Learning to Love

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The Leo's

After talking to Simon and Balissa we were back in the car. I called Drews phone and left a voicemail on the way to the airport. As we pulled up my jaw dropped when I realized we were driving on the runway of a very small country side airport.

“Um, this isn’t SEATAC…” I murmured stupidly.

Adrian chuckled nervously. “You’re right, it’s not.”

I sat frozen as we passed hanger after hanger until we finally reached the third to the last one. There was a white Cadillac Escalade ESV parked next to it. Four adults climbed out as we pulled in.

There were two young women talking over a clipboard. One had long blonde hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, a knee length gray business dress and thick black framed glasses. The other one had Fair skin and black hair, though she had added red streaks to the under layer. Her eyes were a shade lighter but I had no doubt she was Adrian’s sister. She wore a gorgeous red business dress and looked more comfortable than any I had seen.

As his mom climbed out of the passenger door, the man I had seen in a photo in Adrians office climbed out from behind the wheel. He was about Adrian’s height, six foot two inches, but instead of being long and muscular he was just beefy. His dark brown eyes twinkled and his black hair was pulled back into a ponytail at the base of his neck. It was clear he was strong but a thin layer of fat made him look softer, more inviting. His standard three piece black suit looked expensive.

“You ready?” Adrian said as he opened my door and I realized he was already carrying Aaliyah who was half awake.

“Yeah, I guess.” I responded slowly.

I stood and reached for Ally and he smoothly transferred her into my arms. I cradled her tightly into my chest and swore to myself I wouldn’t stutter or make a fool of myself. Adrian came back to stand at my side with two backpacks thrown over his shoulder and pulling a large suitcase. I turned to face him.

“Is her blanket still in the car? She hates sleeping without it.” I asked and he handed me the fluffy pink blanket with silk trim.

“I got it.” He said draping it over Ally before kissing her forehead. His eyes met mine again and he grabbed the handle again before sliding his free hand around my waist. “Come on, we should get in before it rains.”

With that we walked side by side towards the hanger. The other adults headed the same way with emotions ranging from curiosity, elation, and his dad’s skepticism.

“What’s this?” His dad said as we got under the roof.

“Dad, this is Jessica and Aaliyah.” Adrian said with a proud smile.

“Wow, you definitely under exaggerated her beauty.” His dad’s face softened at our names and I wondered what he knew.

“Finally.” The girl with dark hair gasped. “I have been dying to meet you!”

I smiled shyly. I was unsure if anything would come out if I tried to speak again.

“Jess this is Phoebe, Bee don’t be so dramatic.” Adrian rolled his eyes playfully, causing Phoebe to stick her tongue out at him.

“Are we not adults here?” Rhea sighed, rubbing her temples.

“Come on, let them play.” Adrian’s dad comforted his wife, before turning to smile at me. “I’m Jason, but you young lady can call me Jay.”

I wasn’t sure how to react to his kindness. I caught myself trying to hide Ally as if he would start yelling at her.

“How old is she?” Rhea asked, stepping in front of me to look down at Ally.

Adrian gave me a gentle squeeze before taking the bag to where a man was loading them on a private jet. His dad followed and struck up a conversation.

“She’ll be t-two in J-January.” I forced out flinching and waited for the mocking to begin.

“She’s adorable.” Rhea cooed, surprising me. “Can I hold her?”

I flinched, not sure what to say. What if this was just a ploy to drop Aaliyah, or hurt her some other way. The logical part of me knew my dad was full of shit. Everyone who met Ally, loved her. However, I didn’t know these people very well yet and what if he was right?

“She’s asleep, mom. Maybe later.” Adrian answered for me.

“Oh ok, but she’s so precious.” His mom sighed before turning to follow everyone else onto the jet.

“You have a private jet?” I asked incredulously.

I could swear he blushed, but he quickly hid his embarrassment. “Technically, no, my parents do.”

“Pft.” His sister rolled her eyes, “so modest, but it will be yours this new year when dad retires.”

To my surprise she looked completely happy, not bitter at all. As she walked over, hugging Adrian tightly. Then she turned to beam at me.

“W-what?” I asked in surprise.

“Dick never liked business, Bee is more interested in designing her own line, and I have always loved it. It was an easy choice and everyone is happy with it. Technically I’ll only own forty five percent, they each get twenty five and dad keeps five percent.” Adrian explained.

“S-so you’ll have the m-majority, but not the p-power to overrule.” I nodded, “Smart.”

“Don’t tell me you are a business wiz too.” Phoebe said gawking at me.

I shrugged nervously.

“She’s perfect, you screw this up I’ll kill you.” She told Adrian before literally skipping to the jet.

Adrian groaned, rubbing his temples much like his mom had. “I’m sorry she drives me nuts sometimes.”

I laughed, startling him. “That I can relate to.”

He chuckled, “Okay then let’s go.”

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