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Chapter 29: Angry Bird said what?

“Stop glaring at me!” I exclaimed while glaring at me. He took steps forward making me back away instinctively. He seriously looked totally furious right now.

“Why the hell did you leave?” he snapped, causing me to scoff.

“Because you were acting like a prick” I told him calmly, trying not to go all Godzilla on him.

“You don’t know a shit about that guy and you are defending him!” he exclaimed in disbelief.

“I don’t need to know him! He makes your sister happy!”

“He cheated on her once!”

“So what? He regrets it now! He made a mistake and he realized that!” I breathed out. This to calm him as he signed and sat on the pavement. I sat next to him. “I know you don’t want your sister to get hurt. But right now, she is happy and you’re ruining her happiness. If Ethan was not serious about her, he would never propose” I tried to change his mind about Ethan. “How would you feel if your sister didn’t approve me?” I asked.

“You’re perfect, there’s no reason she wouldn’t accept you” he mumbled like a child. I rolled my eyes and nudged him slightly.

“I’m not perfect. Nobody is perfect. The point is that everybody makes mistake and you shouldn’t penalize the person because he screwed up once” I explained.

“Now you’re making me feel guilty” he groaned. I wrapped my arms around me, giving him a tight hug.

“Next time, think well before going from angry bird to King Kong” I mumbled. He chuckled. “You have to apologize to Shyne and Ethan” I whispered.

“Why?” he asked with a huff.

“Because you fucked up the announcement” I replied in a duh tone.

“Can’t I apologize to Shyne only?” he asked with a little hope reigning in his voice. I shook my head and smirked. I knew that his ego was going to hurt as hell.

“You insulted both of them. You apologize to both of them” I cleared. “Everybody needs a second chance. If you cheat on me, I’ll probably give you another chance” I lied. He shook his head and rose his head to look at me.

“I would never cheat on you, Victoria” he told me, starting at me with pure sincerity. I trusted him. “Because I love you” he said as he took my hand in his.

Wait! What?

“Angry Bird said what?” I gasped and he chuckled. Did he fucking said that he loved me?

“I said that I love you” he whispered as he pulled me in a hug while I was still frozen, trying to assess the situation. “You’re not forced to say it back” he reassured me. I wrapped my arms around him and took in his scent.

“I love you too” I told him, trying to control the freaking butterflies which were having babies in my stomach. His arms tightened around me and I could hear him take a deep breath.

“I never thought it would feel so good to hear those words from you” he admitted as he pulled away to kiss me.

“It sounds so cheesy” I laughed after he pecked my lips.

“Saying I love you after a fight is not cheesy as all” he defended, causing me to laugh even more.

“Yes, to me it is. But I’m a sucker for cheesy lines” I admitted. “Now, you have to apologize to your sister and her fiance” I stated making him groan. “I know it’s going to hurt your big ego, but you really need to do it”

“Big ego? My ego isn’t big sweetheart” he whispered huskily in my ear. “But i know something else which is big” he stated. I bit my lips when I thought about his thing.

“Oh, I know” I whispered more to myself. He smirked as he heard my words.

“I love you” he chuckled. I turned to start walking back to his house but soon, I was lifted in the air. Aiden threw me over his shoulder while chuckling.

“Why are you doing this?” I shouted while slapping his back. He kept on chuckling, making me groan. “Put me down!” I exclaimed.

“You forgot to say something!” he sang in amusement as he kept walking with me on his shoulder.

“Please?” I asked in confusion.

“No!” he started jumping to make me feel even worst. Suddenly, I felt a stinging sensation on my buttcheek.

“Did you just slap me?” I asked with a gasp.

“That’s called spanking!” he laughed and I groaned.

“I’d prefer that in the room tonight” I mumbled and felt him stiffen. I smirked, knowing the images that I probably caused in his head. “Put me down” I yelled.

“Tell me the magic words first” I could hear the lust hidden in his voice.

“Please?” I groaned when he shook his head. “I don’t fucking know the magic word!” I exclaimed while he chuckled.

“You do!” he finally put me down. We were now standing in front of the door.

“I don’t” I whispered yelled.

“I love you” he said out of the blue.

“I love you too?” I tilted my head to the left, but he soon grabbed my neck and pulled me to him. Our lips collided, making me melt in his arms. I nibbled on his lower lips, obtaining a groan from him.

“See? You know the magic word” he said against my lips, making me smile.

“So that’s our own magic word?” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around him, taking a deep breath. “I love you, Aiden Black” I said while relishing his arms around me.

“I love you, Red” he said as he kissed my forehead.

“Ahem!” we turned to see Becca, Kelsey and Shyne standing in front of the now opened door. Kelsey looked quite pissed while Shyne looked guilty.

“Is this how I raised you, Aiden Jacob Black?!” she scolded Aiden. I pulled away from him, trying not to laugh as Aiden stared at the ground in shame.

Oh... He looked like an innocent child.

“I’m sorry Shyne” he apologized, staring at his sister with regret in his eyes. Shyne smiled at him and walked to Aiden, giving him a hug. “I’m sorry for being a dick”

“That’s because you care for me” Shyne told him as she pulled away. Aiden grinned then shrugged.

“I don’t really have a choice. You’re my sister” he stated as if it was the most painful thing that existed. His sister rolled her eyes and playfully slapped his arm.

“Now you have to apologize to Ethan” I told him with a grin. He groaned and face palm himself before walking lazily in the house. Shyne and Kelsey turned to stare at me in shock.
“is he really going to apologize?” Shyne asked with a gasp. I nodded while smiling proudly at the path in which Aiden just walked.

“What did you do to my son?” Kelsey asked with wide eyes. I shrugged while smiling.

“I didn’t do anything. He was already perfect. I just boosted him” I told them.

“You’re like a freaking angel” Kelsey sighed as she pulled me in a hug. “I’m so glad that he found someone like you” she breathed as she pulled away to give me a smile.

“I’m glad that I found someone like him” I admitted.

“Where are you?” Adam groaned in the phone. I could hear someone singing in the background and I quickly knew that it was Hannah from her bad singing.

“I’ll be staying at Aiden’s today” I told him as I sat on the bench in Aiden’s back garden.

“No, you’re not! You’re not supposed to be staying with a guy alone!” he shouted in his over protective voice.

“Same shit applied to me as well, Adam! But still I’m here with you, right?” I heard Hannah asked in the background.

“Babe, you’re not helping” my brother groaned.

“I wasn’t trying to help you” Hannah scoffed. “Chick before dick” she shouted.

“Shut up” my brother whined over the phone. I knew that he wouldn’t dare to argue with Hannah as he fucking loved her so much. “Okay you can stay but no funny by business, Okay?” he asked with a little worried tone which made me sigh.

“Adam, Aiden will never hurt me” I said and he sighed.

“That’s what your say about Ryan” he mumbled. Soon, my phone was pulled out of my hand and I turned to see Aiden with it already stuck to his ear.

“I would never hurt her. I’m not like that Dipshit” he said with confidence while staying at me, right in the eyes. “I love your sister, Adam and you should get used to the fact that she will be spending more time with me” he added with a smirk.

“W-what?” I heard my brother stuttered through the fun. “Did Aiden just said that he loves my sister?” Adam gasped. He was overreacting.

“Yeah, I love your sister. Are you going to throw a party to celebrate this?” Aiden asked sarcastically while sitting next to me. I quickly climbed on his lap, making myself comfortable in my man’s lap.

“Totally going to do that! I mean, come on!! For the first time of my life I heard my best friend say that he loves someone” Adam said seriously.

“Doesn’t it bother you that it’s your sister that I’ll be fucking” Aiden asked with a mischievous smile. I playfully punched him on his arm, knowing that he was saying that just to annoy Adam.

“You touch her, I kill you!” Adam sneered, causing me to laugh. “My baby sister is so innocent!” he groaned.

“Adam, I’m five minutes older than you” I deadpan.

“You’re still my sister” he retorted.
“I’m not sleeping with Aiden” I exclaimed to calm him down. Aiden rolled his eyes at my words but then grinned.

“But you will, eventually” Aiden smirked while I groan because I knew how my brother was going to react.

“Karma Victoria Amington! Come back home” Adam snapped.

“Adam, he’s just saying that to annoy you!” I exclaimed in disbelief.

“Am I?” Aiden asked with rose eyebrows. “Dude, don’t you have a girlfriend to fuck right now?” Aiden asked Adam in exasperation.

“Yeah, the girlfriend is getting bored” I heard Hannah shout in the background.

“And horny” I added playfully.

“Bitch, I’m trying to help you right now, so shut up and end the call” Hannah yelled. I laughed and did as she said. Soon, my phone buzzed. It was a message from Adam of course.

Don’t get pregnant, please.

I laughed at his words while giving Aiden my phone for him to read. He chuckled then stuffed my phone in his picked before burying his face in the crook of my neck. He took a deep breath and lightly pecked my neck.

“I wouldn’t mind having a little Tori running around the house” he suddenly said. I grinned and turned to look at him.

“We’re too young to be thinking about babies” I told him with a smirk, then wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t mind practicing to make the perfect baby” he said with a taunting voice. I leant my face closer to his and just when my lips were about to touch his, I smiled.

“I don’t even think your mother will let me sleep in your room” I commented with a smirk, making him groan.

“You can still sneak into my room” he proposed as his lips brushed mine.

“I’m not having sex with you tonight, Aiden” I told him while laughing, making him shrug

“At least, I tried” he breathed. I rolled my eyes at his comment.

“You’re impossible” I told him. He smirked as his hands tightened around my hips. He crashed his lips against mine and gently nibbled on my lips. I parted my lips, so that he could deepened the kiss. He slide his tongue in my mouth, causing me to moan as his tongue met mine. I started grinding on him, making him groan at the feeling.

“Guys!! Get a room!” I heard someone screech behind us. I quickly recognized Shyne’s voice. I jumped off Aiden’s lap in surprise as I felt my cheeks turned red.

“Fuck you!” Aiden groaned as he pulled me back on him to hide the bugde that I created in his pants. Shyne burst out laughing as she walked away.


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