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The Blues


When I arrived at Blue’s house, I found her in her comfortable bed, tucked warmly under the covers and sleeping so soundly that she never heard me come in, even when I leaned over her and kissed her unresponsive lips. Her signature blue hair fanned across her pillow, giving an angelic glow about her. My breath caught as I stared at the sleeping beauty. Watching her sleep had become my favorite pastime.

When my phone buzzed in my pocket, I tiptoed on the plush carpet and stepped out of the room, gently pulling the door shut. Jordan had been blowing up my phone and I didn’t want to respond until I was on my way to LA. I darted to the bottom of the stairs and as I was about to exit the front door, a voice stopped me in my tracks.

“Were you really going to leave without saying goodbye, Coleman?”

A grin spread across my face as I turned around and rested my back on the frosted glass door. “I didn’t want to wake you, Cookie.”

As she descended the long stairway, her palm caressed the smooth, shiny brass of the banisters. She wore a silk, pink camisole and matching shorts that revealed her gorgeous cleavage and long, shapely legs. Her shoulder-length hair was disheveled but she still managed to look effortlessly sexy as her sleepy eyes squinted at the sunlight that streamed through the floor the windows. She stopped midway and slumped against the wall.

“Are you still mad at me?” she asked, tilting her head.

“Should I be?”

“Are you?” She cocked her head again, then turned into the living room, lumbering to the sofa, climbing up on it to lie down.

I leaned on the doorjamb and shook my head to express my disappointment. “Why did you do it, Laura-Jane?”

“Jordan called. Woke me up actually,” she sidestepped my question. “He says you were supposed to be back in LA this morning? Something about a radio interview later tonight?”

“Oh, yeah!” I slapped my forehead with my palm in a rhythmic beat. “I forgot all about it!”

“Well, as much as I’d love your company, you’d better get going. You know how the Big Boss can get…he sounded like he was in a mood too.”

“Can you give me a lift? I don’t have my car. Chase dropped me off.”

“Sure,” she sighed and stretched her graceful body to its full height. “Give me a few minutes to change and look decent.”

“You still haven’t answered my question?” I reverted to our previous conversation. “Why did you thrash Zara? And why did you tell me Deacon has been harassing you when he’s still in prison?”

“What is this? Some sort of inquisition, Agent Coleman?” she stripped her clothes in the middle of her bedroom and narrowed her eyes. “Do I have the right to remain silent?”

“I’m trying to understand-” My eyes fell on a very prominent mark on her neck and I stopped, staring at her in disbelief. “Who did that to you? Who gave you that mark Blue?”

“Gee I don’t know…” she retorted with sarcasm. “I woke up and it was there!”

“I’m being serious, Blue!” I demanded as I followed her into her walk-in closet.

“Stop acting like a jealous husband!” she fumed, throwing a sweater in my face. “For your own information, you gave it to me, jerkface!”

“When?!” My mind flew back twenty-four hours and I couldn’t remember a thing.

“Does it matter?! You wouldn’t remember even if I told you,” she grunted, slipping on a pair of black skinny jeans.

“I don’t recall giving it to you.”

“Then that’s just too bad!”

“Can we not fight..?” I ran a hand over my face and tried to control my raging hormones. It was hard having an argument with a flustered but half-naked Blue. My eyes suddenly twinkled and my mouth slid into a lopsided smile. “You know that you look really hot and super-sexy when you’re mad.”

“You make me so mad!” she growled through clenched teeth. She covered the distance between us in two strides, hopping onto me and wrapping her legs around my waist. Surrendering her lips to mine as we tumbled onto the soft bed, divesting our clothes quickly and frantically.

And soon we got caught up in the fiery passion, we didn’t even know what we were fighting for.
“Step on it River’s!” I hounded her as we down the highway. The top was down and our designer shades were on as the wind wept through our hair.

“I’m going as fast as this Porsche can go-and that’s way beyond the speed limit!” she gave the car more gas and it straightened up, darting between two vehicles.

“Jordan is going to fry my nuts when I get there.”

“Tell him to save some for me,” she flashed a saucy smile and winked.
“This is all your fault.”
“You distracted me.”
“Are you complaining, honeycomb?”
I slid a hand down her thigh and gave a little squeeze. “Not at all…”

“Thought so,” she answered with a smug smile.
“Thanks…” I smiled and she knew exactly what I was referring to.
“Did I make it special for you my little not so innocent anymore?”

“I’ll give you an E for your efforts.”

“As if you could do any better!” She took one hand off the steering wheel and punched my shoulder

“Hey, did I drop my wallet in here yesterday?”

“Not sure,” she shrugged. “But you can check.”
I sighed and began my search in the console and the dashboard. “Did anyone clean your car today?”

“No, don’t think so.”

I felt under the white leather seat and my fingers met with a wrapper. At first, I thought it was a candy or gum, but on closer inspection, I saw it was a wrapper of the sensual kind.

“Did someone borrow this car today? Yesterday, I don’t know…any time?”
“No. Why?”

“You’re sure? You’re the only one that used this car?”

“Yeah. I had the keys with me the whole time.”

“Then what is this?” I held the incriminating evidence between my thumb and index finger.

She slid her sunglasses up and gave it a quick disinterested glance. “A wrapper for a rubber..?”
My chest was clenched so tight, I felt physical pain as I stared at the proof of her betrayal. “And why do you have a condom wrapper in your car, Blue? And please don’t tell me it was me!!”
“How dare you accuse me!!?”

“Well, you wanted to see other people! How can I not Laura-Jane?! Didn’t take you long didn’t it?!” In total loss of my temper, I crushed the flimsy paper in my fist. “After what just happened…how could you?!”
“How could I what Corbyn?!”
”Who was he?!”

“Who? What are you going on about?!”

“You screwed someone else in this car last night and you-you just slept with me!! Who does that?!”

“Apparently I do! Because I’m such a slutty slut isn’t that right?!” Her small sports car skidded to a stop in front of the landing strip as she slammed on the breaks. “Get out!!”
“Why are you pissed with me?!” I yelled at her. “I’m not the one who cheated!”

“For you to validate your claims it would mean we were actually in a relationship!”

Her stinging words hung in the tension-filled air. “Message received!” I shoved the passenger door open and grabbed my bag from the back seat. “You’ll never hear from me again. Have a nice life!” I said, slamming the door and stalking off.

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