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A woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do.

Call them underhanded tactics but I needed to do something to get Corbyn away from Zara, even if it met giving him ridiculous ultimatums. I was prepared to come off as petty and insecure if it meant erasing her existence from his life.

When Justin went to fish his bride out of the ladies’ restroom, we went back to our table and waited.

“Just so we’re clear,” Zara leaned closer to me and whispered for my ears only. “Corbyn is leaving with me tonight. And I intend to screw his brains out. I am going to be his first.”

“We’ll see.”

“Oh, it’s going to happen,” she gave me a sultry smile. “Watch and learn, Blueberry.”

She knew I was on to her because I watched her like a hawk, which was just as well. Whatever Corbyn ate or drank, it went through me first. He thought I was being romantic-or melodramatic-when I was feeding him morsels of food all night. If she was going to take him down she’d have to go take me along with him. When I went to the bathroom, I noticed her talking to a waiter in a corner and saw them slipping something into the drinks before switching them around.

She walked back to him and settled her head into the nook of his shoulder as she handed him the glass. I ran through the crowd trying to get to him but I knew I wasn’t going to make it on time. But all I could do was try.

The witch held the glass to his lips, urging him to take another sip and like a sheep led to the slaughter, he took a long drink and smiled at her, and repeated the action over and over again.

“What is this? It’s really good,” he was saying to her.

“My little secret,” she purred. “And it’s non-alcoholic. Just the way you like it.”

I hurtled forward and flounced onto his lap, spilling the drink all over the vindictive witch’s white dress. “Oopsie!” I giggled at my supposed clumsiness. “Sorry, Zara. I have another dress in the trunk of my car if you’d like to change?” I dangled my car keys in midair. Her face contorted with rage, and her eyes blackened but my smile stayed in place. “I think we’re about the same size-they still have tags on them. You don’t have to return whatever you take. You can keep it.”

“Why thank you, Blue,” she accepted them and gave me a sugary smile. “You’re too kind.” Her look was one of frigid anger as she turned and stormed away.

’Cookie…did you do that on purpose?”

“No, I’m just drunk on love,” I picked up from the song that was playing in the background. I pinched his chin between my fingers and kissed him before I slid off his lap. “Now I feel bad. Let me go and check on her-help her clean up and pick an outfit or something.”

“Thanks for trying to get along with her,” he pulled me back. His lips traced the line from my neck to my jaw with small, hot kisses, sending exquisite shivers down my spine. “I appreciate it.”

I placed my hands on his shoulders and eased him back down. “Don’t thank me yet, my sweet little innocent,” I got up and chucked his chin. “But you owe me.” If only he knew what I had planned. “I’ll be right back, but why don’t you check on Justin and Terrel?”

“They’re on the dance floor,” he jerked his head towards the couple that were glued together like they were Siamese twins. “Doesn’t look like there’s going to be a wedding tonight.”

“Oh, it’s still on,” he laughed and stretched his hand along the back of the couch. “He’s just waiting for the officiator to call him back and let him know where we can meet him.”

“Looks like it’s going to be a midnight wedding?”


“Keep an eye on them,” I told him as I made my way out, signaling to my bodyguards to come with me. We had a little problem to take care of.

As I suspected, Zara was sitting in the driver seat of my Porsche, rifling through every nook and cranny.

I leaned on the ledge of the open door and she didn’t even notice me. “I hope you find what you’re looking for?”

“Blue!” she gasped. “I was just looking for-uh-lipstick and perfume. I feel sticky and sweaty and I…”

“What was in the drink you gave, Corbyn?”


“Don’t play dumb with me, Zara. Start talking!”

“It was just an aphrodisiac…” she jutted her chin, meeting my gaze defiantly. “It wasn’t intended to harm him. I might have slipped some into the food too. I hope you have someone to help you scratch the itch.”

“Oh, I’d be worried about myself if I was you,” I retorted. “I am not letting you anywhere near him.”

“Since you don’t want him why not let me just seduce him?”
“What if that’s not what he wants?”

“He wants me,” she simpered. “He just needs a bit of convincing.”

“I can’t let that happen.”

“Why? You don’t want him so step out of the way.” She slipped into a pair of white sandals and grabbed her purse, giving her long curls a toss to send them cascading down her back instead of tickling her shoulders.

“Do you need more time to freshen up?” I straightened up and put my hands behind my back, a smug look on my face. “You got it.” I winked and my security lurched forward and scooped her off the seat then threw her over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?!” she screamed.

“Taking you back home. Where you belong,” I replied in a calm voice. “You know what to do boys,” I addressed my security detail. “Make sure she gets on the plane and don’t leave until she does.”
I stood at the curb and watched the car drive away until it disappeared into the night. Maybe now I could finally stop stressing and enjoy myself.

I was walking back inside when Corbyn came out the door. “Hey, are you okay? Where is Zara?”

“She said she wasn’t feeling well so she went home.”

“Makes two of us,” he said, running a hand over his brow. “I don’t feel so good myself.”

“Do you want to leave?” I linked my arms with his and looked at him with concern His eyes were dilated and he was unsteady.

“Can’t, Justin says we need to come with him and sign as witnesses.”

Just then the happy couple emerged. “Let’s do this!” The blushing bride hollered as they ran to the waiting limo.

“I think you’d better ride with me,” I said, taking his hand in mine.

“I wouldn’t mind riding you, cookie,” he nuzzled my neck then found his lips with my own, making me lose my senses. “Spend the night with me? Say yes?” at that moment, whatever he asked of me the answer would be yes.

“You’re drunk,” I laughed as we staggered along.

“Yes,” he admitted, “I would still ask you the same thing in my sober senses.”

“Then yes,” I relented, opening the door for him. “I would love to spend the night with you, honeycomb.”

“And be my first?”

“I don’t think-”

He moved closer and his finger pressed against my lips. “Let’s not talk about this now. Think about it?”

We were meeting the marriage officer at his family home near the beach, up the coast. Since we were intruding in his private space, he conducted the ceremony speedily and hurried us off. The newly-weds wanted to celebrate but Corbyn was barely able to stand let alone keep his eyes open. I was beginning to feel woozy myself.

“I think I need to take this little one home,” I said, wrapping my arm around his waist as we walked back to our cars. “Why don’t you two go ahead?”

“Take good care of my boy,” Justin said, giving his a glance. “Don’t hurt him.”

“I won’t,” I replied.

“We’re going to take the celebration home, too. Bye!” Terrel giggled, waving to us as the limo sped off.

As I was strapping Corbyn in, he somehow sprang back to life. He hauled me on top of him and my tight dress rode up my thighs as I straddled him. He threaded his fingers through my hair and lowered my head, swirling his tongue in my mouth.

“I want you, Blue…” He teased and nipped, his kiss deep enough to rob me of any resistance yet light enough that

“We can’t…” I tried to practice restraint but he was making it so hard. I wanted his first time to be special but at the rate we were going he was going to have a very interesting story to tell his friends…

“Corbyn…” I panted his name, grinding into him.


He groaned as he moved his lips to my neck. He nibbled a sensitive spot and I gasped with yearning the fire tearing through me. His hands had started to move torturously slow, his fingers skimming up and down the inside of my sensitized skin, driving me so close to the edge that I almost went over. Doors were closed and locked. While zips were pulled down and more skin was exposed for touching and kissing. My head was reeling to the point of being fevered. Never had I wanted anyone with such fierce intensity. I needed him more than the very air I breathed.

His mouth and his hands continued to torment me as he sucked and caressed. His rough beard grazed my skin as I rocked against him, my cries of pleasure urging him on. I felt the magical moment when he peaked and I responded as I came undone, clutching him as he raced to join me at the finish line.

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