces. That’s what I wanted to avoid. I don’t want this shit to happen all over again. I still remembered how hurt I was when the rumors started about me and I was sure that I didn’t want all this to repeat itself.

“Karma!” I heard someone called but I couldn’t reply. I was shaking. Holy fuck.

A freaking panic attack.

“Breathe Tori, breathe” I recognized my brother’s voice. I was trying to breathe but I was breathing so fast that my head was spinning.

“I’m taking her out of here” I heard Aiden said with determination. Within seconds, I was being carried bridal style out of the school. I could feel my tears on my cheeks. Why am I so weak? I sobbed in Aiden’s shirt and I could feel him freeze. Slowly, I opened my eyes to see him looking down at me. “Don’t cry, please” he pleaded. He sounded so vulnerable that it broke my heart. I turned my head and hid it in his chest. He started walking again while turning me slightly so that my legs were now wrapped around him and my face was buried in the crook of his neck. I heard him open my the door of his car and he sat in with me on his lap.

“I’m sorry” I apologized while pulling away to look at him. He stared at me in confusion while wiping my tears away.

“Why are you apologizing?” He asked. “You have the fucking right to break down when bitches are being bitches” he said.

“I knew that Stacy would do such a thing. But I never knew that it would hurt that much” I explained while wiping my tears away. “I was so broken when I was bullied in my previous school and I don’t want that same shit to happen here” I sobbed. He groaned and pulled me to him, wrapping me in a tight hug.

“Red, I hate seeing you like this. I hate to see cry. I wouldn’t let anyone to bully you” he said with confidence and he pulled away to stare at me. His eyes met mine, I could see anger, concern and determination in his eyes. “I want you to be able to stand for yourself against those bitches” he said. “Show them who you are, show them the strong girl you are” he pecked my lips.

“You think I’m strong?” I asked slowly. He chuckled as if it was the stupidest thing I ever asked.

“You are strong, Red” he said with sincerity burning in his words. I leant and kissed him. “I don’t want you to let Stacy and her minions get to you” he told me as he pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. “Now let’s go” he said with a smile. “I’m pretty sure our friends are worried about you.” I got out of the car first. Aiden got out next and locked his car. He pulled me to him then gave me a kiss on my forehead. His kissed always seems to sooth me and help me relax.

“Oh look! Seems like they just have a quickie in the car! Never thought that the nerd would be such a bitch” I took a deep breath and turned my attention to Stacy.

Why now?!!! I internally screamed but I kept my cool facade.

“Why can’t you shut up for once, Stacy?” Aiden growled my next to me, pulling me more into him as if to protect me.

“I swear, I thought that she opened her legs more than her mouth” I heard Adam said as he came next to me. I saw Becca, James, David, Hannah and John joined us.

“Her mouth and her legs seems to be in competition” Becca chimed in with a wicked grin. Stacy turned red but still focused on me.

“Can’t you stand for yourself, Victoria?” She asked, tilting her head to the left with a grin.

Yes, it was high time to stand for myself.

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