Learning to Love

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I spent most of the next two days with Adrian or his mother and sister when he had meetings. In many ways Rhea reminded me of my own mother and I quickly grew to trust her with Ally. Aaliyah absolutely loved her and threw herself at the older woman any time they were close.

Phoebe was harder to read. She was, in one word, exuberant. The only time I ever saw her be still was at breakfast, first thing in the morning. To which she was in fact late, everyday. Otherwise she was in constant movement and always said whatever came to her mind. I respected, even envied her for that in some ways.

By the third night Jason, Adrian’s dad, was the only one I still stuttered around. He was a quiet man who normally only spoke when he had to. His voice was naturally strong and dominant in a way that sometimes had me cringing. However, he was kind and just. I never once heard him yell or say anything hurtful to anyone.

I thought back to when Ally, reaching for Rhea across the table, dumped his coffee all over his white button down. I quickly pulled Aaliyah onto my lap holding her close and bracing. Nothing ever came though. He simply winced as the hot liquid ran down his front. Then he wiped down his shirt with a towel.

“Oh god, contain your child!” Charlotte snapped before turning to Jason. “I’m so sorry sir, would you like me to get you a new shirt.”

Adrian who looked like he might explode was stilled by a glance from his dad, who then turned on Charlotte. “That child, and her mother for that matter, are my guests. You are here to do a job. A job that you will lose the next time I hear you talk to either of them that way. Is that understood, Ms. Hayes?”

“Yes sir. Sorry sir.” She said flushing beat red.

“I am not the one you owe an apology to.” He corrected smoothly.

Stiffly and a begrudgingly Charlotte turned to me. “My apologies, miss.”

The way she emphasized the word miss and eyed Adrian made it pretty clear why she hated me. Later Phoebe confirmed that due to good looks, and most of all money, most of the women wanted Adrian. They all hated me because he was choosing me. They were, in her words, gold digging whores who didn’t give a shit about Adrian.

“So would you mind having my mother watch Ally tonight?” Adrian asked, wrapping his arms around me from behind; effectively pulling me from my own thoughts.

We were in the bathroom of the penthouse and Aaliyah was asleep across the hall. I could see him in the mirror with his tan face stretched in a large smile. His tousled dark hair hung across his forehead. He wore only his slacks and an unbuttoned light blue dress shirt that hung open displaying his well toned chest and abs.

He bent down kissing my neck. We had gotten so close several times, but each time I pulled back. What if I wasn’t good at consensual? What if it felt the same? However, we continued to inch closer and I surprised myself with the longing that was building in my chest.

“All night?” I asked suggestively, turning around to stare up at him.

Adrians eyes widened and a mischievous grin spread across his face. His already dark eyes darkened to almost black with a desire that made my head spin. I ran my hand slowly down his chest, tracing each well defined muscle. He moaned quietly, closing his eyes and savoring the feeling.

Then, allowing my fingers to trail back up, I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling myself up to kiss him. He returned the kiss eagerly, sliding his hand to my waist and lifting me up onto the counter. I wrapped my legs around him feeling his bulge growing even through his pants and the thin fabric of my mini shorts.

“If that’s what you want.” He murmured against my lips.

I nodded slowly, I did want that. I wanted so much more than that it scared me. I was breathing hard and my hips shifted involuntarily. I started trying to slide his shirt off his shoulders when there was a loud knock on the door.

“Shit.” I pulled back quickly.

“It’s just my mom.” Adrian said, looking abashed.

“You already told her? How did you know I would agree?”

“I hoped.” He kissed me one last time before helping me off the counter.

“I’ll get Ally, it’s time for her to wake up anyway.”

“I’ll meet you in the living room.” I smiled, trying not to blush.

After his mother left Adrian wasted no time wrapping me in his arms and kissing me. He was gentle and slowly allowed it to build. Often he waited for me to make the next move. It was like nothing I had ever imagined.

I didn’t have a doubt that this was what I wanted. Not one wave of fear or memory to tear me down. I was on cloud nine with Adrian beside me and nothing could get to me up here.

Later we lay breathing unevenly and completely together. Adrians arms wrapped tightly around me didn’t feel threatening in the least. I had never felt so alive and relaxed at the same time. To my surprise there had been no pain, only immense pleasure.

“Why didn’t we do this earlier?” I giggled, as I snuggled closer into his bare chest.

He chuckled, wrapping his strong arms more securely around me. I felt so warm, comfortable, and completely safe there.

“You weren’t ready, agápi mou.” He murmured, kissing the top of my head. “Now sleep.”

And I did. I slept all night without a single nightmare, Safe and secure in the arms of the man I loved. Until I woke up hearing Adrians voice.

“Yes Drew she’s okay. She doesn’t know.” Adrians voice was low and I could see him sitting on the edge of the bed. “She has been through enough. You guys just take care of stuff on that end. I have Jess and Ally safe, I promise.”

There was a pause while he listened, running his hand through his hair. “Thank you Drew, for trusting me with this. And tell Dick I owe him one. I really appreciate him doing this for her.”

Another pause then, “I know it’s more for you and I but still I am grateful.”

He listened for a second then sighed looking up at the ceiling. “Yeah man, I do. I know everyone says it but I didn’t even realize what it meant before I met her.”

The next time he spoke his voice got harder. “Yes I realize that and I love that kid. I don’t understand why you, and Jess for that matter, seem so sure I don’t.”

He sighed annoyed then said, “Okay yeah yeah. I’ll make up something. We’ll stay a couple more days. Yeah, bye.”

I squeezed my eyes shut fighting back tears. What were they talking about? Was this all part of some plan? Had he actually wanted us here or was he just doing Drew a favor? Why would Drew want me gone?

Then thinking back I realized, there were so many reasons he would want a break from me. I was just the broken psychopath they had to take turns babysitting. I physically felt my heart shattering. I wished more than anything I could just not be a burden for once.

So I feigned sleeping as Adrian laid back down next to me. I hoped he wouldn’t notice the silent tear that escaped my closed eyes.

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