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Margaret didn’t seem surprised to see me when I barged into her mansion. The old hag was definitely expecting me. When I pulled up to her gate I was let through by her armed security with no resistance. She was a senator now and obviously not just anyone would be allowed to see her without her prior consent. Her personal assistant took me straight to her home office and gave us privacy.

She swiveled around her high-backed chair and her beady eyes looked back at me. “Hello Laura-Jane. I’ve been waiting for you. Do sit down,” she gestured to the visitor’s chair on the other side of her polished, mahogany desk. “Can I get you tea or coffee? Water? Something stronger perhaps?”

I remained standing. “Where is my son?”

She folded her arms on the desk and didn’t miss a beat. “I’m sorry but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
I flew across the desk and clamped my hands around her neck as I squeezed the air out of her. “Don’t mess with me Margret! Where is he?!”
She clawed at my hands and wheezed, her eyes widening in horror. She thought I had flown off the handle and I would likely kill her. That was good. I wanted her to think that.

“Ashton is the most important thing to me. You know I will do anything to protect him,” I increased the pressure and she was gasping now. “You had no right to take him. To have him kidnapped by Deacon. I will snap your scrawny neck off if he there’s so much as a scratch on him. Do you understand me?”
Her eyes watered and she nodded. “Now where is he?” Loosened my grip slightly and she started sputtering.
“I asked you a question Margaret?”

“I-I- don’t know…” she croaked and coughed again.

My hand clamped around her throat. “Wrong answer. Shall we try that again?” I gripped her chin and pushed it up so our gazes were level.

“He was supposed to bring Ashton her as soon as he collected him from school,” she groaned in a panicked whisper.

“You mean kidnapped?!” I severely castigated her. “You had my son abducted, Margaret. Why?!!”

“I-I-just wanted to spend some time with him,” she fumbled and stammered. “I swear I was going to bring him back.”

I shook her as she spat. “And you expect me to believe that?!”

“He’s all I have left of my son. I just-I’m sorry it all went wrong. I just wanted to see my grandson...” she started to cry but her tears were wasted on me. “I tried to ask you-begged you-I never beg! But you wouldn’t let me anywhere near him. I got desperate. What was I to do?” She gasped for breath and managed to get in words between sobs.

“Do you have any idea where Deacon could have taken him ?”

“No-but I have a very capable team that is looking-”

“It’s been more than twenty-four hours and that pyscho is still missing with my son!” I slammed my hands on the table and glared at her. “I will never forgive you for this!”

“I’m sorry…”

“I’m not,” I slid off the glossy surface and stood beside her. “Just as you put my mother in prison, I’m going to do the same to you. Only difference is you’re going because you belong there.”

“What do you mean?” She stared at me in disbelief, then when realization hit, her eyes flared with renewed fury. “Surely you can’t blame me for what Deacon did?!”

“Goodbye Margaret,” I pulled out the wire I was wearing, throwing it on her plush carpet as I sauntered to the door, letting the police officers in to take over.

“You’re not going to get away with this! Just you wait and see!” she screamed her threats but I carried on walking. She didn’t have any answers and I was wasting precious time.

I was driving back to Zara’s place and I was about to walk into the building, when Zara was wheeled out on a stretcher with Corby following closely with police officers. Before he had a chance to explain, I was ambushed. My rights were read as handcuffs were clamped around my wrists and I was bundled into the back of a squad car. “Don’t touch her!” Corbyn yelled at the law enforcement officers. “She didn’t do it!! You’re making a mistake!”

“I’ll be okay,” I told him. But even I didn’t believe that. “Just get my lawyer, okay?”

“This can’t be happening, cookie. Why is this happening?” he choked on his words. “You don’t need this.”

“Hey, look at me?” I tried to reassure him as I was hauled away. “I’m okay. It’s going to be okay. Please just find my son. Can you do that for me?” I blinked back tears and I saw it was eating him up to see me in chains.

He nodded and kissed me. “I’ll do everything I can to bring him back to you. I promise.”

I was arrested for assaulting Zara and Gemma. The very person that drugged me, stripped me naked and left me in a dark alley. Why was she suddenly the victim? Who killed her? Deacon? Zara was a different story altogether. I was not responsible for beating her to oblivion this time around.

“She didn’t do it! This is crazy!!” Corbyn was physically restrained as the door closed and he looked so helpless as the car drove away. My heart exploded into pieces when I turned and saw him drop to his knees and grab his head in despair.

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