The Demon and the Faerie

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A faerie. A demon. Who ensnared who?

Romance / Erotica
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Fae and Demon History

Fae folk (Faeries) were originally an incredibly powerful type of magical hybrid. The first ones being direct offspring of angels and demons, even if nobody is truly sure how or what happened. This is the reason they are so dangerous. Beautiful, powerful, cunning, self-serving, immortal, and bound by no moral code, they combine the best and worst of both species and are damn near irresistible to just about any they come across in their path.

Now an incredibly ancient species, the fae harbor no particular love for any species but their own, but they have never taken issue with toying with particularly favored individuals of any species from time to time, at least until they grow bored.
Minnow was the unaware result of one such toying, by the fae queen no less. It is known amongst the fae that before the queen met and married Oberon, she was quite taken with a specific human and may have even fallen in love with him, should you believe that she was at one time capable of such a primitive emotion.
When Tatiana was still relatively young as far as faeries are concerned, she found herself captivated by a young human servant boy who frequented her favorite meadow. This boy, Leif, would bring the horses of his master to this meadow to relax and drink from the sparkling waters of the Meadowbrook that always seemed to call to him. As the story goes, her curiosity grew and she finally revealed herself to him, and he adored her. Leif brought her all sorts of gifts every chance he got and showered her with affection and some even go as far as to suggest that she tried to become mortal and run off with Leif after she discovered her betrothal to Oberon.
It's said that one of her trusted ladies betrayed her plan to Oberon in the hopes of falling in favor with the king, and he had Leif drowned in the Meadowbrook. Tatiana was heartbroken, and though nobody knew, she was carrying Leif's child. The first Fae/human hybrid, but certainly far from the last. The child was born with striking good looks, and a natural affinity for working with nature, but was not immortal and had no Magick like that of the Fae. Oberon was livid and wanted the child done away with, but Tatiana was able to charm a dryad into spiriting the baby away before Oberon had his way. It's this child that Minnow was later born to.
Minnow was a beautiful curvy young maiden with olive skin, dark curly hair, and bottomless brown eyes. She wasn't known to voluntarily spend time with others, but she had a reputation as a gifted healer, and was always very quick to lend up a helping hand in working with nature.
At thirteen she was betrothed to the son of the village banker and was to be married before fourteen. Minnow wept and wept at the news, knowing what a reputation he had for being quite the ill-mannered scoundrel when it came to women. Just a month before the wedding was to take place, the banker's son was killed in a riding accident, leaving Minnow free to choose a new suitor, not that she really cared to choose anyone, not even when the tall mysterious red-head moved to the village and caught everyone else's attention.

Demons. Nobody remembers how they came about. Some claim they are former and fallen angels cast out or defeated in battle. Others are adamant they are inter-dimensional parasites moving from one dimension to the next laying waste to a world only to move on to another.
Regardless of how people believe demons came into existence, most will agree that demons are soulless monsters that cannot be trusted, and have no regard for life or emotions in general.
The truth is demons are the most ancient species still in existence, and while they can and will travel between dimensions at their will and leisure, they are far from parasitic. Demons could be considered the keepers of balance and dimensional guardians. They keep the dimensions of time separate so that they don't destroy each other and provide whatever actions and catalytic events are necessary to keep a world balanced and in existence for as long as possible, in a sense, you could even go as far as calling demons, the true all-knowing gods.
Demons aren't soulless. They are not uncaring or unfeeling. Demons feel the same emotions we all do. Anger, greed, envy, lust, love, regret, none of it is foreign to them, the difference is, everything is logical. If it is more logical to not factor in their own emotions when making a decision, then they simply won't acknowledge their emotions at that time.
Asmodeus, a Greater Demon Prince, was unsurprisingly known to have trysts more often than not, but in one decade he did find himself absolutely mesmerized by the cunning, and feminine lust of a young Irish maiden he happened upon during a vacation in the human dimension. He spent the better part of the following decade abandoning his life to spend time with her, resulting in his son, Aerodeus, high prince of the Lesser Demons.
Aerodeus had inherited his father's charm, charisma, passion, and taste for lust, and his mother's blue eyes and red hair, making him a near irresistible and intriguing person of interest nearly everywhere he went. Being raised by his mother, Aerodeus was eighteen and seriously courting a young maiden he'd grown up with before he met his father and learned of his royal status.
Aerodeus was honestly not surprised as he thought back on all the instances in his life where he should have died and didn't. Unwilling to change his plans, he stepped into his role and was immediately willing to take up his responsibilities with his bride to be at his side and he eagerly told her the news of his good fortune. Instead of rejoicing, as Aerodeus had expected, his love wept and turned him away, refusing to be associated in any way with a demon- let alone a demon prince.
Hurt, and confused, Aerodeus resolved to convince his love to change her mind and had set out to make a plan for how to do just that at a favorite spot he would often bring her to on the edge of the forest. As he reached the spot, Aerodeus' heart sunk and broke inside his chest as he discovered his very love beneath his best friend in the throes of passionate and obviously familiar lovemaking.
Enraged and unaware of his own powerful capabilities, Aerodeus accidentally sent them both to a punishing dimension similar to what many call Hell. Needing to get far away from everything he'd known and loved for so long, Aerodeus set off with a plan to mend his heart, and see the country. Before long, the young demon prince found a quaint village few people even knew existed and found himself drawn to settle in and stay for a while.

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