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Fears of life is a book about different short stories in real life , monsters that snatched away peoples peace and happiness that a lot of us are either afraid to acknowledge we are facing and some that we are really afraid to experience.

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Chapter 1. Trouble In Paradise

One day you wake up dress to kill and head out going through your day, your eyes πŸ‘€ lock with this beauty. You instantly know that you must get to know her better. Heading her direction you notice she's also glancing your way, you reach your halt just in time to catch up with her before she walks away. Saying hello to each other and meeting a stranger that is the beauty in your eyes you know that this is love at first sight.

One word leads to another and before you know it your engaged in a deep conversation like you we're old friends, but sadly its time to go. Not wanting to leave any regret you exchange contacts and schedule a date. Just like that one day leads to another.

And without realizing your head over heels in love. Just like your first instinct of love at first sight you knew this beauty belonged to you, spending almost all your free time texting, calling or hanging out with each other.

In a short time of hanging around and getting to know each other your convinced that she's the one and your ready to spend the rest of your life in Paradise with none other than the beauty that has captured your heart in the past few months. It doesn't take long before you propose meeting each other's parents as you felt more than ready to tie the knot.

It all happens so fast that none of you has a chance to contemplate on whats happening, but was there anything to contemplate about for your both head over heels. Your living a dream come true love at its peak that not for even a single moment would you think the love so pure and wild will end.

You spend every day promising each other heaven on earth and every night in each other's embrace promising yourselves forever. Its so blissful and so happy , your all engrosed in eachother that you don't even seem to care about the people around you indeed this is pure paradise you both feel. Little do you know that this attachment so strong could become weak without you realizing it.

Months pass and soon it's a year down the road. And after clocking a year the honeymoon period is over. Reality kicks in you both start to get busy with work as responsiblities are getting huge with the hope of a bright future and a family extension.

The time together reduces because of the different schedules. You find yourselves back to girl and boy nights out instead of spending time together, special days pass by while your both stuck in your work. Long lonely nights and weekends become the order of the day.

It begins to get boring since neither of you has time for the either, you drift away from one another with out even noticing. Before you realize you start pointing fingers at each other having arguments over everything that doesn't even make sense in the little time you get to spend together.

By the time you wake up to realize that your relationship is having a downhill its almost late and all that is left is friendship and respect for each other. You try to think of ways to improve it but nothing is working out.

The wreck is so big the water has already started entering the ship and its beginning to sink even before the journey is half way. Love had already flown out of the window just as fast as it had come in.

You try everything but nothing is working on your side, you feel frustrated remembering the good golden days in paradise. You decide to visit different marriage counselors but all in vein.

You start to ask yourselves how it had come to this, you start to ask yourselves whether all this was wrong but there were only blank thoughts in your heads.

You start to create time for each other coming home on time like the good old days and laying in bed together after dinner but there was no more attraction all there is at this time is care. It really wasn't paradise anymore and worst thing is no one can tell the day it stopped the burning affection and attraction had turned into simple care.

At this point you choose to set each other free, to call it quits before you destroy what was left of you. But wasn't it too early to let it go? Was there another chance of overcoming the trouble that had befallen Paradise?

All you have are un answered questions.?

My dear readers,
When do you think is the right time to let go of a relationship?

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