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Chapter 9: He is gay!

I felt someone scooping me in their arms and I opened my eyes slowly. I was held against a bare chest and I stirred a bit in the person’s arm.

“Stop moving or you’ll fall down” I heard Aiden’s husky voice said. I opened my eyes and realized that we were still on the beach. Night has already fallen and there was a few persons on the beach. I liked how Aiden was holding me in bridal style as he walked to the cars. “Where are your keys?” he asked and I cleared my throat before answering.

“In my bag” I said and snuggled more in his arms as I was feeling a bit cold. I was still in my bikini for god sake! “When did I fall asleep?” I asked against his skin and smirked when goosebumps rose on his skin.

“When we were all done swimming” he responded and I saw a grinned form on his face. “Seems like your excess of sugar died out” he said and I nodded. I could hear the gushing of my friends in the background as we approached the cars.

“That’s the after effect of hyperactivity” I mumbled as I felt a wave of tiredness come over my body again.

“You’ll need to sit” Aiden told me. I nodded again and he put me on the hood of the car. When it’s cold surface touched my skin, I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself to keep warm. Aiden looked for my keys in my bag and when I heard the tingling sound, I knew that he found it. I rose my head and saw my John, David and Rebecca walking towards us.

“You’re cold?” John asked worriedly and I nodded. He took off his dark blue shirt and handed it to me, offering me a little smile. I put it on and pulled my hair out of the shirt. I noticed David’s eyes hardened on the ground and confusion swept through me. Aiden was soon by my side and here again, I saw those hard eyes. What the hell is happening to the guys? I jumped off the hood and walked to the back seat. I wanted to sit with Rebecca and David decided to sit in the front. Johnathan, being the best best friend in the world, scooped me in his arm where I found warmth against his chest.

“You’re sure you guys are simply friends?" David asked as he glanced at us through the rearview mirror. Aiden too, stared at us for a few seconds but then started driving. John, Rebecca and me burst out laughing under David’s confused facial expression.

“100% sure that they are!” Rebecca chirped and we nodded in agreement.

“Why would you think otherwise?” Johnathan asked while staring at the side of his face which was visible from the back seat.

“You act like a couple” David pointed out. My best friends and I gasped in fake shock and Rebecca playfully poked him.

“We do not!” I exclaimed.

“Are you jealous, David?” Rebecca joked and again! He nodded and shrugged.

“What if I am?” he asked. I rose my head to see John’s mouth dropped open and I noticed Aiden, who was awfully silent, giving David’s side glances. Rebecca was opening and closing her mouth, like a fish not knowing how to respond to that.

“Are you gay?” Rebecca asked bluntly, this time, making my jaw dropped open. My best friend was simply crazy and irrational.

“Yes” David answered and if my jaw could fall any further, it would have reached the bottom of the car. My head spin to watch John who had a grin playing on his face.

“Bingo” he mouthed and chuckled lightly. “Don’t day anything, yet” he mouthed to Rebecca and me. We reluctantly nodded.

“So you have a thing for our little John here” Rebecca snickered making John turned bright red and David glanced at the passing houses with red cheeks as well. Apparently, Rebecca’s aim tonight was to embarrass the two guys.

“Becca, I promise you that there is nothing little with me” John said with a perverted innuendo and I burst out laughing at my best friend’s face. David chuckled in the front seat while Aiden who keep a stoned face. What is wrong with him?

“That’s a promise you need to make to David, right?” Rebecca said while wiggling her eyebrows.

“Victoria, hold me, I’m going to push her out of the car otherwise” John said with amusement in his voice.

“Please do it” David quietly pleaded and I playfully pouted.

“If you push my best friend outside, I’ll have to push you two outside” I pointed out with a sly smirk, making Rebecca grinned at the boys. The car suddenly stopped and when we realized that we were now in front of the bungalow, we all sighed in relief. I assume that we were all tired. We got out if the car and seconds later, my brother’s car entered the parking. I noticed Aiden locking the door and he seemed as if he spaced out.

“It was awesome!” Hannah gushed as she jumped out of the car, followed by my brother who had a smile on his face as he watched my best friend jumping happily.

“Hannah, calm down” Adam chuckled and walked by her side. “Its been not even a day here”

“Now imagine how the rest of the holidays is going to be!” She shouted while wrapping her arms around me. “Thank you for inviting me!” She gushed and kissed my cheek.

“You’re welcome” I replied with a yawn. With that, I walked into the house with the other guys following behind. I ran up to my room and let my body fall on the bed. My door opened just when my eyes closed, making me groan.

“David is gay?” Hannah asked happily. Soon, John and Rebecca walked behind her.

“Yes!” Becca and I responded. I sat up, feeling a little bit tired. “Can I go to sleep now?” I asked while glaring each one of them.

“Go take a bath first!” Hannah ordered. It was then that I realized that I was still in my bikini. I took a towel and picked up a booty denim short and a crop tank top with my underwears. I glanced at my best friends who were now sprawled on my bed.“Quick! We need to gossip” Hannah said making me roll my eyes but a smile still formed on my face.

After a few minutes, I got out of the shower and slide on my clothes. I stepped out, then made my way to my friends. I lifted the covers and we all slide under it. “If I wasn’t gay, I’d probably have a boner seeing you in this booty shoot” John commented, making me slap his arm teasingly.

“Why didn’t you tell David that you were gay?” Becca asked as she pulled my box of chocolate which I kept on my bed post.

“I just want to see whether he really likes me or not” John explained.

“And what’s going on between you and Aiden?” Hannah asked while my other two besties started wiggling their eyebrows suggestively.

“Nothing is going on” I stated. “Now, the real question is, what’s going on between you and my brother?” I asked with a smirk. Her cheeks turned bright red, causing us to snicker at her reaction. She ducked her head under the covers then pinched me.

“He kissed me” I could hear her whispered. Seconds later, Rebecca shouted in happiness.

“On my god! You’d make so beautiful alien babies!” She squealed. John and I burst out laughing while Hannah playfully smack the back of Becca’s head.

“Alien babies? Seriously?” Hannah asked while glaring at Rebecca who shrugged and pointed to the mirror who was just in front of my bed.

“You look like an alien” Rebecca pointed out which made Hannah’s jaw dropped open and ended by pushing her on the floor. Johnathan and I were laughing our asses off when Becca pulled Hannah out of the bed too and they were both sprawled on the floor while chuckling. I yawned and pushed John out of the bed who landed on the floor with a ‘thud’ as well.

“I want to sleep” I said then buried my face under the covers. “Go away” I said with a yawn.

“Yeah, and you really need a beauty sleep” John muttered making me gasp.

“Are you implying that I’m ugly?” I asked with fake shock and threw a pillow on his head.

“Maaaaybe” He drawled as he stood up. I playfully glared at him but ended up chuckling.

“Out” I said pointing to the door.

“Night!” All the three of them said and exited my room. Finally some sleep! I let my head hit the soft pillow again and soon my eyes closed after this tiresome day.

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