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Morning Swim


It was the second leg of my tour and I had Ashton and my mom join me in Sweden. I took a couple of days off and booked us into a lodge that had suspended cabins in forest trees, a ski shed, and an amusement park. Then we flew to Madrid, Spain, where I had a couple of shows lined up. My son was excited to be here with me but he couldn’t stop asking for Corbyn. He was beginning to sound like a scratched record. It didn’t help that I had got him a phone and this particular person’s number was on speed dial. He was currently touring South America and because of the time difference, it sometimes went unanswered and would go to voicemail. He would always return the call though, every single time. My ex and my son had a bond that not even I could understand. Not to mention my mom loved him. She thought he was perfection in the flesh.

We had checked into a private villa that was nestled in pretty landscaped gardens, with a stylish outdoor swimming pool and a lovely terrace where you could just relax on the sundeck. One morning, my son bounced onto my bed and dragged me to the living area. “Corbie is on TV mommy! You have to come and see!” It wasn’t a surprise, he was the hottest piece of male flesh at the moment. The media couldn’t get enough of his gorgeous face. His album was topping the charts and he was on almost every TV and radio station. And with Jordan and Kyle backing him all the way, anything he touched, turned to news.

I allowed myself to be pulled along and trudged into the room, plopping in front of the TV with a sigh.
How could my heart not skip a beat when his face graced the flat screen? He was not camera-shy anymore, if anything he loved the camera and the camera loved him. He was ambushed as he was entering a radio station for an early morning interview. Although he was in cargo pants and a hoodie he still looked delicious, with his messy curls and piercing green eyes.

‘Is there any special lady in your life?” the reporter was asking. “We’ve heard rumors about you and the British-French model Samantha Dubois, Zara Wilson as well as pop-sensation Blue Rivers? Care to set the record straight on this love triangle?’

“Those are just rumors,” he clarified. ’I like Zara and Sam but just as friends. For the record, I’m still single,” he winked at the journo and she blushed.

’Thank you. That will be all,” his manager Ryan intervened, taking Corbyn’s arm and steering him towards the entrance of the studio.
My stomach twisted into a knot and my throat constricted. He didn’t even mention my name. “Let’s get you some breakfast,” I said to Ashton, ruffling his hair before reaching out for the phone and calling room service.

“When is Corbyn going to come and see us, mom?”

“Maybe you should ask him the next time he calls,” I replied. “What would you like to eat?”

“Can I call him now?”

“I don’t think-”

“I’ll just try and if he doesn’t pick up I know he’ll call me back-if I leave a message.” He bolted to his room before I could stop him.

I sighed and gazed out the window, where the lagoon-style swimming pool glistened invitingly in the morning sunlight. Maybe taking a refreshing dip was exactly what I needed to take my mind off things. I headed back to my room and quickly changed into a white one-piece, tying my hair into a messy bun. Grabbing a towel I went out the sliding glass doors of the balcony that were adjoined to my suite.
I stood at the ledge and dove into the crystal clear water, swimming several laps before stopping to take a break. I ducked my head underwater again and shimmied to the other end. As I broke out of the water I gasped, not because I was out of breath, but because a shadow loomed over me.

“Hello kitty,” the lecherous bastard stared down at me, openly ogling me. “Perfect timing don’t you think?”

“What are you doing here, Deacon?” I heaved my body up with calm steadiness. “How did you even get in?”

“I have my ways….” He snickered and handed me a towel. “Start moving,” he gripped my wrists and pulled me forward. “We’re going to take a walk, princess.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” I yanked my hands free and stumbled around him, wanting to flee.

“Cookie?” I heard my mother’s worried voice call out from the terrace. “Is everything okay?”

“Good morning, Mrs. Rivers,” Deacon’s mouth slid into a smile, totally transforming his dark features. His greatest charm was his pleasant behavior and how he could switch from sweet to mean in a micro-second. “I’m just trying to convince your daughter to join me for breakfast.”

“And who might you be?” my mother stared down at him.

“An old friend,” he alleged. “Isn’t that right Blue?” he quirked an eyebrow, daring me to counter his claims.

“Yes,” I remarked with a forced smile. “Like really ancient,” I added with a snarky edge.

Mom didn’t catch it. “Then why don’t you come on in and join us for breakfast?”

“No!” The word burst from my lips before I could stop it.

“Okay…” was my mother’s stunned response. “I just thought-”

“Deacon was just leaving,” I stated flatly.

“No, I’m not,” he refuted in a low voice as he brushed past me and tugged playfully on my wet strands. “I was invited to stay so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

“Then hurry, food is getting cold,” my oblivious parent said, turning to go back inside.

“You can’t be here-I’ll alert my security-”
He stopped and scoffed. “I’m sure you’ve figured out that I’ve taken care of them.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in prison?”
“Your gran-mummy decided to give me another chance.” He poked thumbs into his pockets and challenged me with his piercing gaze. “I promised her I’m not going to fail her this time.”

“I’m not afraid of you-or her!” I hissed.

“Then you’d better be babycakes,” he chuckled as he reached over and twisted my hair around his hand, tugging me down. “Time for playing games is up,” he nuzzled my neck before pushing me back. “I’d check on my pretty boy if I was you. Word on the street is he’s about to get rushed to the ER with a strong case of food poisoning. Hope he makes it in time.” He winked at me then started to whistle tunelessly as he sauntered off.

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