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We all assumed that now that Deacon was in police custody, that would be the catalyst to Blue’s automatic release. Her name would be cleared right?

As long as Blue had no alibi, Deacon’s attorney advised him to remain tight-lipped-which he did, reason being, they didn’t want charges piling up, especially now with him lying on a hospital bed. Our only hope was to get a confession out of Zara. And there the challenge lied. How would we get her to talk without resorting to violence?

Later that evening, we regrouped at Kyle’s because his estate was impenetrable as a fortress. Although Deacon was taken in, we still needed to be cautious, Ashton being the main priority.

After he was examined by a doctor, I made sure he ate before putting him to sleep in one of the guest rooms. He was pretty shaken-up and I hoped with time, he would be able to move past it eventually.

Careful not to let the heels of my shoes make noise in the hallway, I headed for the living room. My smartphone vibrated in the back pocket of my jeans just as I entered the den. It was our attorney Barry informing me he had pulled a few strings; and as Blue’s husband, I would be allowed to see her very briefly tonight.
Even if he had told me I could see her for five minutes it would be worth it. I was really anxious to see her and willing to take whatever I was given.

“Hey guys,” I informed my friends. “I just got a call from Barry. He says I can come through to the station and see my wife.”

They fell back on the sofas and hooted. “Did you guys get that?!” Justin asked in between gasps. “Little Corby got a wife!”

“What’s so funny?” I rolled my eyes, sitting on the armrest. “In case you’re forgetting, she is my wife and we’re about the same age,” I directed to Justin and Torren.

“It’s not about age,” Jordan cackled, standing to ruffle my hair. “But mileage. And yours is still on… about five miles.” His dig invoked more waves of laughter around the room.

“Give him a break guys,” Kyle said without much conviction, clearly biting back a laugh. “It should be applauded that he hasn’t slept with the whole of LA. Unlike some of you…”

“I think this is my cue to leave,” I slapped my knees and stood again. “Please keep an eye on Ashton, I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Don’t worry we got it,” Kyle replied. “Please take a security detail,” he added as I took my leave.

As much as I hated moving around with a group of bodyguards I knew I had no choice. If someone as sweet as Zara wanted to kill me, I didn’t know what to expect anymore.

The driver stood by the SUV, making sure the doors were securely closed before he slipped into the driver’s seat and sped away.
We pulled up to the large modern granite building of the state penitentiary and found Barry waiting outside.

“I’m sorry I only managed to haggle ten minutes,” he held the door open for me and let me precede him.

“I appreciate your efforts Barry,” I said and patted his shoulder as we halted at the front desk. An officer took my details before he led me down a dim passage that led to the holding cell. I struggled to school my features when I saw her sitting on a wooden stool. I glanced at her, but it was difficult to read her expression in the dim light. I drew in a deep breath and stepped forward. “Hey cookie.”

She shot to her feet and grabbed the iron bars. “Honeycomb!”

I threaded my arms through the wrought iron and wrapped them loosely around her, with some effort.
“Are you okay?” I cupped her cold cheeks in my hands, wanting to warm her up in whatever way I could.

“How’s AJ?” she asked. “Is he okay?! Was he hurt?! Scared??”

“He’s fine, baby.”

“Really?” she frowned with concern. “I don’t know how to thank you…”

“You don’t need to,” I smiled down at her in a reassuring way. “He’s my son too, right?”

Then it slowly dawned on her. “Are you saying…we-you don’t have to you know? We can get an annulment I don’t mind-”

“No,” I interrupted. “I don’t want it. Don’t need it.” I stepped back and searched her eyes, trying to see where her mind was at. “Unless you want to..?”

“I don’t, but there’s no pressure…” she gnawed on her lower lip and flushed. “I would be honored to be your wife, Corbyn.”

“And seeing other people..?”

“That was stupid,” she sighed and dug her fingers into her hair. “I thought it would be best-I-but-to be honest, I don’t even know what I was thinking. I’m so sorry babe. Please forgive me?”

“I think I have some groveling to do myself…”
“Why? You didn’t do anything wrong. This is on me.”

“I accused you of sleeping around…” I knit my brows and looked at her from under lowered lashes. “I’m sorry baby. I should have trusted you and not-I’m so sorry for not believing you.”

“You’re forgiven-only because you rescued my son.”

“Our,” I corrected. “I’d like to formally adopt Ashton, if that’s okay with you?”

“I…” she looked up in shock, mouth agape. “I don’t know what to say…”


I…” her eyelids fluttered and she swallowed hard, taking my hands in hers. “You’re really something, Corbyn Coleman. But you know that already.”

“My time is almost up,” I reluctantly let go of her hands. “Think about it and let me know what you decide. No pressure,” I echoed her words with a crooked smile.

“There’s nothing to decide,” she answered, her gaze softening. “I’d love for you to be AJ’s dad-and my husband. Officially that is.”

“I love you my cookie,” I leaned my forehead on the bars and wished I could kiss her. Like really lay it on her.

“I love you too honeycomb,” she breathed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I told her, stroking her cheek with my thumb.

“You’re really going to go without singing me a lullaby?”

I groaned softly in response. “You’re really going to make me sing?”

“Yes,” she walked backward to her single bed, laying down on it, pulling a thin blanket over her body.

“Maybe tonight I can get some sleep,” she clutched the blanket under her chin and shivered and I wished I could be there with her.

“You’re on Coleman. James Arthur Safe inside,” she requested as she snuggled under the covers.

“You’re really going to make me do this?” I chuckled.

“Goodnight, I love you. now sing, time is running out.”
I laughed and gave the demanding woman what she wanted.

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