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Learning to Love

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Jessica works hard to overcome the fear and pain that comes from her troubled past. She shares an apartment with her protective older brother, Andrew, and her two year old daughter. Her twin brother and his girlfriend live down the hall. Jess doesn't talk to strangers unless she has too and avoids any human interaction. Everyone in the hectic city of Seattle seems more then content to leave her alone. Until Adrian shows up at her work. Jess has no clue why this strange man has taken such an interest in her. All she knows is she can't let him in. If she fell for him it would only mean more pain for her and her daughter.

Romance / Mystery
Lizzy HM
4.9 31 reviews
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I want to start by thanking you for giving my newest story a try. One of the main characters speaks in Greek occasionally so I went ahead and wrote up translations. I will be adding to it and adding more as I continue to write. So if you read something and didn’t think the translation was here check again because I may have added it since you last looked. Thank you again!


Agápi mou - my love

Gamó - fuck

Mitéra tou theoú ekeíni i gynaíka - mother of god that woman

ο ángelós mou - my angel

Tha ton skotóso. - I’ll kill him.

Ouáou eínai katapliktikó - Wow she’s amazing

Kolotrypida! The ginete me autin these travaei mesha. - Asshole! What about her draws them in?

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