Her Venice Affair: The Albury Affairs #1

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Chapter Seven

Allan’s lips parted in a sinister smile. “You are smart! If only your brain was working when you were fucking my girlfriend. Yes, I am firing you. And Theresa, if you haven’t caught on yet, it also means our relationship is over.”

Theresa’s jaw dropped open, forming a large, deep red ‘O’. Riana heard the gasp from the crowd that seemed to have grown in number.

Note number two, never cross Allan Sinclair. Riana squeezed his side, hoping he’d understand her. The embarrassment in front of all the people who mattered in society was enough punishment. If he cut them down another foot, they would never survive it.

“Is there a problem here?”

“Oh, damn!” Loraine groaned next to her. Riana couldn’t have said it any better. The dragon lady—known better as Mrs. Nicholas—had landed. Shit just got worse.

“Yes, there is a problem.” Theresa pointed a painted, red fingernail at her. “I want this thing fired!”

“What?” Loraine and Riana exclaimed at the same time.

The dragon lady gave her a cut nod. “Immediately, Miss Davenport!”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Loraine yelled.

“Mrs. Nicholas, I did nothing wrong!” Riana protested, pulling out of Allan’s embrace.

She tipped her chin up with an air of self-importance. “That doesn’t matter. You are relieved of your job Miss Albury. You too, Miss Larson.”

“She did nothing wrong!” Riana exclaimed.

Riana felt Allan tuck his fingers in the waistband of her trousers and pull her back against his chest. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll find you other jobs.”

“But—” Riana blurted.

Loraine moved closer to Theresa. “Or you could just pay our bills. I have no qualms living off my best friend’s new boyfriend. He’s a billionaire you know.” Theresa’s face turned beetroot red, her fists clenched tightly at her sides in pure rage. With a satisfactory smile, Loraine gave her a salute and walked away. “Come on guys, let’s blow this joint.”

“Wait!” Riana barely got the word out before Allan dragged her away.

After collecting their things from the company van, they joined Allan and stood outside with the doorman, waiting for Allan’s limo, and all Riana could do was pace nervously.

“I knew this was going to happen. I mean, when a day starts with the worst finals paper that ever existed in the world, as if it had been sent straight from hell to torture me, to catching my roommate riding my boyfriend like a freaking horse into oblivion, and now I’m fired from a job that took me months to find. Here I am, with no income, no place to live…with absolutely nothing! I don’t even have my books to study for my last paper. And of course I’m going to fail that too then I’ll have to—”

“I thought you’ve never had sex?” Allan questioned, interrupting her rambling.

“Oh she has, but judging from her description it sounds more like scratching an itch than sex. Right, Riana?” Loraine piped in.

“Thank you so much, Loraine, now I’m going to think something is wrong with me because I was never satisfied. Well according to Claire, something is definitely wrong with me because I apparently only like missionary style like some damn nun on a Sunday. If I do prefer said sex position, I should have felt a lot more than pressure and impatience for the whole damn thing to be over. Steve was the experienced one, he should have taken the initiative to spice things up but nooo, he only thought of number one! When he was under Claire, he made noises he’d never made with me and he let her come first which he’s never done with me—”

Her next words were interrupted by a pair of warm lips pressing against hers. She was stunned for a moment as Allan’s arm snaked around her waist and pulled her flush against his body, and the other wide hand held the back of her head, keeping her in place, as his mouth ravished hers.

His lips tugged on hers, sucking on her lower lip and pulling it into his mouth, suckling so hard the intensity shot a volt right to her core and she opened her mouth with a gasp. He didn’t waste any time in pushing his tongue past her teeth, invading, plundering, and provoking her tongue into a duel.

He consumed her, leaving her no space to breathe but she didn’t care. Allan Sinclair tasted as refreshing as he smelled—like rain forests on a cool morning, yet tempting and dark. And with every twirl of his tongue he promised hidden pleasures piled one on top of the other, ensuring she’d never be the same after he was done setting fires not only on her lips and her tongue but every inch of her body, and she couldn’t wait for the promises he presented to be fulfilled.

And even as he pulled away, ending the flight to the heavens with feather kisses, and a swipe of his tongue over the nips of his teeth on her lips, she knew she would never be the same from that moment henceforth.

* * * *

Allan pulled away because he knew if he didn’t stop now he never would. The taste of her mouth was intoxicating. He’d never felt like this with anyone else, especially not with Theresa.

He stared down at his little drug, his breathing heavy and uncontrolled, but she seemed serene, at peace, and happy with her eyes closed and her lips spread in the loveliest smile he’d ever seen, not at all starved for breath like he was. How could she be so peaceful when she’d just fed off him, pulling out not only his breath but everything that was inside him with just her sweet lips?

Allan knew it was crazy taking her to Venice. He’d only suggested it at first to annoy Theresa. But now he couldn’t wait for the moment they’d be alone on his yacht with nothing but the bright night lights and cool water around them. If it were possible, he would’ve whisked her away at that very moment. But firing Michael had set him back significantly and there was the matter about her not having a passport.

But he didn’t have to take her to Venice to finally taste every inch of the hidden treasures under her waitress uniform. He could easily book a suite, carry her upstairs immediately, and relieve the rock hard erection the taste of her lips had caused.

But no. He had to take her to Venice. Just to make it special for her. He didn’t know why, but aside from the problems she’d already rambled about—he liked her rambling and this was the second time it had aroused him—he had a feeling there was something else that kept her so timid and shy.

He then glanced over at Loraine. Loraine might have introduced herself to him as a rabid bulldog ready to rip him to shreds if he hurt Riana but he was growing to not only like but appreciate her vicious nature. Riana needed a friend like Loraine who’d always have her back and not one like her asshole boyfriend and jockey roommate. And because of her vicious nature, and for the sake of his sanity, he wasn’t going to touch Riana again until they reached Venice. Then he was going to try and convince her to stay the month and each day he would endeavor to make it special for her.

Why? At the moment he had no clue, nor did he care to rationalize why he felt he must. He was going to do this for her because he wanted to.


He placed his hand on her cheek and she leaned into it with a sigh. Allan drew in a deep breath. She was making it near impossible to keep from walking back into the hotel and booking a suite.

“You won’t fail your last paper. You’ll just have to go to the library to study because frankly that’s what libraries are for. You will stay with Loraine and live off her rich parents’ money for a while because I’m sure the only reason she’s working is to annoy them and exert her independence. And finally, in a week’s time, we’ll be leaving for Venice, where we’ll live on my yacht and make love every night because during the day I’ll be working. I would have preferred to spend the days with you too, but that can’t be helped since I just fired Michael. And you’ll pass the days away spending my money which I’m sure won’t be as much as Theresa usually does.”

He tucked his fingers under her chin and pushed her head up so that he could look into her eyes. “And Riana?”


“I promise I won’t be selfish when we have sex. I’ll make you come so hard until you lay shattered and spent in my arms before I take my own pleasures.” He brushed his lips against hers and Riana parted her lips in anticipation of another kiss. “Am I clear, Riana?”

Riana went on her toes to close the hair’s breadth distance between their lips. “Perfectly.”

He chuckled and pressed a lingering kiss on her lips. “Did you even hear a word I said?”

She ran the tip of her tongue over his lower lip. “I’m not sure. Do you want to tell me again?”

Loraine laughed shaking her head. “Don’t worry about it, Allan. I’ll repeat it to her when she finally sobers from your kiss, word for word.”

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