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With The Night


I paced up and down the driveway of what used to be my home, before my mom and son moved to Los Angeles. I circled the fountain again and stared at the moonlight that made creepy shapes in the forested landscape; and the full moon began to show from behind the lime trees, a fresh white dewy mist began to rise, and stillness reigned all over the place. .I hadn’t even changed out of my dress. Couldn’t get the courage to go back into the house. It suddenly felt forbidding and it was still eerie walking around the place alone, knowing he had been there. I walked to the wrought-iron gate and checked and re-checked my phone to see if Corbyn had responded to my frantic texts. He hadn’t. Not yet anyway.

He was usually so quick to respond. Maybe he was driving or something. I was so anxious for him to get here that it couldn’t happen fast enough. Deacon had come by earlier and the security denied him entry. What was he even thinking dropping by my house at this time of the night? His threats became more intense and his calls were bordering on harassment.

My smartphone rang again and I answered without checking who it was because I hoped it was Corbyn.

“About time,” he drawled. “You think you’re too special now don’t you?” he growled in a low threatening voice. “Don’t even think of cutting this call!”

“What do you want, Deacon?” I said, walking down the winding path that led back to the house.

“My money. It’s way overdue now, don’t you think?” he reiterated. “Your mother-in-law slash grandmama is threatening to take me back to prison because I haven’t delivered on what I promised.”
I drew in a deep breath, the shaking fingers of my right hand tightening around the device. “You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.”

“Do you really love the pretty boy, Blue? I’m beginning to wonder if you care for him at all.”

“My son is the most important thing to me. Same goes for, Corbyn.”

“No one wants to hurt your son. His grandmother just wants to spend time with him,” he intoned sounding impatiently aggressive. “She gave me her word. Why can’t you just-”

“Not going to happen,” I conveyed. “Even over my dead body.”

“But why don’t you open the gate so we can reach some kind of agreement?”

Immediately I swung around and there he was. A dark, intimidating figure in a hoodie stood in the shadows of the night.

Dark. Dangerous. A lethal predator. He possessed harshly hewn cheeks, a fierce slash of a nose, a square determined jaw and chiseled lips that now pressed into a grim line. Glittering black eyes stared through the iron bars as I turned around.

Fear slithered down my spine as my eyes met his beady ones. “Get away from there! Now!”

“Money or the love of your life?” he sneered. “He just rounded the corner and if you don’t do what I say, he is about to meet with an unfortunate accident, that will turn his body to toast. Consider your next move very carefully kitty.”

I repressed another shiver and tried to keep my voice steady. “You will never win this one.”

“I’m a desperate man. Don’t test me, Blue.”

He hung up and stuffed his phone in his pocket, while keeping a wary eye on my security guards that were waiting for my instructions.

“Take him away,” I instructed the head of security. But he was more than ready for them.

The next moment unfolded so fast…

Until this day I don’t know how I’m still alive.

Deacon pulled out a gun and took aim but my bodyguard reacted out of pure instinct and shoved me out of harm’s way, taking the bullet that was meant for me, straight through the chest.

I blinked and Deacon was gone. It’s like he just vanished into the shadows undetected. A search party combed the woods, leaving no stone unturned but he was nowhere to be found.

My bodyguard was rushed to the hospital and was rushed straight to surgery. Corbyn showed up much later and after being interrogated by the police, I had no more strength left to talk.

As usual he knew exactly what I needed without having to ask. He took me to the waiting room and he held me like my life depended on it.

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