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Chapter 28: angry bird

“Victoria!” Kelsey exclaimed as soon as she saw me. She took me in a surprising hug and kissed my forehead before pulling away.

“Mrs Black” I greeted and she playfully glared at me.

“Sweetheart, call me Kelsey!” She said and walked away, motioning us to follow her. Aiden’s house was cosy. Everything was modern but it also had a touch from the past with old furniture which would make the house look more warming and welcoming. I smiled at myself when I realized how comfortable I felt his house. The atmosphere was so peaceful and homey that I instantly felt at home.

“Tori?” I heard Aiden called from somewhere.

“Where are you?” I asked while looking at the way in which he just came. I followed his voice and saw him in the kitchen with his mother and his sister.

“I thought you were following me” he told me as he took my hand in his and lightly pecked it while staring at me. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks because I knew that Shyne and Kelsey were watching.

“Kids!” Kelsey called while she turned on the stove. “You’ll have to get going or you’ll be late for your classes. I just need you to come so that I could personally invite you for dinner tonight” she said with a bright smile. I smiled back and nodded. “Tell Adam to tag along” she added.

“Sure” I answered.

“Now shoo! Go back to school!” She exclaimed, making me chuckle. Aiden wrapped his arms around my shoulder while we walked to the door with Shyne following behind.

“Is Ethan coming tonight?” Aiden asked.

“Yeah” Shyne answered and I could distinct a bit of hesitation in her voice.
“Who’s Ethan?” I asked as we reached the car.

“My fi- boyfriend” she replied as her eyes widened. I knew that she was going to say something else because she seemed so flushed and confused right now. Aiden didn’t seemed to notice that as he opened the passenger seat for me to sit in without listening to a word that his sister was saying.

“See you later, Shyne” I said with a little smile as I kissed her on both cheeks before getting in the car. She waved as Aiden got in the car and started the car. I smiled to Shyne while waving back as Aiden drive away. “You have an awesome and amazing sister” I told Aiden. I turned to stare at him when I realized that he didn’t say anything. “What’s wrong?” I asked when I saw the frown on his face.

“Nothing” he said monotonously, making me groan in annoyance.

“Yeah sure! Let’s ignore the fact that you have a frown on your face and you look like an angry bird” I drawled sarcastically. He laughed while shaking his head in amusement.
“Did you just say that I look like an angry bird?” I nodded at his question. “A hot angry bird?” He asked while wiggling his eyebrows. I shook my head to annoy him. And it actually worked. He pouted while staring at the road. “You suck!” He exclaimed.

“Yeah, I do. But only you babe” I chuckled when his mouth dropped open at my dirty comment.

“Yeah and why not go naked?” I breathed sarcastically as I watched the dress that Becca was holding. “I’ll look damn slutty in that!” I burst out when she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“That’s my dress! So you just claimed that I’m a slut!” She explained while I shuffled in my wardrobe. I turned to give her a grin and winked.

“Yeah, but you’re my slut, babe” I joked and watched as she groaned in frustration before stomping out of my room. A smirk took place on my face when I finally saw a satisfying piece of cloth. I pulled it out and smiled at the white long silky dress. My phone started buzzing next to me.

“Hello?” I answered while focusing on the dress that I was going to wear. I need matching pair of shoe! Maybe one of my mom’s will do.

Note to myself: Steal one of my mom’s shoes after the phone call.

“Victoria?” The familiar voice inquired.


“It’s me Shyne. I just called to tell you that Aiden just left to pick you up and can you tell Rebecca to come? Your best friend is Rebecca, right? Or I messed up with the name?” She rambled making chuckled.

“Yeah, it’s Rebecca” I laughed. “You sound nervous” I concluded as I sat on my bed.

“I am!” She exclaimed and i could hear the shuffling in the background.

“Why are you so nervous?” I questioned curiously.

“You’ll know at the same time as everyone! Now get ready because Aiden will be there at any time” she sighed.

“How did you know that I wasn’t ready?” I asked with wide eyes.

“When you answered the call, I could hear you going through your clothes” she said.

“Okay, see you in a few” I said before ending the call. I put my dress on the bed and ran downstairs to see Becca sprawled on the couch, watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. I rolled my eyes and walled to get. “Get ready, you’re coming to Aiden’s with me” I told her. She turned to stare at me in confusion.

“What do you mean by I’m coming with you?” She asked as she turned off the television and followed me back to my room.

“Aiden’s mom invited you too”

“Why?” She groaned.

“Maybe because you’re fucking Aiden’s cousin!” I stated while laughing. She glared at me.

“I’m fucking his cousin. Not his mom!” She exclaimed. I laughed and threw her dress to her. “I won’t wear that! You said that it was slutty” she pouted.

“It would look slutty on me. Not on you” I explained. “I have bigger boobs and I’m taller than you” I cleared making her nod in agreement. “Now get ready, Aiden is going to be here in a few minutes” I urged as I threw on the white dress on me after taking off my clothes.

After a few minutes, I heard the front door open and I quickly concluded that it was Aiden.

“Honey! I’m home!” Aiden shouted, making my heart flutter and Becca awwed next to me. Will it be like this in a few years?

“Honey! You’re boyfriend is going to get his ass kicked if he shouts again!” I heard Adam shout from his room. I laughed and apparently this made Aiden laughed as well as his husky laugh traveled all around the room.

“I’m in my room!” I shouted. I could hear his steps in the stairs as i walked out of the room. I ran to my parents room and walked straight in the closet. A wicked smile took place on my face when my eyes fell on those beautiful black high heels shoes. I put them on and walked out of the room to see Aiden leaning against the wall next to room.

“I’m so lucky” he mumbled as he eyed me up and down. I smiled while walking closer to him. I could feel the blood running to my cheeks as his eyes admired me with lust reigning in them.

“I’m the one lucky, sweetheart” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around his neck to give him a hug. His scent enveloped me, calming me instantly.

“I’ll be lucky if I don’t puke right now” I heard Becca faked gag next to us. Aiden turned his head slightly and shrugged at Becca.

“You look beautiful” He complimented Becca and gave her a smile.

“I know” she said with pride. I could feel Aiden breathing against my cheek which made me turn to look at him. He was already staring at me. I gave him a smile and pecked his lips.

“Can we go?” I asked against his lips. He shook his head but Becca walked down the stairs.

“Let me kiss you a little longer” he pleaded, causing me to laugh.

“Later” I told him as we walked down the stairs, hand in hand.

Shyne’s boyfriend was hot. He was a top model and apparently, Aiden hated him. We were all sitting for dinner, Shyne, Ethan and Becca in front of us and Kelsey at the end of the table. Aiden was angry. He was glaring daggers at Ethan and the atmosphere was turning awkward.

“Kelsey, I’m really happy you invited me” Becca said as she gave Kelsey a smile. “Even though I don’t know what I’m doing here” she added making Shyne and Ethan laugh. Aiden was still glaring at Ethan which was getting me a little frustrated.

“Because I have a surprise for you” Kelsey said cheerfully. Seconds later, we saw Becca’s eyes widened, staring at the door behind us. I turned to see Sebastian.

“Hey sweetheart!” Sebastian greeted. Rebecca got up and ran to Sebastian, engulfing him in a bear hug. “I missed you” he breathed and I nearly awwed.

“I need to tell you all something” I turned to see Shyne playing with her fingers in nervousness.

“What is it?” Kelsey asked curiously as Sebastian pulled a chair and sat next to Becca. Shyne was staring at Aiden, trying to assess his reaction.

“I asked her to marry me” Ethan said and I felt Aiden stiffen next to me.

“Is he serious?” Aiden asked through gritted teeth. What was his problem? I wanted to congratulate Shyne but Aiden was making everything awkward here.

“Yes. He is and I accepted” Shyne told him.

“Are you fucking serious?” Aiden burst as he stood up to glare at his sister. “You’re going to marry this cheating prick?” He asked. Kelsey sighed and shook her head.

“I did that mistake once!” Ethan said in a calm voice.

“She was so broken because of you!”

“Aiden calm down” Shyne pleaded. Aiden was ruining this.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! How could you accept?” He asked in disbelief and anger. His sister looked away from him and I could see tears forming in her eyes. Ethan pulled her in his arms.

“Aiden! Calm the fuck down!” I shouted as I pushed the chair and stood up to glare at Aiden.

“Don’t tell me to calm down when you don’t know a shit!” Aiden yelled at me, making me flinch. What an awesome dinner!

“Don’t fucking yell at me! Let me guess, he cheated on her, right?” I asked and when I turned to look at Ethan, I knew that i hit the nail right on the head. “And now he regrets! They love each other and don’t be a fucking prick to spoil their happiness! Can you do that? Can’t you see that you’re hurting your sister?” I asked in anger. With that, I took my handbag and walked away. I don’t even know why I was so angry. I never really saw Aiden acting that way before. I walked out of the house and took a deep breath.

Let me walk a bit. It’s the best way to calm myself.

I took my headband and tied my hair in a high ponytail. I was so angry right now. I hate to feel so angry at Aiden but he really acted like a prick.

“Tori!” I heard Becca’s voice from behind me. “Wait up” I felt a little disappointed because I was waiting for Aiden to come.

“Let me calm down a bit, okay” I asked, forcing a ile to reassure her.

“I know you won’t calm down easily” Becca deadpanned and I sighed.

“I want to be alone right now” I said.

“Go” I heard someone said from behind me. I knew that it was Aiden because I could detect the anger and frustration in his voice. Becca nodded and I turned to look at Aiden who was glaring at me. I glared back, not wanting him to think that I’ll back away from an argument.

Ready, set, Go!

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