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Who did?


“How are we going to do this?” I asked as we drove into the hospital parking area. “I have a restraining order, remember?”

“You have,” Jordan responded, stretching his jean-clad legs in the spacious passenger area of the SUV limo. “But we don’t,” he nodded to Kyle.
“Maybe it would be better if you didn’t come with us,” Kyle’s mouth turned down in a frown. “If this goes sideways you can always feign ignorance.”
“What are you going to do to him?” I asked my skittish friends. “It’s not like you can walk into Deacon’s room and get a willing confession out of him.”

Jordan chuckled softly and winked. “Who said anything about willing?”

“Guys…” I was growing suspicious by the second. “What are you planning..?”

“It would be better if you didn’t know,” Kyle evaded giving me a straight answer. “The less you know the better.”

“This won’t jeopardize Blues case will it?”
“We will never take that chance,” he expressed. “You just need to trust us.”
“Then I’ll just wait in the car and let you big boys handle your business,” I said and patted him on the knee before he alighted from the car.

Ten minutes barely passed when they emerged from the building.
“He didn’t do it,” Kyle filled me in soon as they hopped back into the car.

“What?!” This wasn’t making any sense. “You’re sure?! What is he’s lying?”

“Jones is ex-secret service,” Jordan said, pointing to his bodyguard. “If he couldn’t get the truth out of Deacon with a gun shoved down his throat, then no one can.”

We lapsed into silence as we contemplated the next step. Who could have killed Gemma? I know she wasn’t a likable person but who else had a motive?

“Can you drop me off at Zara’s?” I was taking a long shot but it was worth a try.

“No!” They both opposed immediately.

“I have a hunch and I just want to try and see if I’m right,” I slowly explained my intentions.

“You need back up. You’re not going in her lair alone,” JC stated and raised his hand when I opened my mouth to argue. “Save it.”

“I can’t go in with you guys, she won’t talk freely.”

“Jones can let himself and hide while you keep her distracted.”


“Don’t worry about that,” he winked. “You just keep her-uh-busy.”

“Got it.” I intended to get her so riled up, she would let the truth slip out in the heat of the moment.

“That’s my boy!” Jordan gushed, ruffling my hair.

I stopped typing my text to Zara and swatted the offending hand away. “Stop!”

“Make sure to strip off your shirt and show her those pecs at their best advantage,” he continued to take digs at me. “I’m sure just the sight of them will melt into a puddle.”
“Stop putting ideas in his head JC,” Kyle groaned, but then smiled again. “He’s kind of in a desperate man that might take desperate measures…”

“I’m just going to talk to her,” I rolled my eyes and made a face. “I don’t want her to use anything I do or say, against me.”
“I think he expects you to do the using CC,” Kyle added a little gibe.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you guys but uh…” I paused and a pleased smile tugged the corners of my lips. “I have a wife now.”

“Says the boy that’s been married for just two minutes,” my tormentor scoffed. Just then Start Me Up by Rolling Stones came on the radio and I got a reprieve. “Add some watts, Jones,” he instructed his driver.
My mentors had got me hooked on listening to the classics and I loved them with equal passion. We bobbed our heads as we sang along to the classics until they left me at my destination. They insisted I go with security but that would only make Zara close up. I hoped Jones would be discreet.

I pressed the buzzer on the intercom at the side of the main entrance of the apartment building that was located in the downtown area. Since Zara was already expecting me, it opened up a few seconds later. I opted for the stairs, seeing as she lived on the second floor.

“Hey, handsome…” She greeted me wearing a smile, a tank top, and shorts that displayed too much cleavage and bare legs. I guess this was for my benefit but her efforts were going to go to waste.

“Hey,” I accepted the hug and stepped inside the cozy, familiar space.

“I was just making a sandwich,” she said as she walked into her small kitchen. “Can I fix you one?”

“No, I’m good,” I said, trailing behind her. “I just had lunch with the guys.”

“You’re still afraid that I’ll poison you?” She grabbed a head of lettuce from the fridge and shut the door. “I would never hurt you. I love you too much.”
“Hmm…” I hummed and slid onto a stool around the kitchen island. “Do you really?”

“So is it true?” Tucking a wayward strand of blonde hair back into her bun, she avoided the question. “Are you and Blue really married or it’s just the media being as fanciful as she is?” Noting my somber expression, the smile faded from her lips and the humor left her eyes.

I had no choice but to give it to her straight. “It’s all true,” I paused, watching her facial expression. “Blue is my wife.”

“What?!” she stopped slicing her onion and gaped. “You’re joking?!”

“I didn’t want you to find out like this-”
“If you’re here to make excuses for Blue, then I might as well tell you, I’m not dropping the assault charges. She’s not going to get away-”

“And what about the murder charges?”

“I’m not the one that she killed in cold blood-”

“Blue would never hurt anyone!”

“She hurt me!” she pointed at her black eye with the tip of the knife. “Is this proof enough?!”

“Please stop playing the innocent victim Zara! You have been provoking Blue every chance you get!”

“Typical! You’re defending her!”

It was time to move in for the big one. “Why did you kill Gemma, Zara?!”

Stunned by my blatant accusation she began blinking rapidly and moved away from the counter, leaning on the wall. The sight of the knife in her hand still made me squeamish. “What did you just say to me?!”

“I know you did it,” I replied, refusing to be intimidated. “I know you killed Gemma.”

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