Her Venice Affair: The Albury Affairs #1

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Chapter Nine

Riana walked into the small jet and stopped at the door. She leaned forward and peeped inside. It was small. Really small. Claustrophobic small!

She’d only been on a plane three times. Once when she flew to Florida to bury her mother, then to Washington to say goodbye to her brother when he was deported, and finally back to New York and to her lonely, family-less life.

Oh Mama, I miss you so much. Reno, I wish I’d gone home with you. Riana batted her lashes rapidly to hold the tears back.

Reno had her sell everything they’d owned to afford the funeral and the rest was used on air fare and living expenses for her. The little possessions that were too sentimental to sell Riana kept in her apartment—well, not her apartment anymore. Loraine promised to pack up her stuff and move them to Riana’s new home before the end of the month, in case Steve and Claire decided to pawn them for rent.

“Hello, I’m Gina, and welcome aboard. Please take your seat. I’ll bring you some refreshments before takeoff.” The flight attendant said with a sweet, polite voice and a perfect, red smile on her face.

Riana nodded with a quivering smile. She took a cautious step in. She was tempted to ask where the emergency exists were and if there were any parachutes available. Instead she asked, “Where’s Allan…I mean Mr. Sinclair?”

“Mr. Sinclair is asleep. If you like, you may take the seat next to him.”

Riana nodded and quickly moved to the seat next to Allan. Being next to him might help take the edge off. She wasn’t particularly fond of flying.

She stopped before him and smiled. He looked completely relaxed and gentle, unlike when he was wide awake. She’d noticed at the charity ball he was so stiff, upright and stoic, with a stern business look on his face. Well, except for when he was comforting her.

Riana’s smile widened to a grin when he sighed and smiled. He was having a wonderful dream and she was glad for him.

She sat down and buckled in tightly. Then she took a look around the compact plane.

The seats were just like those in first class on commercial flights, large and comfortable. Only these were covered in tan leather and there were two others facing them. The seats were situated the same way on the other side of the plane. Behind her seat there was a table full of papers and an office chair. And right across there was a long couch that matched the seats.

Right at the back of the plane there was a door. The flight attendant, Gina, walked past her with a smile and paused at the door. She opened it, closed it behind her once she was inside, and then five minutes later, she walked out and closed the door again.

“Excuse me,” Riana whispered—she didn’t want to wake Allan. “What’s behind that door?”

Gina’s lips spread into a knowing smile. She leaned down to whisper in Riana’s ear, “It’s a bedroom.”

“A what!” Riana quickly covered her mouth and turned to Allan. He stirred in his seat but he didn’t wake up. She turned back to Gina. “Why would the owner need a bed in a plane?”

“For long flights and for the lady friends Mr. Sinclair brings along to keep him company, especially during long trips out of the States.” She straightened, and then winked. “It is his personal jet after all. Enjoy your flight.”

Riana watched her walk away, stunned. She wasn’t sure what shocked her more, Allan owning his own plane or that she was about to be one of the many Allan had already bedded in his plane. She most definitely did not want to become one of the many. Riana groaned as the logic sank in. Not one of the many? Here she was going to Venice with him! Some moral compass!

“Fasten your seat belts we are about to take off,” the captain’s voice echoed.

Riana checked Allan’s belt. It was fastened, thank God. She wasn’t sure about digging her hands under him searching for the belt and bringing her fingers close to his crotch. She leaned back into her seat, closed her eyes and began reciting the Lord’s Prayer, just like the three other times she’d been on a plane.

* * * *

One hour into the smooth flight, Riana was sipping her fruit juice when Allan began talking in his sleep. The way he was groaning, she thought he was having a nightmare, until she saw the bulge in his pants. She swallowed hard. That was worse.

Riana shook him. “Allan, wake up!”

He turned to her and groaned again.


Riana froze when his eyes opened and he stared right at her. Then he pounced. She didn’t even see it coming.

He pulled her out of her seat easily, as she had already unbuckled her belt, and he pulled her onto his lap. She struggled against him until he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her senselessly into submission.

* * * *

Allan ran his hand from her knee to her hip, kneading her flesh and pulling her closer to him. He knew he was dreaming, but for a fantasy she felt and tasted so real, so perfect and delicious.

“Mr. Sinclair. Mr. Sinclair.”

The voice wasn’t Riana calling out in ecstasy. It kept getting higher and higher, interrupting his fantasy. He pulled away from Riana and looked up. “What?”

Gina stepped back, seemingly stunned by his harsh tone. “Your dinner is ready, Mr. Sinclair, Miss Albury.”

“Dinner?” Allan looked at Riana. She wasn’t a fantasy. She was real, curled up on his lap, his hand between her thighs, the other under her arm cupping her heavy breast. She had her face tucked in the crook of his neck, one hand in his hair the other lay lazily on his shoulder.

He cleared his throat. “Ah…thanks, Gina.”

Once she left, he turned to Riana. “Honey?”


He chuckled, rubbing his cheek against hers. “Time for dinner.”

She giggled inching away from him. “Your cheek is rough and ticklish.”

“Oh, really?” He rubbed his cheek against hers as she again released another giggle.

“Stop! You’ll give me a rash!” She pulled away from his neck and stared at him, making Allan catch his breath.

She looked so beautiful and gentle and he felt a twinge of remorse for her puffy, very ravished, red lips.

“I like it when you kiss me,” she whispered running her thumb over his lower lip and biting on her own.

Allan pulled her thumb into his mouth and nibbled on it. She giggled, making her eyes sparkle like diamonds.

“I like it when I kiss you,” he whispered back.

She reached up offering her lips and he leaned down, stopping a hair’s breadth away. She needed to eat. It was a long flight and a lot of hours for him to have his way with her. He needed to keep her strength up and the thought of her growling stomach interrupting them didn’t sit well with him.

“You need to eat.”

She curled her fingers in his hair and pulled him down. Right before she kissed him, she whispered wetly on his lips, “I had a heavy lunch.”

Riana had never been the first one to initiate any kind of intimacy, as much as she wanted it. She thought it was the man’s job and if she usurped him he would feel emasculated.

She felt how wrong her theory was when Allan moved his hand higher between her thighs to cup her and his hand on her breast massaged her, trapping her nipple with two fingers as he rolled, pinched and pulled it. He kissed her harder, like he wanted to consume her. She felt the liquid heat pool between her legs and an urgent need seized her.

Should she initiate sex, too? Or would she seem too wanton?

She really wanted to. If not for her pleasure, at least for a confidence boast. Her co-workers always said she had low self-esteem. Why else would she date a dead beat like Steve? they said. But that wasn’t true. Steve just changed colors like a chameleon and she wasn’t around much to see each one.

Riana gave her mind a shake. Enough about Steve.

She wiggled on Allan’s lap and found all the encouragement she needed.

Allan groaned, pushing upward to press his erection against her ass as his hands grew greedy, massaging harder and groping tighter.

She knew he wanted this as much as she did.

Riana pulled away and whispered breathlessly, “Tell her not to come back until you call.”

“Honey, she got the picture when you jumped me.”

“Good.” Riana didn’t need her judging her for being one of Allan’s in-flight bed companions.

Riana straddled him, widening her thighs enough for their arousals to touch. She felt a zing shoot through her at the contact and she gasped. She moved her hips around and Allan groaned, grabbing her hips and sinking his fingers into her flesh as he held her down tightly against him.

“You are killing me, Riana!”

“Don’t die just yet.”

Riana grabbed his tie and quickly disposed of it. Then she began unbuttoning his shirt with shaky fingers. When she was done, she tugged the shirt out of his designer trousers and threw it where his tie had landed. She then took a moment to admire his torso.

She was in awe. The man was truly built like a Greek god. His chest was wide with perfect pecks and not a single hair in sight. She looked down at his abs. He looked smooth—her fingers itched to touch him. She looked down at his abs. Six perfect cubes were carved out and she had a crazy urge to stick her tongue in his naval. But first she wanted to touch him.

She looked into his desire filled eyes in a silent question and he nodded. With ginger fingers, she placed her hands on his broad shoulders, ran her fingers over them and journeyed to his neck. He sucked in a breath, closed his eyes, and leaned his head back.

Riana rested her hands on his neck for a moment and sucked her nervous lower lip into her mouth. She wanted to make sure it was still okay to touch him.

Allan ran his hands lightly from her hips to her thighs, rubbing her inner thighs with his thumbs before he rested his hands on her hips again.

The light touch felt like an erotic tickle and Riana let out a shaky sigh.

She went back to her ministration.

She ran her fingers over his chest, circling his pebble-like nipples and making him draw in a sharp breath. She found his reaction fascinating. She then touched his abs, running her fingers in the valleys that separated the cubes. His muscles tightened there, making his his stomach hard as stone. She set her sights on his navel. She really did want to stick her tongue there. Odd. She probably should start with something normal before she freaked him out.

She pushed a button in the armrest of his seat to lower the backrest. Aside from raising his hips and pushing her down so that he could rub against her, he didn’t move. She leaned down and licked one nipple, like Steve used to do. Allan gasped, his hold on her becoming painfully tight. She circled her tongue around the pebble and Allan’s hips shot up.

“Riana!” he half-yelled with a husky voice.

Taking a note out of Allan’s book, she pinched his nipple, keeping the assault on the other with her tongue.

Allan growled grabbing her shoulder and pushing her away. Quickly she sank lower and did what she really wanted—she stuck her tongue in his naval and kissed it.


She thought she’d freaked him out until he pulled her up and she looked into his eyes. She swallowed hard with anticipation. What she saw was pure predator lust.

He quickly righted his seat, and then pulled her sweater plus her T-shirt over her head in one go. Her nipples tightened instantly from the cool air. Then he released her hair and combed his fingers through it, pulling some over her shoulders and making a curly, black-brown frame around her face.

“Beautiful,” he whispered with so much awe that for the first time in her life she actually believed it.

He then looked down at her chest and it swelled with trapped air.

He chuckled, pressing one hand on her back and the other settling on one breast. “You naughty girl. No bra.”

He pulled her free nipple into his mouth and sucked so hard that Riana gasped loudly, arching forward to push herself into him even more. She felt the current shoot straight from her nipple to her aching core and she rolled her hips against him to sooth it.

After what felt like hours of torture he switched breasts and that was all she could stand. “Allan, please!”

“Not yet. You are so beautiful. I could taste you forever.”

Riana was ready to explode. There was no way she could take any more of this and be denied what she really wanted. She cupped him through his trousers and squeezed hard.

Allan jumped, pulling her assaulting hand away. “Damn it! You play dirty.”

He rose swiftly with her and rushed them to the back. He entered the room and dropped her unceremoniously on the bed. He quickly got rid of their remaining clothes and settled between her thighs.

“Yes!” she cheered, wrapping her legs around his waist.

“This time it will be hard and fast but I promise you next time we’ll take it slow.”

Riana didn’t care. She just wanted to feel him inside her. For the first time in her life, her arousal could not go ignored and unsatisfied. She needed him to sooth the burning or she was going to expire from the heat.

He fumbled with something above her head then cursed.

“What is it?” she demanded impatiently.

“I gave all my condoms to Theresa.” He closed his eyes and groaned. “Please, please, please tell me you have some?”


“Damn it!”

He tried to get out of her hold on him but she held him to her. There was no way it was going to end like this after how much they fired each other up.

“I swear I’m clean. I get checked every month and I’m on the three month contraceptive injection. Don’t you dare leave me like this!”

“Thank God.” Then with one thrust he was inside her.

Riana winced, crying out. It hurt and he was too big. He stretched her past capacity.

“I should have entered you with my fingers first, but damn you are so tight and hot!”

He circled his hips, stretching her and the movement also tickled her, building up the pleasure. She arched up, asking for more.

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly against him. Nothing, not even air, could pass between their bodies. She hooked her arms under his shoulders as he rocked inside her, his heavy breathing in her ear. As the tempo picked up and the crescendo of her pleasure grew, she couldn’t keep still. She writhed under him, raising her knees higher on his back. Stars flashed behind her eyes and her head flew back when he sank deeper inside her. He panted audibly in her ear as his thrusts grew harder and faster.

Riana felt Allan change the angle of his hips. Her entire body stiffened and she cried out when he rubbed her throbbing nub as he thrust inside her.

Steve didn’t know shit about sex!

Allan began kissing her, pulling her tongue into his mouth and suckling it. Riana saw Allan’s intention. He wanted to consume her, take all she could give as payment for taking her right into the stars. And she willingly gave it to him, opening both her body and her heart to him. She wanted to feel this new pleasure he gave her until it marked every part of her because she knew she was never going to feel like this ever again.

This, whatever he was doing to her, was a hell of a lot more than sexual pleasure. It was doing something to her. She didn’t know what, but she held on to the feeling.

She broke the kiss and turned her head away from him. The pleasure got so intense she tried to escape from under him, begging him to stop. She couldn’t take anymore, her entire body felt like an exposed nerve.

“Not until you come,” he breathed into her ear in response.

A few seconds later, she did just that, shuddering in his arms with a loud scream. Her head felt light as she rode the clouds of pleasure, her body completely relaxed and sated, but still spasming. It took a while for her to come back down to earth, and on her descent she felt Allan slamming into her with more urgency. His arms around her were so tight she thought he would break her ribs, but she didn’t care, she was too happy for it to matter.

As a way to say thank you, she clenched around him and Allan sucked in a strangled breath, his thrusts becoming shorter and more violent.

“I need to…”

Riana felt him pulling out of her and she dropped her feet to his ass, digging her heels in and pushing him back in. “I want it all, Allan.”

He groaned and shuddered. His muscles were so tight she though they would burst out through his skin. He took two long hard thrusts that pushed her up, her head touching the headboard and on his third he expelled inside her with a shout.

She felt him jerk inside her repeatedly and felt warmth as his seed filled her womb. A thrill tingled from her heart straight to her core and she came again.

He dropped his full weight on top of her, weak, spent, and heaving for breath. He was heavy but she didn’t care. She stroked his wet hair, running her hands over his perspiring body and kissed his temple. She was happy, and she finally knew what making love was supposed to feel like.

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