All I Need Is You Needing Me

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Chapter 1

Angelica's POV:

"Wake up, Angelica. It's eight in the morning." "Yeah, momma just five minutes more." I turned to the other side of my bed and embraced my soft
pillow. I heard my momma sighed and walked out of the room.

Ahh....this is what I call peace.

"WHAT THE HELL?" I screamed. Dominic was laughing holding his stomach. He didn't just do that. He poured water on me. I'm gonna kill him.

"RUN," I told him and he started running his ass off. I am gonna freaking kill him today.

"Mommaaaa....the little devil is gonna kill me." He is screaming like a maniac.

"You are gonna get it today," I mumbled.

"Momma, you know what your son did? He just pour water on me," I told my mom. Huh now take that.

"What??? Dominic, I told you to wake up your sister, not to pour water on her."

"But mom she doesn't want to wake up that's why I did that", he said to momma giving her his puppy eyes. Tsk...who will say that he is twenty six years old? I just rolled my eyes.

"What is happening here?" Tevin inquired.

"Ask your sweet big brother," I glared at Dominic.

"Hey, I just wake up my little sister by pouring water on her," he lifted his hand in surrender. Then you know what happened? Then let me entertain you, my two sweet brothers Dominic and Tevin started laughing out loud.

"Ok, that's enough," momma shouted making both of them stop. "Dominic, you go and make the breakfast and Tevin, go and help the maids setting the table."

Both of them just groaned and left to do their works, but not before glaring at me. See this happens when someone destroy my peaceful sleep. "And young lady, you go and freshen up." "Ok momma," I told her and went to my room.

After completing morning routine, I put on the bathrobe which is black in colour. Well, black is my favourite colour. Then red is my second favourite.

I wanted to wear some fitted white t-shirt, baby blue jeans and white high heels. I found them in the closet and quickly wore them. I like my natural look so I just put on some mascara and pink chapstick.

Ahh...I'm hungry. My stomach is practically growling. I hurriedly go to the dining room.The smell is so good. I have to eat right now, I can't wait anymore. There is toast with butter and jelly, yogurt, fruit, bacon and eggs, lastly fresh mango juice.

I sit on the chair and greet my papa good morning. "Good morning, dear." "How was your night?"

"It was good," I smiled. Then papa started to serve me and momma. Momma was sitting across from me. And...yes papa serves us, he always do it. He told us that woman should be treated like a queen. He is the best papa in the whole world.

Both Dominic and Tevin also came and greeted papa then they settled themselves on their seat. "How is work, son?", papa asked Dominic. "The work is okay and I'm still adjusting the ceo position," he replied. Well, Dominic became CEO two months ago after papa retired.

"What about you, Tevin?" "I'm good and studies are also good," said Tevin.

"So, are you going to the hospital?" papa looked at me.

"Yes, today I have to do some surgery." Well, I am one of the youngest gynecologist of UCLA Medical Center. And guess what I'm only twenty four years old and become the best gynecologist. Actually, papa told me that I'm very intelligent. I really don't know if it's true or not. But papa always praised me for being intelligent.

"Why am I still studying arts when you already became a doctor?"

"Because I'm genius than you," I winked at Tevin.

"Yeah, I forgot about it." He rolled his eyes.

"I have to go now. It's already 11 a.m," I told all of them.

"Do you want to go with me?"

"Yes, obviously. My car is not working from tomorrow," I told my eldest brother Dominic.

We went to the garage and saw many cars. Well, all of them our babies. My brothers and I love cars. We nearly have fifteen cars.

"Choose." Dominic looked at the cars . I choose red bugatti chiron. It is my second favourite after my black lamborghini.

I hope on the passenger seat and put my seat belt on. Dominic started to drive on the way of the hospital.

Ten minutes later, we reached the hospital. I hop out from the car.

"If anything happens, call me."

"Yeah, yeah I will. Will you stop being overprotective?"

"Little sister, you are still a small girl. So, I have to take care of you."

"Hey!! wait wait...who are you calling a small girl. I'm twenty years old." Seriously, I'm now an independent lady.

"Whatever your age, you are still a small girl for me." He shrugged his shoulders and smirked at me. I couldn't help but rolled my eyes.

"Okay. Now, will you pleas..."

What the actual hell? What did he do?
He just freaking drive away without
listening me. Ughhh....I will see you later.

I open the entrance door and walk in.
People were already busy.

" can do it Angie," I whispered and patted my own shoulder.

I went to my office and sit on the chair. I don't wear my white coat except surgery.

I heard a knock.

"Come in," I told the person whoever is knocking.

"Good morning sweetie, how are you?"

"I'm fine and you Myra?"

"I'm good," Myra replied.

Myra is my assistant. She is very cute and charming lady. I told her that I should call her aunt Myra as she is older than me. But no, she told me that it makes her feel old that's why I should call her Myra. She sometimes behaves like a child.

"Myra, can you make me a cup of coffee?"

"Sure, I'll be right back." She smiled at me and left the room.

I should start my own work now.
"Gonna be another exhausting day," I thought and started to do my work.

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